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The Council regular <br />call showed the following <br />Jones, Savage, Hansen and <br />sessian with Mayor <br />Councilmen present, <br />Clausen. <br />February 16, 1943. <br />F'ourtner presiding. The roll <br />Chandler,. Roscoe, Hansen, <br />William Carter of Seattle Heights asked the Council about joining their fire <br />district tith the Edmonds Fire District so their firemen may_obtain Firemenus <br />Insurance from the State, This matter was'laid over until the Pire'Chief <br />M: C. angels had been consulted. <br />Attorney 0. 1). Anderson presented to the Council an easement from Ralph V. <br />Hard to install a trunk sewer line across his property on Third Street. <br />The following agreement between .the City of Edmonds and Pointer Williamette <br />Company was drawn up by the City Attorney. <br />AGREKa'NT <br />This Agreement, entered into by and between Edmonds, A municipal corpor- <br />ation, of Snohomish County, Washington, hereinafter called "the City", and <br />Pointer-Williamette Co, a corporation, hereinafter,called "the Company", <br />WITNESSETH: <br />That the Company is presently engaged.,:in the operation of a plant on the <br />waterfront, in said City, wherein it is performing war contracts with the <br />U. S. Army covering the construction of barges, and it is necessary, in the <br />public service, that that portion of Yost Admiral Way from the South line <br />of Dayton Street, in said City, South to a point opposite station 1018482.5 <br />on the Great Northern right-of-way main line, be closed in 6rder that such <br />right-of-way may be available for the necessary use of the Company; and further <br />in order that the public may be barred from access to such plant for ob- <br />vious military reasons. <br />That in order to effect such closing it is hereby agreed, by and between. <br />the parties hereto, as follows:. that for the duration of the present war <br />Yost Admiral flag, from the South line of Dayton Street South approximately <br />four hundred feet, more or less, to a point opposite station 1018*82..5 on <br />the Great Northern main line right of -way may be'closed by the company, <br />,and such portion of said highway so closed may be made use of by the <br />company as an integral part of its plant. <br /> a consideration for the closing of said highway and the use there- <br />of by the Company the Company agrees -to establish and maintain in a condition <br />suitable for traffic a substitute or alternate roadway leading from Dayton <br />Street South to a connection with Yost Admiral Way Southerly of the portion <br />of the latter road'so closed. The Company further agrees that upon the <br />termination of the present war, or sooner if it ceases operation: of -its <br />plant at Edmonds, to restore the portion of Yost Admiral Flay so closed to <br />a condition as good as obtained prior to the closing thereof, and to remove <br />all structures therefrom. <br />It is Further Agreed that the Company will indemnify and hold harmless <br />the City from any and all claims, costs, charges, damages or suits arising <br />out of or in any way resulting from the closing of said highway, or from <br />any negligence or carelessness in the opening and maintenance of the sub- <br />stitute or alternate roadway provided for herein. <br />Dated this 12 day cf.-February, 1943. + <br />Edmonds, a municipal corporation. <br />by F. A. Fourtner <br />Mayor. <br />Attest: Anita Gust <br />Asst. City Clerk <br />Pointer Williamette Co. it. W. Pointer <br />There being no further business on motion the meeting adjourned. <br />Mayor <br />Assistant City Clerk. <br />