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The Mayor read a.letter•to the Council pretaining to the licensing of taverns <br />which states because of the State collecting a license the cities could not. <br />After a discussion of licensing other amusement places a Motion was moved <br />and seconded that the enforcing of -licensing taverns and amusement places <br />be laid over for further investigation. Motion carried. <br />George Yost came before the Council abouta loading and unloading zone for <br />the busses. After a discussion the Council decided to lay this over until <br />the next meeting ad that all parties concerned may have a chance to voice <br />their opinion. <br />Iti7r. Bently reported that the Sewer in the alley between fourth and .fifth <br />street south of Dayton was filled up with sand. The Mayor•reportad that <br />.work was being done to remiede this condition. This was referred to the <br />street and sewer committee. , <br />There being no further business on motion the meeting adjourned. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor. <br />April 20, 1943. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler, Roscoe, Hansen, Jones, <br />Savage, Hansen and Ulausen. <br />One bid for a Pomona Pump was received by.the Uou160il from R. M. Wade R Co. <br />1- Pomona Close -Coupled turbine pump, including one 3500 R2M 10 HP <br />3 phase 60 cgele vertical hollow shaft Unidrive Motor <br />1- H4B Discharge Head <br />5-.Stages 6L 4A1 Turbine Assembly, close -coupled to discharge head <br />Price ---------- U565.00 <br />1- Westinghouse Class 11-200-S3 1uagnetic Starting Switch <br />Price----------- 32.00 <br />1- 6 ft, 32" Armco Iron pipe perforated with 320 <br />screen wire, fitted with drive point on bottom <br />Price---------- 80.00 <br />40'- 3" galvanized iron pipe Price---------- 27.00 <br />Total price --------- �704.00 <br />All prices f.o..b. Edmonds, Mash. <br />Subject to state tax. <br />Delivery four to six Weeks. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that. the Council 6ccept,the bid of R. M. <br />.Made & Company, minus the 40 feet of 3 inch galvanized pipe. Potion <br />carried by a unanimous vote of the Council. <br />Mr. Chitty representing the Chanber of Commerce asked the Council that <br />the Curfew. Ordinance be inforced this summer. This was laid over until <br />the next meeting of the Council in order that the Attorney may draw up <br />a new. Ordinance amending No. 121. <br />The question of a loading and unloading zone fbr the busses was discussed <br />before the Council, by some of the business men of the City who would be <br />affected by it. After a lengthy discussion Mr. Yost stated that they would <br />try out the loading from the garage. <br />There being no further business on motion the meeting adjourned. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />F, <br />