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0n motion the Cou' foil instructed) the Land Committe to. meet ; with the' City <br />Clerk and prepare sighs and prices for the prppe ty. the city wishes to <br />dispoes of o - <br />The City Clerk was instructed to notify Oscar Smith than he must vacate <br />the house he is ling in situated on lots 35 and 36 Block 96o <br />There being no further business, on motion the Council adjournedo <br />Mayor oi� <br />C <br />JULY 16tb, 19401 <br />The time for the regular session of Coueil to meet, Mayor Pourtner being <br />present. The roll call showed no Councilmen.present. The Mayor, therefore <br />ordered that the Oouoil oonvene.on Friday 8uly 19th, 1940, at 7o30,pomo for <br />the transaction of such busines as may regularly come before it. <br />c�— <br />Mayor o <br />City er <br />JURY 19th, 19400 <br />The Council met in accordance with the Mayors call, The Mayor being present <br />The roll call showed. the following Councilmen i0reszAU Chandler, Mareid, Manson, <br />Callahain, Clausen- and Jones o <br />The Following Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Councilo <br />RESOLUTION o <br />AREAS it is deemed necessary by the City Couoil of the City of Edmonds, <br />Snohomish County, Washington, that. the westerly side of Tifth Avenue from Main <br />Street south to the south City Limits and Dayton, Street from Third Buenue to <br />Fifth Avenue, all in said.City of Edmonds, be improved by the construction of a <br />singie` non-skid seal coat treatment, or the doing of so much of the above work <br />as can be o.onstruoted, for the sum of $500000o; <br />YOWoTlIEWORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edmonds, <br />Snohomish County, Washington, that the above described streets be improved as <br />hereinabove set forth, and that such improvement work be done-liby the contract <br />method, . all .In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 187 Of the SessiOn Laws <br />of 1937. Of the State of Washington, and shalllbe designated as City Street Pro_ <br />Ject 190, 0 <br />1T 1S�` SOLVED that the cost of said work is hereby estimated, as <br />nearly. as _may. be, to be as follows: <br />Estimated cost o 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0. 0 00500000 <br />Local engineering o 0. o 0 o. o.. 20,00 <br />Construction engineering0000 o o o 0 40,00 <br />Right-of-way cost . o 0 o o anone <br />Dated this 19 day of July, 19400. <br />and that the Clerk call for bideq said bids to be the Couoil, on <br />or befor 7,30 pomo August 6th, 1940o <br />On motion the Council desided to grade Fifth Avenue North from Main Street <br />to Bell Street and lay a Bituminous Matt thereon also to grade Bell Street <br />from Fifth. Avenue North to Sixth Avenue North and lay a Bituminous matt <br />thereon, provided that the property owners put in the curb and gutters. <br />On motion the Coueil instructed the City Engineer to stt up the following <br />Streets and Alleys proJeetn the property owners to furnish all the necessary <br />materials and the Wo2.A. do all the labor: <br />Bell Street from Seventh Avenue North to Eight Avenue Northe_Eight Avenue <br />North $roz;Dayton Street -to Edmonds Street:Seci-on& Avenue North from Edmonds <br />Street to Pattersonts north property line&Fourth Avenue from Dayton Street to <br />Walnut Street., and Vialnut Street from Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue: Bell <br />Street from First Avenue to the RoR.Right of way; Also. the Alley in Block 119 <br />Alley in Block "H1°: Alley in Block 96: and the Alley in Blocks ll.and 12o <br />On motion the City Clerk was instructed to purchase street signs in <br />as per the list to be furnished by the Street Committbeeo <br />There being no further business on motion the Counoil adjourned. <br />ty Cle Mayoro <br />