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October lst, 1940. <br />t <br />The, Council met in regular, session with.Mayor,,, presiding. The. roll <br />call showed the,following Councilmen present: Chandler, Hareid, Hanson, <br />Callahan, Clausen.., Martin and, Jones.' The minutes of the last meeting: -were <br />read and approved. <br />The the Water Revenue Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. i <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Committee and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />Telephone Co.-------------- 3,75 A.M.Yost &.Sons--------------- 5185 <br />VI.F.Leavell----------------- 12,24 Durbins Store----------------- 1,58 <br />Trick & Murray -------------- 9,81 i�:5.'Bower & Light Co ------- - 97010 <br />Tribune -Review-------------- .9,81 Tribune -Review---------------- 1 67 <br />C.M.Larson------- -------- 6,20k7.Womer--------------------- 16,95 <br />Charles Vaurs--- ------ 37,00`�-J.Larson------------ -------- 17,75 <br />Henry Vaurs----------- -------- 4,00 �C'.M..Larson-------------------- 3,50 <br />R.H.Doty--------------------- 16$0''.C.y1illspaugh----------=----- 1.00 <br />E.B.Hubbard------------- -- 5,00 iialph Osborn------------------ 3,06 <br />Emma'MoElroy--;-------------- 1,75 Crow,Hardware----------------- 3,36 <br />Crow Hardware,--------------- .20 , Pickett motor Co,,------------- 6,63, <br />Fire Department------------- 60,00 H.C.Hanson-------------------- 36,50 <br />Yost,Auto' Go-,----=---- ---- 11,62 Margaret Deiner--------------- 13650 <br />P.S. Power *& lCo.----- 1,00 ' Frances' Mae Halle------------- 27,00 <br />Leo, Doty-----=-------------- 10-,00 1.J.Tup.on------ ------------- .27,00' <br />C-M-Larson-=----------------, 8,00 Hopper,Chevrolet. Co------------- 10,,90 <br />dash. Corrogated.Coulvert',do. 67,98 Percy Joyce------------------- 4,00 <br />Tribune -Review- ------------- 15,30 Riverside Junk Co-----'-------- 3,47 <br />�•B• Power & Light Co ------- 122,2.9 Evens Feed Store-------------- ,10 <br />0lymp.ic Foundry Co. --------- 35., 88 .' . Yost:. ':�.ons----------,----- 10,00 <br />Ralph Osborn---------------- 33,39 d-B.Vaurs--------------------- 10,00 <br />National Meter Co.----------"58,55 Theodore,Womer---------------- 6,00 <br />P-J.Larson------------------. 1,00• P'.J.Larson----------- --------7 2,00 <br />Crow Hardware--------------- 4,38,=G'.M.,Leyda--------.------------=' 5,00 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons------------- 55965 Crow Hardware ---------------- 6 .92 <br />Seattle Plumbing Supply Co,, 64,50 .1w.-NoWomer----=--------------.-- 1550 <br />Midway Iron Vorks----------- 4,59 <br />A.B.Bentl:------108,36 <br />.'07.Womer-------------------- nl, 00 <br />The following o.ommunication was reoe,ived, dated aeptember 17th. <br />" ,Edmonds,, City Council <br />Dear Sirs: ' <br />" Last .spring when my brother ,.George.- left .for Alaska he gave., me .to <br />understand .that we , should hear from you in a month or_ so. regarding the damage <br />to the property held in the name of 'BI-M.Late by , the City :later Department. <br />-Six months have passed and we have heard nothing: 17i11 you plesae let me <br />know within thirty days That your intentions are, in regard. to', this matter-" <br />"Youre.,truly <br />` "Miss Inez Date" <br />On motion the letter was refured. to the„ City ',1=ngineer for an estimate <br />of the oost'to.make the-negessary repair.. _ <br />The C.ounoil, . on motion, tendered; a ,vote of thaks to,.Ray,-' andle , for the <br />service's he rendered'in the installation of the cast iron.pipe on the end <br />Of the Trunk }Sewers. <br />The. .7ater Superintendent reported that he had made an estimated of the <br />about <br />post($3000;;40),for installing a 4, inoh cast iron pipe south of the city to <br />People who are not using .city water. And that there were only four persona <br />who wre willing to pay a years w.attr rent in advance. <br />It was moved by Clausen.'and" Callahan that the laying of <br />this pipe be tabled. It was moved by Hanson and sceonded by Chandler that <br />the motion be amended to read: That the laying of,this pipe be laid on the <br />table until the Council at some future time that the-Couaoil may take it up. <br />The vote on the amendment was as follows:.Chendler yes, yid yes, Ranson yes,. <br />Callahan not voting, Clausen no..Martin yes,,Jones no, The amendment carried. <br />The vote on the question as amended.was as follows:Chandler yes',,Hareid yees, <br />Hanson yes, Clausen yes, Martin yes, Jones yes. Carried. <br />On motion the City'Clerk was instructed to notify Mr. Ingebritsen of <br />the action of the Council. <br />1 <br />I- <br />I <br />1 <br />