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Expenditures for Bonds and Interest_ <br />L. I. D. Guarantee Bonds ---------------- VP1000.00 <br />Trunk Sewer Bonds and Interest ----------- $1475.00 <br />Total amount to be raised by 4.34 mills <br />on $569,331 valuation------------------�2475.00 <br />Amount to be raised for bonds and interest -----------$2475..00, <br />Amount to be raised for, Currant Expense------------- 64 41.00 <br />Grand total to be raised by 15.66 mulls on <br />$569,331 valuation ----------------------------------- �891.6.00 <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />a <br />Water Department Receipts and Expenditures: <br />'dater Collector, salary -------------- --- W00.00 <br />Superintendent, salary------------------$p 900.00 <br />Ass't Supt Salary----------------------- 600.00 <br />Extra men wages---------------------- -51500.00 <br />Povver' for Pumps------------------------- $2000.00 <br />Supplies and repairs -------------------- 5 500.00 <br />Material ------ ---------- -----------------@720.0.00 <br />Redemption of Bonds and interest ----- ---12225.00 <br />Emergency Ordinance --------------------- 02500.00 <br />Operating Expense and Ind. Insurance---- . 50.00 <br />Total Expenditures ------------------------- ----------- $28475.00 <br />Revenues <br />Hydrant Rental from Current Expense------V2400.00 <br />Cash in Bond Redemption Fund---------,---11400.00 <br />Cash in Operating Fund --------------- --- %9,=00.0.0 <br />Water Revenues, estimated ------------ --- 20000.00 <br />Total Receipts ---------------------------------------- U36800.00 <br />e <br />Adopted by the Mayor and Council and filed.September 7, 1943. In witness <br />whereof, I have set mg hand and the s,eal of said City this 7th,.day of <br />September, 1943. <br />Published September 9, 1943/. Anita Gust <br />Assistant City Clerk. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />a <br />September 21, 1943. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor�'ourtner presiding. The <br />roll call showed -the following Councilmen present, Roscoe, Hansen, Jones <br />and Clausen. <br />The minutes of the Pr�t,ioAsgmeetini were read and approved. <br />Mr. Hecker reported 'to the Council that the alley between fourth and fifth <br />streets, south of Dayton was being used by the property owners for piling <br />of woad, etc. Chief of Police Roy Degneau.was requested to notify property <br />oviners they must keep the alley cleared so cars can get through. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded that the <br />meeting adjourn <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />October 4 1943. <br />The Council met in special s-ession ,in��acc�ordceo,4vit;h �the,�Laws��of� .tr�e� �, <br />State of Washington for the adoption of the Budget for the year 1944. <br />The Mayor. & falls ingi.=eou� cilr e�i' wexe present, Chandler, Hansen, Jones, <br />Hansen and Clausen. <br />After due consideration of the items in the preliminary Budget and <br />hearing from those preseibt a motion was M- alledbynOh&rid'l;er> in-6hSeft2ide di <br />by?Vdal'ter Hansen ^that`-tht Budget for 1944 be accepted and adopted. <br />Motion carried by a unamimious vote of the Council. <br />1 <br />11 <br />