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The subject of parking on rain Street between fifth and Sixth streets was <br />discussed, also the piling of boxes on the sidewalk; It was decided that <br />the Chief of Police should enforce the law. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. Motion carried. <br />Z,�, �v fi <br />Assistant City Clerk. Mayor <br />Vebuuary 15, 1944 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present, Chandler,.ttoscoe, McGibbon, <br />Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The minutes of•the following meeting were read and approved. A motion was <br />moved and seconded that the bills for laborto Kay Mckeever on the street <br />fund for 32 dollars, $62 on water fund, also the bill of lienry Allen for <br />$314 for cleaning Yost well,be allowed. Motion carried. <br />A group of boys and girls from the High School were present at the council <br />meeting. They asked if the hours of the Curfew law could be ohangedto <br />a later hour. No change was made. They also asked about a recreation <br />place for the young peoples where they could spend their evenings. After <br />some discussion and a talk from Councilman McGibbon,. -And Chief of Police <br />W. C: Hansen, it was suggested that the students appoint a teacher from <br />the High School to meet with the Committee that was appointed by the Mayor, <br />After some discussion about the parking on:Main Street a motion was moved <br />and secondeda�4a feet more or less, east of the crosswalk at the <br />center of -Main.,34W be used for a loading and unloading zone, also a <br />no parking zone on the North and South side of Main street. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Pourtner reportod he had ordered the lights turned on at the Obser- <br />vation tower he also reported about a concrete wall on -the beach, near - <br />Chaunceys Boat house, that it was dangerous to children playing around it. <br />it was decided this concrete wall was on private property and it was up <br />to the owner of the property to take care of it. <br />The Clerk was instructed by the Mayor and Council to write the City Attorney <br />in regards to forclosing of property on.Main and Walnut Streets. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the Clerk make application for one of <br />the government trucks. Motion carried. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. <br />F Xx <br />Assistant City Clerk ffayor <br />March 7, 1944 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor r'ourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present, Chandler, Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Jones, Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The Water Collectors and 'Treasurers reports.were read and ordered filled. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the following bills'which were approved <br />by the r'inance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper <br />funds. Motion carried. <br />P: S. Power .& Light,. lights--•'-- 2.31 stay McXeever labor------------ 57.00 <br />Puget Sound News, supplies------ 35.73 Hopper.Chevrolet, supplies---- 20.,67 <br />Gaylord Bros, supplies---------- 18.40 Louis Miller, gas------ -------- 18.90 <br />Tribune Review, supplies-------- 1.80 Yost Auto Co. repairs--------- 1.55 <br />0. N. Soranson,'box rent-------- 1..00 Puget S. Power & Light.Co----- 100.82 <br />M. C. Engels, oil Aor furnace--- 36.43 ;Tribune Review, receipts books 34.51 <br />P. S. Power & Light Co. lights-- 1.00 John J. Nissen, labor-------- 4.00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, supplies- 13.24 Henry Allen, labor------------ 4.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---------- 13.60 Ray MoZeuver, labor----------- 22.00 <br />A. B. Bentley, supplies---------- 1.91 Edmonds Auto Frieg4h, frieght- 1.64' <br />Edmonds .b'urniture Exchange,aupplies6.50 he M. Wade & Co. supplies-;---- 3.83 <br />Black & Decker, supplies ---------- .72 <br />PUget S. tPower & Lught, power ---- 3:58.70 <br />