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could obtain water -at John Reese's corner to supply those requests for water on <br />Olympic Avenue. - - <br />On motion the Council desided to lay a 41 from the Highway at John. Reese's <br />corner to Olympic Avenue and the.south along Olympic Avenue as far as to, supply_ <br />those requesting water.' <br />The hearing on the Resolution declaring the Councils intention. to <br />lay.a sever in Third Avenue from Dayton Street suuth .to Erbin Drive came up for <br />consideration. The Resolution was protested out:, but. after consieration by the <br />property owners the Council instructed the City Attorney to,darw up a resplution <br />declaring the Coucils intention to install a sewer form Dayton Street south <br />alon the east side.of Third Avenue to Erbin Drive; thence east along Walnut <br />Street ,to_.the alley between Third And forth Aveig,&V�s andf' hen`C �na�th along <br />alley,- as". _ � �, <br />far" a.sY• �i��' �e�c�8s�ar'y= ��e'ric'e �s-outh=• fr'o�n Wal.iiut st're:et= 'in `ss.i`cl� a-1`le-y-�as= fad <br />as is T s( ou it opened the hid for the cast` ir$anpipe for the .c pleteion, of the <br />h orth Trunk Sewer were opened. �. <br />Hugh G..Purcell being the only bidder. Purcells bid.was as. follows., <br />360 L.b'. 161, Class 100' Cast Iron Pipe 03,25 --- $1170, 00 <br />' Materials are to'be delivered by;barge or scow and unloaded on the <br />tide flats raer the northerly City Limits. <br />.All unit prices'as shown in the proposal shall include all costs of delivey <br />by barge or scow and unloadstff of the material or..the site of the,job. <br />Y <br />On motion. the Council accepted the bid Hugh G.Purcell Co. <br />,On motion the Council approved the Contract made by the Water Committee <br />with the General paint Removing Co., of 526 -6th Ave. forth, Seattle, for the <br />removal of the paint and rust from the large steel water tack. <br />There being no further business on motion the Cour_cil adcijourned. <br />Y <br />JAayor <br />Y <br />Y <br />Y Y <br />May 21st.. 1940 <br />SThe Council met -in regular sessioxi with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed,llowing Councilmen presents Chandler, Hanson, Callahan, <br />Clausen, and Jones. The minutes of the last'meeting were read and approved. <br />On motion the Coucil ordered 2050 ft more or less of 4" cast iron pipe for <br />more or less Olympic Avenue and 450 ft of, 4" ca,st iron. pip.e for the .extension on. Fourth <br />A <br />Aver`ue water maim. <br />The AUTOMOBILE, CLUB OF ASHILGTOI. presented the City o•f Edmonds a <br />CERTIFICATE OF MERIT an award for having 365 deathles days in TRAFFIC SAFTY, <br />I1V 1939..1Jtyp = gtated' '-hat there were only TE1:<. CITIES in the <br />State of Washington that had such a record during 1939. <br />RESOLUTIOL Lo.107 was read, and disgusted by the Council . <br />On motion the Coucil adopted RESOLUTIOL 1o. 107. The vote was -as follows: <br />Chandler yes, Hanson yes, Callahan yes, Clausen, yes Jones yes, carried by <br />Y <br />unanimous vote of the Councilmen present. <br />RESOLUTI01. 'rj0F ;.Ili TII TIOi: 110. 107. <br />A Resolution declaring the intention of the City,Co:uncil of the City of <br />Edmonds to improve the easterly side of Thired Street, in said city, by the <br />construction of a 12 inch combined sanitay and storm sewer beginning at the <br />intersection of the center line of Dayton Street and Third $tree; thenceYSouth <br />along the Easterly side ofThird.Street to Walnut Street; also by.the construct- <br />ion of a 10 inch combined sanitary and storm lateral sewer along the Eastrely <br />side of Third Street from.Walnut Street South to Erbin Drive; also to improve <br />the alley between Third Street and Fourth Street; in said city, from a point <br />364.25 feet South of the center line of Dayton Street, thence South to the South <br />line of Section 23, Township 27 h.orth, Range 3, East W.M., by the construction <br />of an­8 inch combined sanitary and storm lateral sewer; also to improve Walnut <br />Street, in said city, by the construction, along the center line thereof, from <br />the alley between Third Street and Fourth Street West to Third Street of a <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />9 <br />