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1 <br />1 <br />The trains are runbing at forty ..or. fifty miles per. hour at this point and laat <br />evening, when the ferry Quillaute. docked at 6.605 PoMo., with about twenty four. <br />cars, a GoEo passenger train, wenf through -going fast. an& did not blow a <br />whistle until about 200 feet from the orossingo <br />g know, because I was on the track before l knew a train was coming, so <br />if'7ou can do somthing about this it might save some -lives. <br />Yours truly, <br />BoAoPetersono <br />2408 Louisa Street <br />Seattle, Iffashingtono <br />on motion the letters were refared back to the Highway impartment for <br />weir considerationo This same gnsetiom came -�Lp during Covener Rartlyle <br />administration. <br />The City Treasurer presented a list of bogoDo property that should be <br />fovealosed,, because of -delinquent assessments. <br />.On motion the list was turned *,wer to the City Attorney for him to <br />. proose(I with foreclosure proseedingso <br />DrolIQLoRarris asked permission to install a septic ftAk On his proper <br />so, he could nee Landry. Trues in his basemento to action takeno <br />On motion the Council gave the PI 1 $100000 as an award for their <br />faithfull performance as, FIRE FI, GHTARS during the past yearn <br />.Mr. Bohnert asked the Council if they were going to do any thing is the <br />way of improving. Fourth Avenue so peopol oUnd get in and when they were <br />delivering merohandiseo <br />Th6 Mayor stated that the mater would: be refured to the FoRpAo. ldhen <br />they got back on. the street worko <br />` The question of .the purchase of a. pump for the removal of water <br />when improvements are being made came up for consideration. The city <br />having spent a considerable amount for..a pump during the improvements <br />that have already been made.and there is a demand for a pump on the <br />improvements that are now being. made. .Therefore, it is the opinion <br />of the Councilmen present that the City should purchase the pump they <br />are now wing. This pump can be purchasedfor $90p00 pXus the price tip;;; <br />of a suction hose which is about 15090 making a total of 0106 90 <br />$2D.l4tax. The City already owes 130-150 plus tag. .60ots-i31,10 <br />which can be applied on the purohase price leaving $77,94 to be paid from <br />_.Gurr6n; for the pumpo <br />On motion, the Counc3il decided to purchase the pt mp out of the <br />Current, Expense Rund,, and charge the different Departments <br />a day or a..week, when they were .using it. This being done <br />to reimburse the Current Expense Fund.for the expense incurred. There - <br />,fore it is ordered that a warrant be drawn for the amount, <br />.plus tax making . The <br />now owed to the Rental Maehinery.Company to be.paid into the Current <br />Expense Fund. <br />There being no further business,. on motion the Council adjourned. <br />/I►.[ii - <br />June 18th, 1940. <br />The Council,met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Hareid, Reid, <br />Callahan, Clausen and Martin. The minutes of the last meeting were read -and <br />approved. <br />Mr. Mulholland, representing,the Chamber of Commerce requeeted the <br />Council to furnish. materials for a bath house on, the Pa`Tf BELCH at the <br />foot of BaVton. Streeto <br />On motion the Council instructed the Park Board to purchase materials <br />for a small Bath House, said expenditures not to exceed 50,00. <br />RESOLUTION of Intention N.o;.107 for the improvement of Third ®venue and <br />the Alley between Third Avenue. and Fourth Avenue,'eame up for consideration <br />The Mayor asked if there were any one present, had any thing to say for <br />or against the proposed sewer. <br />Geo.Sohlyter, Mrs. dice Sanderson and G.GoBvensen, made verbal pro- <br />-tests against the proposed improvement. <br />It was moved by Hareid and Seconded by Hanson that Resolution No. 107 be <br />tabled indefinately, The vote was as follows'. Chandler yes, Rareid yes, <br />Hanson yes, Callahan yes, Clausen yes, Martin no. harried. <br />