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The Engineer estimated that there -would'' be about' $13000600­ left over from --the <br />.7or."th TttLnk "`Sealer "F uld which � might, 'be 'used" if- the", people: so ordered, it this <br />fall eleotion-and that.$250,00 might be put in the Budget. t <br />The qugstion . og making. posts *to hold the new. Street Signs,' Dame up ..for oonsider- <br />ation-. It was ,finaly desided to have' the. W.P.6..make ,Conorete `Posts, and •on <br />motion the .Council ,instruoted the, have tha making of them .in one <br />of the 9.P.A , street jobs.-' <br />There being no further business .on motion, the Coucil dajourned. <br />City Clerk Mayor. <br />t <br />SEPTEMBER 3ed, 1940. <br />4 <br />The Council met in regular session with'Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />showed the following Councilmen present; Chandler, Callahan, Clausen, Martin <br />and Jones. The minutes of the 1aast meeting Were read.and an, <br />The Treasurers report and the Water,Revenue for the. month <br />of August were read and ordered filed. <br />The following•bills were approved by the Finance Committe.and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />Diamond Stores; -aupp3 ies-=------ $, <br />. .10 ,�j.°Ni. Yost & 1;�ons ,for, supplies- - ,86 <br />Trick & Murray,-supplie.s-------- <br />14,04. <br />jaay Woodfield, ,--labor------ <br />, 4950 <br />C.M.Larson-,for doge, stamps,,,arr- <br />StarUa.chinery i0o. ,supplies- <br />-7,73 <br />-set-------------- <br />5, 70 <br />pJ�.4Y:Womer, labor---------- <br />11,20 <br />H.B.Vaurs,.for arrest ------ ----- <br />2,00 <br />Teheodor.'Womer,.labor------- <br />, 16,00 <br />Charles Vaurs,for arrest's and <br />Viggo gHoberts, labor------- <br />20900 <br />polieeeing dances-------- <br />29,20 <br />tQ.;B:Bently, supplies------- <br />3,31 <br />R.H.Doty, Polie.e Judge fees----- <br />10,25 <br />Pickett i lMotor 'Co. , . supplies- <br />129,29 <br />The Grill, meals for .prisoners-- <br />.30 <br />Crow liardware, supplies"--- <br />�65083 <br />Gateway Cafe, . �!." " """"""'""'" s— <br />2, 60' <br />�Sj. J.Pr.iebe, supplies-------- <br />-7915 . <br />C.M.Larson,.for-sewer inspections <br />14,00 <br />Durbins,fstore, supplies----- <br />1,00 <br />Diesel Oil Sales.Co., supplies-- <br />4,00 <br />Gaylord;Zros., supplies----- <br />403,84 <br />Leyda Electric &-,Radio,.supplies <br />942 <br />Ralph Rodman,;rental--- ----- <br />18,-00 <br />Chanoeys Boat,Huose, gravel------ <br />3,06 <br />40M.Yost &iWons, supplies--- <br />61040 <br />Midway Iron Works, smith work--- <br />3,83 <br />Rental:.f+Machinery,00.,rental- <br />•16,80 <br />H.C.Hanson, labo.r--------------- . <br />781,25 <br />A.B.Rae, man 8c team--------- <br />27,00 <br />Edmonds Builders Supply, supplies <br />12,14 <br />Crow'Hardware, supplies----- <br />-66,01 <br />Louis.Valoia, labor------------- <br />3,00 <br />Qakl4dj8,gPgle-Go.,rental <br />.H.B.Vaurs, labor---------------- <br />12,00 <br />----------------- <br />i77900 <br />�,: cpperC hearral:etC©o� supplies---. <br />40,90 <br />Hogh ,fiq. JPyroell �Ca, supplies1209,98 <br />Pickett Motor Go., .supplies----- <br />. 7,12 <br />'Crow Hardware, supplies----- <br />2; 45 <br />Washington State. Penitetary, <br />CaspereA�ervioe 'Station, <br />for Street signs------------- <br />31950 <br />supplies----- <br />41,00 <br />Associated Sand.& Gravel Co., <br />M•C.Enge7ls, supplies-------- <br />15,70 <br />for sand & gravel------------- <br />223938 <br />Edmonds'1Builder.s;SupplY, <br />:?.n:M: Yost & Zone,, for supplies--- <br />19, 26-; for supplies------- <br />439:04 <br />:G�• Leyda, for .clerical work---- , <br />- 5, 00 <br />'A'•'B.B.ently,. supplies------- <br />4,20 <br />1L G:Fry, eaara og ,Park grounds--- <br />,A.!M <br />5.900 <br />1#9.W#Womer, labor----------- <br />:3000 <br />Yost & Oons, paint---------- <br />'9,49 <br />Ray,Jj;�oodfilld, labor-------- <br />1,00 <br />On motion the Council continued the sprinkling rate during September untill <br />'meter reading time. <br />P'i�, ''T <br />I T I <br />0 N1.. <br />"We the undersignedproperty owners of ,Fourth 'Street from 'Dayton,;Street <br />to Walnut Street, in the City of Edmonds,. County of Snohomish, State of <br />Washington,. hereby petition the City of. Edmonds, to sponsor the grading of the <br />following property situated on Fourth Street between Dayton Street and Walnut <br />Street. <br />For and in oonsiderat.ion of, the. City of Edmonds ,sponsoring this projeot, <br />the undersigned petitioners request•and agree that said construction be upon <br />the following terms and oonditions;,that the labor shall be furnished by the <br />W*P.6-,. ; that the, only ®zpense to th,e petitioners shall be. the cost materials <br />and engineering." <br />" <br />J.,P. Bohnert , <br />-Qbarles B:oshart <br />G e`argge demp <br />H.A.$eeton <br />J.P.Johnson <br />$•VonBsohen <br />J •'J. Gre enl:eaf <br />Ray Carpenter <br />G.B.Swanson <br />D.M.Parker <br />H.Boshart <br />W.F.Sheets" <br />. e <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />