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January 5, 1943. <br />1 <br />1 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Roscoe, Hansen, <br />Jones, Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The dater Collectors report was read and ordered filled. The following bills <br />were allowed by the finance committee. <br />Sid Zelly, labor------=---------- 48.00 Louis Valois, labor---------- 12.00 <br />Dewey Leyda, labor--------------- 36.00 C. B. Roe, labor=------------ 8.25 <br />L. C. Engel., bond for collector-- 10.00-A. B. Bentley, supplies- ---- 12.56 <br />Hugh G. Purcell,, supplies-------- 11.77 Hopper Chevrolet.Co, gas---- 6.48'.. <br />0. N. Sorenson, box rent-------, .75 E. B. Hubbard,. license for truck <br />P. S. P. & Light Co. power for 1 1.50 <br />pumps ------------------ 102.11 Crow Hardware, supplies------ .52 <br />Clyde Moore., blacksmith------- -- 2.47 2. S. Power & Light Co.------loo.46 <br />A. B. Bentley., supplies---------- 5.68 Leyda Electric & Radio, lamps .93 <br />H. F. Hecker, supplies---.-- ---- 17,00 Yost Auto Co, gas and repairs 58.40 <br />Louis Valois, labor---.---------- 127.50 Tribune Review, printing bonds23.69 <br />Sid Belly, labor------------- --- 78.00 Tribune Review, printing bonds27.81 <br />Lewis Gillett., labor------.-- ---- 93.00 O..N. Sorenson, box rent----- 1.00 <br />Carl Perrin., hauling pipe--------- 10.0 ..a2uget Sound Thews, books------ 10.42 <br />Crow'Hardware, supplies--------=- 21.30 P. S. Power & Light Co, lights 3.29 <br />Yost Auto Co, gas:an d repairs of Henry Boshart, care of library <br />,truck----------- 34.61 grounds---------- --- 40.00 <br />Hugh G. Purcell, Pipe and supplies .P. S. Power & Light Co,'lights 1.33 <br />1444.26 Louis Valois, labor N.Edmonds 20.25 <br />Hugh G. Purcell, pipe and suppliesSid Zelly, labor N.Edmonds--- 15.75 <br />522.16 W. H. Weaver, license; Int--- 30.00 <br />Mrs. D. M.'.Parker, cleaning City Ed. Ind, Telephone,Co,phone-- 4.85 <br />hall------------------- 10.00 Northwest Office Equipment, <br />L. C. Engel, bond for clerk------ 5.00 Repair numbering machine- 3.86 <br />P. S. P & Light co. lights------- 2.45 Swanson Drug Co,,, supplies---- 1.o3 <br />Tribune Review, ballots and envelopes Nellie M: Telfer, election--- 6.00 <br />for police dept.---------- 19.88 E. M. Martin,'election board- 6.00 <br />C. H. Bienz, light water & heat for Julia Little, election board- 6.00 <br />Service--mens club, 3 months------ 60.00 Pearl Allen, election board-- 6.00 <br />L. S. Vincent, stamps for defense Jennie Morgan,election board- 6.00 <br />co-ordinator----,----------------.-. 1.00 Sibbie Mcginnis, election----, 6.00 <br />M. C. Engels, oil for.furnace---- 34.76 Eleanor Johnson, elction----- 6.00 <br />George Bacon, covering garbege--- 30.00 Rmth Vincent, election board-- 6.50 <br />James Astell, extra police----,-- 7.00 Lucille Clausen, election---- 6.00 <br />Yost Auto co, storage & supplies- 34.82 Fire Department.,,.'two fires--- 60.00 <br />E. B. Hubbard, certificate of title <br />for -fire truck---------- ------ .75 <br />Mayor Fourtner appointed 0. D. Anderson Acting City Attorney. The appointment <br />was accepted by the Council. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that the Chief of Police Roy Degneau purchase <br />a new lock and have the -window in the door of -the Jail.screened or barred. <br />Motion Carried. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to sign the <br />five year Contracts with the Puget Sound Power and light Company for Street <br />lighting and Power for Pumps. Lotion Carried. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that the Water Syperintendent R. H. Doty <br />purchase 400 feet.of four inch cast Iron pipe to complete the ninth street <br />Job. Motion carried. <br />It was moved and seconded that Ordinance #545 for the erection of an Observa- <br />tion tower,be adopted. A vote of.the Council showed one dissenting vote. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that Chief of Police Roy Degneau and Mayor <br />Fourtner be authorized to establish a prohibited parking zone at Pointer <br />Williamette Company. Motion Carried. <br />There being no further business it was moved and seconded the meeting adjoumn. <br />Assistant City Clerk <br />Mayor. <br />