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January 25, 1944. <br />The Council met at a postponed meeting.with mayor Pourtner presiding. The <br />roll call showed the following Councilmen present, Chandler., Roscoe, Mcgibbon, <br />Jones, Hansen and Clausen. The minutes of the following meeting were read <br />and approved. <br />Mayor Fourtner eappointed Mrs. Clara Strance to-f ill.the vacancy on the <br />library board. A motion was.moved-and seconded that the Council approve <br />the appointment. Motion carried. <br />Water.Superintendemt it. H. Doty reported on the repairing of the Yost well, <br />that they had run into considerable difficulty and it was going to take <br />more time and labor thak had been anticipated.. Also more repair parts would <br />be needed. A motion was moved and seconded that the,water Superintendent <br />be authorized to purchase the necessary supplies and'parts to repair the <br />pump at the Yost well. Motion carried. <br />Chief of PoliceW. C. Hansen reported tb�the council that a matron should <br />be in charge when he has a woman in jail. He also brought up the question <br />of what he -was going to do when he has both men and women to be put in jail. <br />There business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Assistant City Clerk. <br />February 1, 1944 <br />the_Counail met:, -in regular session with. Mayor.T'ourtner presiding. 'The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present,.Chandler, Adscoe, McGibbon, <br />Jones, Savage, Hansen, and Clausen. <br />,The w4ter.00llectors'and treasurers reports were read and ordered filled. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the following bills which were approved <br />by the finance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper <br />funds. Motion carried. <br />Puget Sound P. ,&, Light .Co., lights--- 3.2.2 Durbins . S.tore., supplies------ 7.73 <br />A. B. Bently,.-library repairs------- 2.58,A. B.. Bently, supplies------- 34.12 <br />.Puget Sound P. & Light,park lights-- 1.19 Crow Hardware, supplies ------ 155.46 <br />Ray McZeever, labor on street------- 4.00'Leyda Electric & Radio,supplies3.45 <br />Hopper Chevrolet co. supplies------- .98.H. C. Hansen, labor----=----- 8.00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, lamps street .93 ttay McKeever, labor ---------- 100.00 <br />Midway Iron Works,, blacksmith work-- 6.70 P. S. Power & Light, power---158.27 <br />Standard Oil eo. oil ---------------- 26.75 Engels Insurance, bond------- 5.00 <br />Puget Sound Power &.Light Co ------- 100.76 'Telephone Service, phone calls 2.00 <br />Engels Ins. Agency, bond ------------10.00 U. N. Sorenson,, office supplies5.50 <br />Ed Woodfield, drum------------------ 1.00 M. C. Engels, oil furnace---- 36.43 <br />James J.-Bell, re -aligning pump----- 7.73 Leyda Electric.& Rad:io,lights 13.18 <br />J. A. Astell, special police -------- 20.00 Mrs. D. M. Parker,eleaning---- 5.00 <br />W. C. Hansen,.mileage for car ------- 25.00 Bert Anderson,'covering garbage <br />Seattle Aubber Stamp 5.15 and supplies--------------- 10.62 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies------------- .15 <br />it. H. Doty, sewer inspection-------- 2.00 <br />A motion -was moved and..seconded,that the. Street Superintendent be authorized <br />to make a survey of.the.sidewalks in. the City and,make a report to the Council <br />of the repairs that are needed. Motion carried. <br />Water Superintendent reported they were getting 115_gallons of water per <br />minute from the Yost well,. tie also reports that they, had taken out four <br />feet of gravel.. Engineer Sievers suggested washing the gravel or getting <br />new gravel and put it back in the well. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the attorney and engineer get in touch <br />with the State Highway Department and draw up a franchise to lay water pipe <br />from the south City limits to the union Oil. gas Station. Notion carried. <br />Mayor Vourtner-reported on the taking.of the census. After some discussion <br />it was decided.if the City has to hire.someone to take the census it would <br />not pay to have it done.: The Mayor ported the.vourth Inters'epter <br />Command had asked to, have the lights on ayt the. Observation. 'Lower. It was <br />decided to wait until they heard from George hicks. <br />Chief of Police AN. C. Hansen asked if there was a law that requires a Matron <br />when he has a woman in jail. This was laid over until the next meeting. <br />tie also asks 'in regards to the curfew law if something could be done on nights <br />when the Schools had activities, as the children -were late in going home. <br />1 <br />11 <br />E <br />1 <br />