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June 15, 1943 <br />The Council met in regular s.e.ssion with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler., Aoscoe, Hansen, <br />Savage, Hansen and Clausen..' <br />The Clerk was instructed to publish a notice in the paper that property <br />owners--lon.' Main Street must trim the Ornimental trees along the sidewalk <br />and street. <br />Attorney 0 D. Anderson presented to,.the council a bill of sale from the <br />North.Edmonds Water District. - <br />Bill of Sale•. <br />The North Edmonds Improvement Company., a corporation, for and in considera- <br />tion of the sum of One,($1000) Dollar, to it in hand paid by Edmonds, a <br />Municipal Corporation of Snohomish uountiy, 4 shington, and other. good and <br />valuable consideration, receip-c of which is ereby acknowledges, does hereby <br />SEEL? ASSIGTY ? TFUdTSFER . and C01�VEY UNTO said Edmonds , a L U:nc ipal Corpor- <br />ation, all of its right., title and interest in -and to that -certain pipe <br />line consisting in part of six inch (611) Wood pipe andin part of four inch <br />(411) wood pipe.'heretofore made and constructed b)y, it, and now b.eir_g in <br />place along the following described streets and roads .as follows: , <br />Commencing at the intersection of 6th and Daley Streets in the City of <br />Edmonds, Snohomish County, Washington; thence Northerly along 6th Street to <br />Glen S-treet; thence East along Glen Street'to 7th Street; thence North <br />alone 7th Street from Glen Street to the North City limits; thence along <br />the Beverly Park - Edmonds County.Hoad, also known as Snohomish County Bond <br />Project rdo 34, as laid out, constructed and paved under County Engineer's <br />Survey No 640, and extending Easterly,, Tdottherly and Northeasterly along <br />said road to the Point where said road intersects the East line of Govern- <br />ment Lot 1, Section 18, Township 27, North of mange 4, E. W. M. <br />Also all interest of the grantor in any existing additions or extensions <br />to said pipe line and all meters., valves -or other appurtananees thereto, <br />it being the intention of the grantor by this instrument to convey all <br />interest which it may own in and to its entire water system now owned by <br />it in Edmonds and North Edmonds, together with any and all appurtenances <br />to the same. <br />This bill of sale is executed in) -fulfillment of the terms and conditions <br />of Ordinance No. 482 of the City of Edmonds, and of the contract between <br />the parties hereto,. dated June 30, 1932, and incorporated in and made a <br />part of said Ordinance No. 482, and. -the delivery and acceptance of this bill <br />of sale shall constitute and acknowledgement by each of the parties hereto. <br />of the complete performance in every respect by the other of the several <br />terms and conditions of said contract and ordinance. <br />As a further consideration for this bill of sale, and in fulfillment of the <br />terms of said contract of June 30, 1932, the grantee herein agrees that it <br />will continue to furnish water to the water users on said pipe line upon <br />the same terms and under the same conditions as water is supplied to its <br />other water users similarly situated. <br />Dated this fifth day of June, 1943. <br />North Edmonds Improvement Company. <br />W. H. Weaver, President. <br />Attest: Irene Taake, Secretary. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the Street superintendent and the <br />Street and Sewer committed be given full authority to do any repair work <br />as they see necessary on the North Trunk Sewer. Motion carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. <br />Assistant City Cle Mayor. <br />7 <br />