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lie, the undersigned property owners on the north and south side of bell <br />Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, in the. city of Edmonds,County of <br />Snohomish, State of Washington,hereby petition the City of .Edmonds, Otate <br />-. of Washington, hereby petition the City of Edmonds to sponoer the oon- <br />:-_ struotion of a curb and gutter on the following property situated on the <br />5: North and South side of Bell street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, <br />For and in consideration of_ the City of Edmonds sponsoring this projeot, <br />the undersigned petitioners request and agree that said construction be <br />upon the following terms and conditions: that the labor shall be furnished <br />by the W-P.1o; that the only expense to said petitioners shall be the cost <br />of materials and engineering, which cost shall not exceed 44 per foot. <br />Block D. Lot 5 & 6 Melvin Jo Tuson------ $27,00 <br />Block B Dot 9 Mrs Greo.Hall-------------- 13.50 <br />Block D Lot 10 & 11 WoBoyd Williams--- 27900 <br />Block D.Lot 12 Frank E.Deiner----------- 13050 <br />Block D Dot 7 & 8 Maude Friese---------- 27000 <br />Block D Dot 13 & 14 Frank L goulet------ 27900 <br />Block D Lot 15 WQToaones T------------- 13,50 <br />Block E. Lot _..2 Hallie Bo Anderson-------- <br />BlockE Lot 13'& 14 H.C.Hanson---------- 31,50 <br />Block D Lot3 & 4 C.L.Usher-------------- 27000 <br />On motion the Council approved the petition. <br />The City Clerk reported that the Scoot Board of District NO.15 had agred <br />to have the sidewalk and curb and.gutter put in on. Sixth Avenue North in <br />front of the Play Field grounds, provded that the -expense would not exceed <br />0600,00. On motionthe City Clerk was instructed to request the School <br />board to,include the fixing of the alley that is on the south side of the <br />Play.Field so people can get in and out of the Field Grand Stand. <br />The City Treasurer brought up the.question of useing some of'the money <br />that is in L.IoDoGuarantee Fund to pay olff 01500000 of the Bonds; he <br />reported that they could by redeemed with out interest. <br />On motion they were ordered paid. <br />There h6ing no'furt.her business on`motion the Council adjourned. <br />. Y a or. <br />AUGUST 20th, 1940 <br />The Counoil met in regular session with Mayor Po,urtner persiding. The roll <br />oall.showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Hareid, Hanson, Cal- <br />lahan and Martin. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The Council received the folloing offer for,some. lots owned by the City* <br />"Gentlemen: <br />I wish to purchase lots No. 3.7-38-39-40,Block 91, at your <br />listed price of $57,50 per lot* Find chech attached for $230,00. dish deed <br />made to ALICE U. GARTER." <br />"Gentlemen: I wish to purchase Lots 34-35-36 Block 91 at 55,00 each <br />and lot 33, Block 91 at $30,00. Find chech attached for 0135,00, and make <br />deed to Robert E. and Margaret Nelsen-" <br />On motion the Council the offer, procided the taxes do::'not <br />exceed the offer. <br />The City Engineer presented the following for the SOUTH .T t(t1yH 6hWER. <br />ESTIMATE FOR SOUTH THIRD STREET TRUNK SEWER. <br />Description 6f Yvork:1511 Trunk <br />Sewer, eginn ng a ex sting manhole on Dayton <br /> between.Second <br />and. Third Streets; thence Southerly 885 feet`; <br />thence Easterly 180 feet to the <br />Eae.t side of <br />Third Street,said paint being <br />on Walnut Street produced. <br />1050 LoF. Concrete Sewer Pipe <br />(154 Q00.90 . <br />945000 <br />3 Manholef)Rings & Covers <br />- 4, 18950 <br />55050 <br />8 151lx6" Y's <br />(0 3,60 <br />28,80 <br />Shoring Lumber - 5 M.B.M. <br />@ 24900 <br />12.0,00 <br />Hardware <br />a 10900 <br />10000 <br />12 barrels of Cement <br />a 3,00 <br />56900 <br />8 yarda of Sand & Gravel <br />1050 <br />12,00 <br />12 Galvanized Ladder Rungs <br />a 10,75 <br />9000 <br />252 Manhole Blooks._ifl <br />d <br />63900 <br />18 Manhole Blocks F"4 <br />10625 <br />J 0075 <br />13,50 <br />18 Manhole Blocks #5 <br />a 0975 <br />13950 <br />Trestle.Treated Timber - 19106 <br />K.B.M <br />75900 <br />Galvanized Hardware <br />251,00 <br />Engineering <br />_ 125�0 <br />30 <br />Rote: No Right -of Way cost inaluede in Estimate* <br />