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'a� <br />On motion the CityaEngineer was instructed to set,,,a W.P.A. project forcelearing <br />ar_d grubirg around the water tanks and the wellag��ard the painting of the water <br />tanks in south Edmords. <br />for <br />Or motion the Courcil desided to call for bids a 6 inch pipe to be laid <br />from the well on Main street to, the east city limits and the north to, the north <br />East Correr of the city ; thence Forth with a 4 inch pipe along Olympic Avenue <br />to Dustir corner; a distance of about ore mile more or less. Also,to lay a two <br />inch mair_ alor_g the South City Limits. from Fifth Avenue. to Six and one half(6-214 <br />Street. <br />There being no further business on motion the Courcil adjourned. <br />"Zo <br />City <br />Q��rAfz <br />e <br />e <br />- <br />- <br />0 <br />Mayor. <br />March 19th.1940 <br />The Courcil met in regular session with Mayor Fourtrier presiding. The - <br />roll call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Callahan, Clauser, <br />and Jones. The minutes of -the last meetirg were read and approved. <br />e <br />The question of grading and graveling'Fourth Avenue came up for consider- <br />ation. The City Engineer reported that it would be rather an expercive undertak- <br />ing to grade and gravel °such a short piece as that proposed to be done or -Fourth <br />Averue on an L.I.D. basis. It might be done or a cash basis very reasonable under <br />the W.P.A.-The real solution of the matter would be to make a complete job an Z. <br />I.D. of it from Dayton Street to Walnut Street and Walnut Street to Fifth Averue <br />Mr. J.P.Bohnert asked if the property owners could have prr mission to put a <br />booldoser in there and make a temporary street of it so persons could get it and <br />out.. <br />On motion the Council gave J.P.Bohrert permission to make a temporary grade <br />or Rhurth Avenue in front of the property represented by the petitioners, said <br />work to be done under the supervision of the City Ergirer. <br />The Third Avenue sewer came up for consideration. On motion the Council <br />instructed the City Attorney to draw up a Resolution declaring their irtertion <br />to-irstall a sewer or Third Avenue from Daytoh Street to <br />and that the City Engineer draw up plans, specifications and estimate of the <br />materiale; all work to be done urderinthe V.P.A. plan by the federal Goverment. <br />E.B.Hubbard reported that he had sold (at the price set by the Council) <br />Lots 23-24-25- ar_d 26, Block 76, Plat City of Edmor_ds $520,00 cash,to, Amos Al. <br />Skeen. The City to, give•a suit Claim Deed for their irterst thereir. <br />Or. motion the Courcil instructed the Mayor and City Clerk to sign the quit <br />Claim Deed -to Amos Al Skeen. <br />E.B.Hubbard also, reported that he had sold Lots 12-18-14 and 15, Block 75s <br />Plat City of Edmonds for $500,00 cash to John Andersor-,The City to give a Quit <br />C , d <br />Claim Deed for their interest therein. <br />On motion the Courcil-instructed the Mayor and City Clerk to sign_ the Quit <br />Claim John Anderson. <br />The following bids were received for Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement pipe. <br />Johns -Manville -------- 2600 LY 6" Asbestos Cement Pipe Class 150 $0,694 <br />191,804,40 <br />it It ----- 2600 IF 4" Asbestos Cement Pipe Class 150 $0.44 <br />N1.162.26 <br />Total-------- $2 966 60 <br />F.O.B.Edmonds 5� <br />a <br />Hugh G.Purcell Co.-- 2600 Lr' 6" Cast Iron Cement Lined Pipe <br />Class 150 .73 1,898,00 <br />""" """" --- 26.00 LF 4" Cast Irob Cement Lined Pipe <br />(�IncludY 'recessary joint material) Class 150 .48 $1246.00 <br />� as Total---------- r3, 6,00 <br />