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AUGUST 6th', ' 1940 <br />The . Caunoll :met ,in regular session with, Mayor Fourtner. presiding. The , roll '-�. <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Hareid, Hanson-, <br />dlause.axd Martin.. The, minutes of the., last, meeting were read and.appro.ved.. <br />The Treasurers report ,,and ,the the ,water revenue, collec.tor.,s .report. for the <br />month of July were read and approved. <br />The fallowing bills, were approved by, the, Finance. Committet. and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn.on the proper funds. <br />O.N'.Sorensen,P.M....for stamps--- $ 4,00 Sid,Kelly, for labor---------- $5000 <br />Telephone Co. ,for phone calls-- 1010 V.Boberts,. for labor---------- 3;50 <br />P.S:Power,& Light Co.for lingt:s 1.00 A.mtYost.& Sons -for supplies-- 23,26 <br />Trick. & Murry for supplies----- 2, 94 la i�oodf field, for labor------ 6950 <br />R.H.Doty, police Judge fees---- 11,00 A•,4ently, for supplies ------- 23,73 <br />Henry Vaurs, arrest fees------- 21,00 Crow Hardware, for supplies--- 3018 <br />C.M.Larson,dog lioenses-------- 2,50 C.B.Roe,man 7 team------------ 88950 <br />Leo -Doty, care of garbage dump- 10,00 Hugh G.Puroell Co. supplies 36.52 <br />Yos'#.Auto Co. .storage & supplies 21031 Ralph Osborn, sand & gravel--- 20040 <br />.Fire .Department, 2 fires------- 30900 Edmonds Grocery & Market, for <br />P•S•.Yower & Light 09-:.-str.eet0supplies------- ,75 <br />?lights--------- 96,37 Bacon Chevrolet Co- supplies-- 1,00 <br />Urow 1ardware, .for :supplies---- ,29. 024upio Foundry Co. supplies-- 21957 <br />Sound r'oundry.Go. supplies---- 5,10 Pickett Motor Co. repairs----- 59-97 <br />Ticket Motor vo. suppliesand Meaclowdale Pottery, supplies-- 1000 <br />repairs----- - 14,69 Rost Auto Co. for repairs----- 3983 <br />A -I -Yost W,..ions, for supplies--,3,06, P.S.Power 8a Light Co. power <br />Yost Auto Ga. for supplies----- 22.090 for. pumps ----------130,06 <br />Geo.:d.Leyda, 5900 Theodore Womer, labor--------- 2000 <br />Sievers &,Duecy, engineering--- 37950 W.W.Womer, for labor---------- 27000 <br />Snohomish.County Road District Trick & Murray, for supplies-- 046 <br />No.2.. for labor with grader----. 15.75 A.Adems, for labor---------- - 5950 <br />P.S.Power & Light.Co. lights Souis Millir, for supplies--- 981 <br />f or. Library----------- 4981 . P.3.Power & . Light Co. lights <br />Oacar. Oakland, labor -------i --- 25,00. for Park------- 2918 <br />.'.a.iuews.Co. supplies---------- 2,05 L.GI.Vry, labor on Park, grounds 9,50 <br />S.J.Priebe, for .supplied-------- 12085. Crow Hardware, for supplies--- 121,21 <br />Gaylord Broso for supplies-- - 6905 Lottis Miller, wood for Park.--'- 10920 <br />California Ink= Co.. supplies---- 1,"90 Baoom Chevrolet Co. supp.1.ies <br />A.M.Yoet &. Sons, for cement for L.I.D. 51---------- _------ 4,50 <br />for North Trunk Sewer.------- 59,81 Caspere .Service Station for <br />Louis. millier, for gas for the : supplies for L.f.D.51------ 4940 <br />Rorth Trunk Sewer work-- 3992 Edmonds Builders Supply for <br />Xafihemm Iron Works,, for rental--- 800'83 supplies for L.I.D.51-------- 188,30 <br />Everett Conorete.Produots Co. A.M.Yost.& Sons, for cement <br />-1br. speoial ends for concrete for. L.I.D.61=--------------- 11,63 <br />pipe. for. North _ Trunk . Sewer----- 521,73. Louis Millir. for gas for L.I. <br />Edmonds Builders Supply. for D. 51=---------------- 2,94 <br />PiPe_for North, Trunk. Sewer -.=- 11,.63 Edmonds Builders Suppl*,2op" liio s ,'13 <br />Ralph Osborn, for send for supplies for <br />North Trunk. Sewer----- ----- 1,25 Crow -HaT.d are, - fer .. supplies folt <br />-®uppllss for L.I.D. 51-------- 120 <br />On motion the Council instruuoted,the'Mayor and Clerk to sign a oontrat <br />for the payment of, L.I.D. Assessment, in. Distriots No. 41 and. No.43 on Lots <br />33-34-35-36 and 37 in.Blook-87,-payments to be made as follows;TwentyA 20,00) <br />Dollars down and Twenty ($20, 00) eDollar's peromonth or more . untill the full <br />amount of principal, interest:. and..penalty has i baen paid. <br />The dater__ Superintendent call for bids for a 30". wire, Tense, 110 rods. <br />The following bids were, reoeived.: _ <br />Crow Hardware- . u <br />It110 rods_#939 12-k gage fencing 0.57¢ per rod $62,704 Top and bottom <br />10 gauge.. Fillers 12e,. gauge_ stay wires .61.1. apart 9 bars and 39" high." <br />Reliable Hardware. <br />"I am.plesaed to submit to you a figure on wowem wire fencing #939 - 39" <br />high with 6" stays..Top and. bottom wire of #10 and intermediate wire avid stay - <br />wire -to be #12f. Will furnish the wire for the sum of S66,34 <br />Sales tax----------- . 1 32 <br />Total .amount .of estimate------- §679,86 a <br />On, motion the. Council aooepted. the, bid of the Crow Hardware, ^the being the <br />lowest; $62,70. <br />The City Clerk reported that there were no bids received for the seal coating <br />of the west side of Fifth.,Avenue from 'Main Street to the � south city limiter <br />and Dayton Street, from Third. Avenue to Fifth Avenue; 'al so the laying of a <br />Bituminous cement mat .on Fifth Avenue forth from Main street to Bellistreet <br />and Bell °street "from Fifth AvenuloiShSixth Avenue - <br />The aity.Engineer.reparted that he, thought he could get the County Commis- <br />sioners to de the work for the city at actual cost to the County. <br />On motion the Counoil instructed the City Engineer to.have the County -Commis- <br />sioners do the work. <br />1 <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />