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MAY 7th. 1940. <br />OF <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />The Courcil met in regular sessior with Mayor F'ourtrer presiding. <br />The roll call showed the following Courcilmen:preser_tt: Chardler, Hareid, <br />Hanson, Callahan, Clausen:, Martina and Jores. The minutes of the last meeting <br />were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water revere Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Comnittbe and or motio <br />warrants were ordered drawn or the proper funds. <br />S.J.Priebe----- ------------- = 29,07 <br />Crow Hardwaer----------------- ,88 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co.-------- 1,84 <br />U.M.Larsor------------------- 34,60 <br />H.H.Doty--------------------- 31,75 <br />Chas4Vaurs------------------- 6,20 <br />H.B.Vaurs-------------------- 10,20 <br />Gateway Cafe----------------- 2,90 <br />E.R.Schoolcraft-------------- 10,00 <br />Yost Auto Ca.---------------- 21,30 <br />Fire Department-------------- 15,00 <br />G.M.Leyda-------------------- 5,00 <br />E.B.Hubbard------------------ 5,00 <br />Trlburereview--------------- 12,85 <br />W.hti.Womer-------------------- 29,50 <br />P.J.Larsor------------------- 52,05 <br />Sid Eelly-------------------- 4,00 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co --------- 135 73 <br />A.B.Bertly------------------- 470,74 <br />Olympic Foundry Co.---------- 27,05 <br />H.G.Purcell Co --------------- 11,22 <br />Yost Auto Go.---------------- 1,05 <br />Crane Co.-------------------- 20278 <br />Edomrds Builders Supply------ 10,25 <br />Leyda Electric & Ra.dio------- 14,21 <br />Crow Hardware---------------- 1,50 <br />Ralph Osborn ----------------- 6,59 <br />Caspers Service Station------ 1225 <br />H.M."lade__& Co.--------------- 3,06 <br />Warner Bros.----------------- 2,50 <br />Crow Hardware---------------- 6,88 <br />Swanson Drug Go.------------- 1,63 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co.---------- 96,06 <br />Bud Der..t----------------------- 1,00 <br />016*k ses---------------------- 1,00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio--------- ,82 <br />Bacon Chevrolet Go.------------ 1,02 <br />Gaspers Service Station-------- 29,19 <br />A.M.Yost & Sors--------------- 8,48 <br />Diesel Oil Sales Co.----------- 4,72 <br />Yost Auto Go.------------------ 2,31 <br />Crow Hardware------------------ ,73 <br />G.B.Armetror_g------------------ 12,00 <br />Bacon Chevrolet Go.------------ 27,74 <br />Edmonds Auto Freight----------- ,50 <br />EdimoLds Grocery & larket------- 145 <br />Yost Auto Co.------------------ 2,04 <br />Ed.Ir_d. Telephone Co.---------- 1,05 <br />Tribue-Review------------------ 9,13 <br />Edmonds Repair Service----r----- 8,00 <br />Lowman & Hanford --------------- 2,04 <br />Durbirs Store------------------ 1,00 <br />California Irk Co,------------- 1.94 <br />S.J.Priebe--------------------- 6,18 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co.---------- 4,52 <br />Mahlum Iron Works-------------- 51,00 <br />A.B.Bertly--------------------- 1,25 <br />Louis Miller------------------- 4120 <br />Sievers & Duecy------------ 18 "6 <br />M.C.Ergels--------------------- 7,40 <br />Bacor:: Chevrolet Co.------------ 4,13 <br />Tribune -Review----------------- 2,78 <br />Seattle Corvrete Pipe Co.------ $46 <br />Crow Hardware------------------ ,30 <br />P.J.Larsor--------------------- 2,50 <br />Tribur:e-leview----------------- 12,94 <br />Ordinance Lo.529 was read the second time. It was moved by Ghandler and <br />seconded by hareid that the OrAmi arce be adopted as read. The vote was as <br />follows:_ Char..dler yes, Hareid yes, Harsor: yes, Callahan yes, Clauser yes, <br />Marten yes and Jones yes. Carried by urarimous vote of the Council. <br />ORDII& CE, L O. 529. <br />An Ordinance providing far the putchase of material necessary for the <br />construction of a water main along Eleverth Street, in the City of Edmonds, <br />from Mair Street to the Lorth city limits; thence Forth along Olympic Aver_ue <br />to Dustir_s Corner, also for other necessary additions, betermerts and repairs <br />to the water system of said City; providing for the issuance of emergency <br />warrarts against the Water Paid, in payment thereof, and declaring an emerg- <br />ency. <br />BE IT ORDAILED BY THE CITY COZ OI.L' OY THE COTY OP ETJUID'S : <br />Sectior I: That the City of Edmonds shall purchase the necessary material for <br />the construction of a water main: along Elever_th Street, in said City of <br />Edmor:ds, from Hair Street to the Lorth city limits; thence Lorth along Olympic <br />Aver_ue to Dustin's Corr_er, together with materials recessary to be used in <br />conrectior with other additions, betterments and repairs to the water system <br />of said City, <br />Section II. That by reason of the necessity for furnishing water to the <br />residents alir_g Elever_th Street, in. said City of Edmonds, and along Olympic <br />Avenue from the Lorth city limits to Dustin's Corner, and the necessity for <br />making other necessary betterments, additiors and repairs to the water system <br />of said City, and by reason of the fact that the labor ircidert to such better- <br />merts, additions and repairs car be, if such work is done in the immediate <br />future, furr_isheo- ,. by the Federal Governmer:t under W.P.A. , ar emergency is here- <br />by declared to exist with reference thereto which could not reasonably have <br />beer_ foreseer: at the time of the making of the last annual budget, <br />Section III. That the estimated cost and expenditure required for the <br />material to be used in connection with said repairs, additions, renewals art <br />betterments, is the sum of rive Thousand ($5,000,00) Dollars, which shall be <br />paid by the issuarce of emergency warrarts drawr:, or the Plater Paid of said <br />City. <br />Section IV. This Ordinance shall take effect art be it full force and <br />effect upon its passage and publication as required by law. <br />Passed by the City Council of the City of Edmonds this 7th day of May <br />1940. <br />The City Clerk reported that he hale magic arrangements whereby the City <br />