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0 <br />0 <br />0 <br />0 <br />0 <br />WATER DEPARTMENT RECEIPTS AND M[PENDITU ES: <br />Revenue Collector------------- 0 720.00 <br />Superintendent---------------- 1200.00 <br />Extra men gages------- ------ 300.00 2220.00 <br />Supplies-------------------- 500.00 <br />Materials--------------------- 2500.00 <br />Power for pumps--------------- 1300.00 <br />Bond Interest--------------- 6380.00 <br />Redemption of Bonds----------- 5386.70 16066.70 <br />Total Expenditures---------------------------- 8286. <br />REVENUES: <br />Hydrant Rental from Current Expense----- $2400.00 <br />Water Revenues----------- -------------- 15886.70 <br />-Total Receipts -------------------- ´┐Ż1 286. <br />SECTION 2: That there be and there is hereby levied on all the real <br />and personal property of the City of Edmonds, subject to taxation -therein <br />a general tax for Municipal purposed for the ensuing year commencing <br />January lat. 1941, the sum of Ten Thousand Four Hugdred Fourth -seven <br />($10,447.03) Dollars. <br />SECTION 3: This Ordinance shall be certified to the proper County <br />officials as provided by law, and the taxes herein levied shall be <br />collected and paid into the City Treasurer of the City of Edmonds, at the <br />time and in the manner provided by the laws of the State of Washington- <br />for the collection of taxes for third Class Cities. <br />Passed this 7th day of October 1940. <br />ATTEST: ------------------------- <br />City Clerk Mayor. <br />Published October llth, 1940. <br />The'Council having completed the'Budget for the 1941 expenses for <br />the ddffe'rent departments of the 'City, <br />on motion the'Coucil adjourned. <br />i <br />Mayor. <br />OCTOBER 15th, 1940. <br />The `Council met in regular session with Mayort'Fourtner persidingoThe <br />roll call showed the following Counei&men present Oiar.eid, Callahan, Clausen, <br />and'Martin. The monutes of the last regular meeting and the. meeting for the <br />adoption of the budgit of the expenses for the year 19419 were'read and <br />approved. <br />The City´┐ŻEngineer made the following report on the cost for1repairs <br />of the damages to the Date property on Tenth Avenue and Dayton Street. <br />It will takeabout 2000 yds of dirt to make the fill and it will cost 'about <br />25 cents'a yard to make the fill;. cost'about $500s00o <br />After due considdration of the mater the Council°desided that it would <br />expedite maters if the Water Committewould go and have 'a talk with Tyr Dater <br />and see if it was posibl'e to make 'a settlement by eichang of lots. <br />The following communioations were'received in'repl to the'adver- <br />tisement of the City foraseeond hand grader. <br />"Diesel Oil Sales'Co. <br />- Gentlemen. <br />'In lreeponse to your 'request for bids on a Motor Grader, we <br />wish to submit 'a bid of $750,00 for a used Austin Wast'ern, Jr.'Motor grader. <br />This is a Model !Z }325 with motor #215681 and Serial ## 5518. This grader <br />is'equiped with regulation 12 foot mould board, pneumatic t.ires,`7 speed <br />transmission with over'and under drive, and is partioulary adoptable to all <br />types of maintenance and +road oil mixing. <br />