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I <br />December 7, 1943 <br />The Council met in regular session viith Mayor Fourtner presiding. The rill <br />call showed the following councilmen present, Chandler, Roscoe, Jones, <br />Savage, Hansen Clausen and McGibbon. <br />The water collectors and Treasurers reports were read and ordered filled. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the following bills which were approved <br />by the finance committee be allowed and warrants, be drawn on the proper <br />funds.: Motion carried. <br />Edmonds Pire Dept. one fire ------ 30.00 R'ay Wooley, labor---------- 38.80 <br />Yost Auto Co. storage 2 mos------ 22.12 Richfield Service, recap tire12.00 <br />Tribune�Review,,..:sup�lies--------- 6.59E. B7. Hubbard, insurance----- 17.00 <br />D. Be P.& Light Co. lights-----=- 3.49 Louis Miller, gas----------- 6.31 <br />Henry Boshart,, labor ------- ------ 30.00 Yost Auto Co, repair motor-- 3.40 <br />Me C. Engele, oilfor furnace ----- 39.8lEdmondsj2urniture exchange--- 2.32 <br />.Puget Sound News, supplies ------- 36.88blidvia.y Iron Works, blacksmith 8.70 <br />Puget Sound Power & light-------- 4.69 Hopper Chevrolet, gas------- 7.35 <br />Louis Valois, labor-------------- 8.002. S. Poorer & Light ---------- 147.66 <br />Edmonds Auto freight, freight---- 4.65 A. Be Bently, furnace repair 4.48 <br />A. Be Be.ntly, supplies=---------- .94 Tribune Review, printing---- 35.99 <br />Swanson Pharmacy, supplies------- .36 Richmond Highlands Lumbcr--- 22.82, <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---------- 7.673tevens Luraber Co.------------ 4.28, <br />Hugh G. Purcell, pipe ----------- 100.58,ri. V iVIcclenahan, labor-=--- 30.00 <br />R. M. Wade & Co. pump & motor---629.84 11drs. D. M. 2arker, cleaning- 5.00 <br />2. S. Power & Light,Co----------- 194.15 Bert Anderson, garbage disposal <br />Quality Shingle Co, shingles---- 8,96 10.00 <br />A. Be Bently, supplies----- ---- .54 Telephone Service, phone calls 1.90 <br />Edmonds Grocery & Market-------- .45 ,4. C. Hansen, mileage-------- 24.40 <br />Yost Auto Co. labor-------=----- 4.920. Haniere, special police --- 20.00 <br />Mayor Fourtner reported that Pointer-ulilliamette was building another way <br />on the South side of their pant, that Mr. CJeb,er has wood and other ob- <br />structionoon the property. A motion was moved and seconded that the <br />Mayor and Attorney notify Mr. Weber to move the'wood and obstruction from <br />the Viaterway ,Track. ,blotion .carried.. <br />Street Superintendent reported that he had torn out the culvert on third <br />street south, to prevent the water from washing out -the street. He also <br />reported -::'.the water pipe had.been laid along second street. <br />Water Superintendent R. H. Doty reported the Yost,well was.not producing <br />the water that it has in the past. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the Puget Sound Poorer & Light Co. <br />be given permission to removec_the shades from the street lights._ Motion <br />carried. <br />There being no further business a <br />adjourn. Motion carried. <br />Assistant City Clerk, <br />motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />Mayor. , <br />December 21. 19423. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present: Chandler, iioscoe, McGibbon, <br />Tones and Clausen. <br />A motion was moved and secondedthat the bills of Ray Tlooley for labor be <br />allowed, 4p% on street and �P4 on water fund. Motion carried. <br />The Mayor and Council discussed the problem of cleaning and repairing the <br />Yost well. A motion was moved and seconded that the City enter into an <br />agreement with Henry Allen to improve the viell at a cost of $250, the Ctty <br />Ito furnish the necessary materials, and _labor..w.Motion,.carried. _:'Water_'Supt. <br />was given the authority to rent a pump if necessary, also to purchase <br />supplies and have the pump repaired if needed. <br />Chief of Police reported he had received complaints from the taverns of <br />his taking intoxicated persons from the taverns. After a discussion with <br />the Councilmen he was advised to use his own, judgment and abide by the State <br />law• <br />Chief of Police We C. Hansen reported the F. Be I. had been in touch with <br />him about the Juvenile delinquency. They suggested some kind of recreation <br />should be provided for the yo4ng people. Mayor Fourtner appointed a com- <br />mitteeof three to meet with the Chief of Police and the Police Judge, <br />McGibbon, Clausen and girl supervisor from the High School. <br />1 <br />1 <br />