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April 2nd 1940. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding -the loll <br />call shoved the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Callahan, Clausen and <br />Martin. mhe minutes of the last meeting and the adjourned meeting 'r.'i'r;, read <br />and approved. <br />ThbcTreasurers -report and the V`later revenue Collectors report for the month <br />of March were read and ordered filed. <br />:..,e .f,o,ll,owing .bills were, approved by the 'ir.�ance .Committe and on warrants <br />I <br />werb ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />Telephone.00.. phone calls-------- 1,,30 Crow Hardware, for supplies-- 4',06 <br />R.H.11oty, police fudge fees------ 16,50 Arco SalesCo. for supplies---20,08 <br />Cha-rles.Vaurs,polieeing.dances. S-D-Stoffer, for supplies--- 1,00 <br />and arresting fees-------- 31,20 J.A.Oliver, for supplies---- ,92 <br />°H.B Vaurs., arresting fees-------- 6,40 Puget Sound Sheet Metal <br />E.Schooleraft, for, care of sarbage V`Jorks----------- 6,89 <br />dump----- 10,00 !�d,monds Auto Frei -lit, for <br />Yost Auto'. Cod, supplies & storage- 10192 freight charges-- ,50 <br />rndersor, Safty Supply Co, supplies 72,76 A.M..Yost & Sons, for supplies 7,53 <br />Fire Depariment, 2 fires--------- 30,,00 A.B.Bently, for supplies---- 37,10 <br />C.M.Larson, for 1 dog & lienses Bacon Chevrolet Co.,supplies 1,05 <br />collections------- 4,00 H.D-Smith,.for labor-------- 12 50 <br />C.M.Larsor.,' for 9 sewer irispectionsl,,8,00 D-Parker, for labor---------- 49,00' <br />2-3.20wer'&`1ight Co. for hall P.J.Larsbn, for labor S- <br />light----- 2,40 blacksmith work----- 99,56 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies------ 1,56 V-Aoberts, for labor -------- 9,50 <br />G.M•Leyda, for clearieal work---- 6,00 W.W.CJomer, for labor-------- 52,00 <br />OroWil.Iiardtntare, for supplies------ 12,90 Edmonds Builders Supply <br />Bacb'��' Chevrolet. Co. , for supplies 30,36 for supplies---- 35,96 <br />Pickett Motor Co.. for supplies--- 5120 Pickett Motor Co, for sup - <br />Yost Auto Co. , for supplies------ 14.,15 -plies-------- 3,15 <br />Sound Poundry Co., supplies------ 16,42 -Zost Auto Co, for supplies-- 2,30 <br />Geo.B.,&rmstrong, for labor------- 3,6,,00 2.3.2ower &; Light Co. , for <br />H.C.Hans-ton, for labor------------ 5,25 power for pumps----- 78,54 <br />A. � Yoszt a� Sons, ,for supplies---- 1,12 h.M.Wade &: Go. for supplies- 69,18 <br />P.S.'Power, Light Co. ,lights for O.L.Sorensen, for P.O.Box <br />.City Streets --------- 96,55 Kent--- ,75 <br />Louis Miller for sul)�)lies------- 5,10 M.C•Engels, for oil for <br />A.B.Bently, for suppllies--------- ,25 furnace----- 34,42 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co, for lights for: Edmonds Builders Supply, for <br />Park house------- 1,80 supplies for,L.I.D.50 <br />L-G':r?ay, for labor oil City Hall 31,41 <br />grounds----- --- 4,94 B.J.Larsor�, for blacksmith <br />Gaylord Bros,. for supplies------- 5,88 work for L.I.D. 50------- 5,50 <br />O.I.-Sormsen P.M.: supplies--- ---- 9,00 M.C.Engel,' for oil for <br />S.J.Priebe, for supplies--------- 3,79 flare lights------ 3,70 <br />M.C...En.gels, for oil for flare E.B. Hubbard,for commission <br />lights----------- 3,70 For selling Lots 23-24-25- <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies for -26 Block 76 and Lots 12-13- <br />Eorth Trunk Sewer ---------- ,15 014-15- Bloc)t 75--------- ,---54,00 <br />c <br />G.T.Coggswell complained that his water bill was excessive. <br />-The- matter was refured to the Water; Committe.. <br />By unanimous vote of the Councilmen present the Council adopted the following <br />Resolution. <br />RESOLUTIOU OF Il�,TEYTIOI: '#106 <br />A Resolution declaring the intention of the City Council of the City of <br />Edmonds to improve the easterly side of Third Avenue, in the city, by the con- <br />struction of a combined Ten Inch Sanitary and Storm Lateral Sewer beginning at <br />the intersection of the center line of Dayton Street and Thir.ed Avenue; thence <br />South along.the easterly side of Third Avenue for a distance of 1999,23 feet <br />to the forth line of Erben Drive,together with all necessary manholes, catch <br />basins and other appurtenances necessary to make a complete improvement; pro- <br />viding that the payment for said improvement be made bypecial assessment on <br />the property in said district under the mode of payment/by bonds for materials <br />used, fixed estimate, and all other expenses, except the cost of labor to be <br />furnished by Federal funds under. the WPA plan of the Vederal Government. <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COTJT,CIL OF THE CITY OF EDMOLDS: <br />SECTION 1. That it is the intention of the City Council of the City of Edmonds <br />State of Washington, to improve the easterly side of Third Avenue, in Said city, <br />by the construction Oof,-.a Ten inch combined sanitary &nd='s'torm lateral sewer <br />comYdencing at the intersection of the center line of Dayton Street and Third <br />Avenue; in said city; thence South along theeasterly side of Third Lverue for <br />a distance of 1999,23 feet to the north line of Erben Drive, together with the <br />I" <br />1 <br />