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Mayor Pourtner"..bk6U' g' ht'.up the., question of. a TRUNK SLYER for the south side' of <br />the. city. After some.conside.ration of a Trunk Sewer and where the outlet should <br />be, on motion -the sewer and outlet bituati.on was.refured to the Str-ebt.and Sewer <br />oommitte and the Engineer, and that. the Engineer, draw. up temporary plane.. <br />There further business on motion.the.Counoil adjornea,- <br />4,(; 1'Z''e4 <br />Ci y C1 %ayor. <br />JURY 3ed 1940. <br />The..dounoil met -in regular sess.ion.with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />Ball showed the following Councilmen present: Chan l er,� � Hanson, Callahan, <br />lausen and Martin. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The.Treasurers, and Water Revenue Colleot.ors reports were read and ordered <br />filed. 1. <br />The following bills were.approved by the Finance Committee, and on motion <br />the bills allowed and warrants ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />CURRENT EBPENCE- WATER DEPARTMENT. <br />Paget Sound -Power & Light Co.----$ 1.00 Goldfinch Bros--------- ---- 0 2080 <br />State.. Bank of .Edmonds------------ 3930 Piokett, Motor Co. 4126 <br />Leo. Doty------------------------- 10,.00 Rensselaer Yale Go----------- 40,09 <br />Dr-H.H.Kretaler------------------ 5.50 Grow Hardware---------------- 4931 <br />C.M.?,arson=---------------------- 6.20 O.N,.Sorenssen P.M.------------ 975 <br />E.B.Hubbard---------------------- 5.00i Reliable Hardware------------ 9923 <br />Charles Yaurs------- ------------- 25000 Art Adams-------------------- 21050 <br />Gat-eway Cafe----------- ------ 2,00 Edmonds Auto Freight--------- 2,80 <br />Yost. Auto Co..----_---------------- 10973 Nat Tonal Meter Go.----------- 117010 <br />Fire Department------------------ 45.00 Hugh G. Purcell Co.-------- 17953 <br />---------- ------- 2,00 W*W.Womer-------------------- 28,50 <br />Maude 32M,,TyPEPARTMENT. Yost Auto Oo----------------- 2904 <br />Maude - E. Harvy-------'-----<------- .,10.00 Sievers & Dueoy-------------- 30000 <br />Posit, Sound Power & Light Co.----I96,1�6. A*X*Yost 8a Sons-------------- 13,46 <br />Diesel Oil- Sales Go* ------------- 103,25 Theodore Womer.--------------- - 1,80. <br />Sid.Kelly------------ ----------- - 28,00 Ray Woodfield----------------- 6000 <br />Pickett Motor Co----------------- 37966, Paget Bound Power- & � Light- Oo--- 125.31 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons------------------ 3.,62 Bacon Chevrolet Co.---------- 075 <br />Bacon Chevrolet Go. ------ I0.79i Edmonds Ind.:Telephone Oo.--- 2945 <br />C.B.Roe-------------------------- 20,00 PARK DEPARTMENT. <br />Crow Hardware----- ------- 5,35� Pugit Sound Power & Light Co. 3998 <br />GleoIX.*Leyda------ ---------------- 5000 O.B.Roe---------------------- 7950 <br />LIBRARY DEPART . To Grow Hardware---------------- 4, 81 <br />Puget Sound Power & Light Co.---- 3655 Edmonds Builders Supply------ 3914 <br />O.N.Sornsen,P.M.----------------- 1,00 L.G.Pry-,_�-_---------------- 28950 <br />Galifornia.Ink Co------------.- - 1694 L.IRD.N,o.51. <br />Edna- L.Mos'es----------- ------ 3035 Gaspers Service Station------ 1,61 <br />TRUNK SEWEER M*C.Engels-------------------- 3, 70 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons------------------ 1b.,82 NORTH EDMONDS WATER. <br />C.B.Roe---------- .---------------- _ 24,00 W.W-Womer------------------ 4000 <br />Milan Johnson-------------------- 26025 Federal Pipe & Tank Go------ 10963 <br />Sievers. 4. Dueoy..------------------ 32050 Edmonda. Auto Freight --------- , b0 <br />The Water Superintendent reported that there was plenty of water to, supply <br />al needs and no fear of shortage for the city, though the south Edmonds pumps <br />were running about.oapasity. And that the W*P.A. wane doing good work on the <br />water system.— - , <br />Mrs. Harvy requested the Council to give her permision to get water from <br />the North -Edmonds Community Water System until such time as the city oan supply <br />her with water. <br />On motion the request was refured to the City Attorney. <br />Mr. Engehriteon requested the supply him and several others with <br />water,who live on the highway south of the city. No action taken. <br />The Richfield Oil -Co. requested the Council to blacktop around.their oil <br />station like the Gouncil had done elewhaere. No action taken. <br />requested'tne Co ci r <br />C.C-Martin, -representing the Chamber of Commerce, <br />��to insruciit the Street <br />Committee to meet with 'teem0ommittee from the Chamber of Commerce to work <br />out ' a program for the improvement of the streets of the city. <br />Onzotion the Street.Ccmmittee was instructed to meet with the Oommftte <br />from the Chamber. <br />i <br />I. <br />1 <br />