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I- <br />I <br />1 <br />1 <br />J <br />Mayor Pourtner appointed Councilman.McGibbon to fill the vacancy on the <br />street Committee, with the approval'of the'Council.. A.motion was moved and <br />seconded that the Council accept the appointment. Motion carried. <br />A report was made by Councilman Chandler of the unsanitary condition of the <br />sewer on virst and Main Streets. A motion was moved and seconded that Mrs. <br />Kinsey be notified to install a septic tank to take care of their sewerage. <br />Notion carried. <br />School Superintendent Glen Hill expressed his appreciation to the Council. <br />and the Water.Superintendent for the cooperation in the past. He reports <br />that several grgdes of school children are haveing school at the Vield House <br />that some signs should be posted in regards to the same.. Mr. Hill also <br />asks if it would be possible to have several garbage cans on the streets <br />between the High School and the stores to take care.of waste paper. A <br />motion was moved and seconded that Mr. Hill design a can and report on same <br />at the next meeting of the Council. Motion carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that Henry Allen bring his contradtor before <br />the Clerk, and show his bond for 1944, before moving the building on Bell <br />street. Motion carried. <br />The Clerk read a report ofi the Street Superintendent, on the'condition of <br />the sidewalks.A motion was movecl•and seconded that the property.owners <br />be notified of the City Ordinance governing the repair of;sidewil.ks, also <br />if they.did .not -make the repair -the City would and the prop8ty owners would <br />be charged for the expense. Motion.carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the Clerk notify Mr. Airis and Howlett <br />of the damage of their trees to the Sewer, that they cooperate with the <br />City and remove the trees, if the property•owners do not take care of them <br />the City will and the expense will be charged to the property owners. <br />Motion carried. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. <br />/ � &.' e - Y�; " �� <br />Assistant ity ClerE. <br />1 h': <br />yor <br />April 4, 1944 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following concilmen present, (:handler, Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The water collectors and 'Treasurers reports were read and ordered filled. <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that the following bills which were ap- <br />proved by the finance committee, be allowed and warrants -be drawn on the <br />proper funds. Motion carried. 11 <br />P. S. Power & Light Co---------- 1..19 <br />Gaylord Bros, books--------------- 8.10 <br />P. S. Power & Light, park lights-- 1.00 <br />A. B. Bently,.Supplies------------ ..52 <br />E. S. Denslow, park labor & supplies 7.88 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies----------- .78 <br />Louis Miller, gas----------------- 6.30 <br />Hopper Chev. Co. grease & Gas----- 11.37 <br />.tray Mcgeever, labor--------------- 71.00 <br />.2o S. Power & Light, street., lights1OO.64 <br />W. C. Hansen, mileage & meals----- 25.96 <br />Yost Auto Co. Storage------------- 9.50 <br />Bay McZeever, labor------- 28.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies--- 50.26 <br />Paeigic Water Works supply 7.37 <br />Olympic foundry, supplies-- 36.87 <br />A. B. Bently, supplies----- 38.67 <br />Midw4y Iron Works, blacksmith21.63 <br />P. S. Power &.Light Co.----151.79 <br />Telephone Service Co. phone .90 <br />M. C. Engels, oil furnace-- 33.06 <br />Engels Insurance Agcy.----- 11,25 <br />Mrs D. M. Parker, cleaning- 5.00 <br />E.. B. Hubbard, Bond for Treas30.00 <br />Bert Anderson, covering garbage <br />10.00 <br />The Clerk read.the letters from the. Yost Auto Co.,,, and Mrs Paul Burke in <br />regards to the repairing of their sidewalks. Mrs.. Aupert and Mr. Cosman <br />and a representative from the.Baptist Church.came before the Council and <br />discussed the sidewalks proposition. This matter was laid over until the <br />thirty days were up and we hear from the rest of the'Property owners who <br />received a notice aoout their sidewalks. <br />Water Supt. A. H. Doty reported the Alderwood Manor Water District is to <br />meet with the Water Committee and Mayor on April 10. Couneilman..Chandler <br />reported a party from Meadowdale offered to supply the City with Water f rom <br />Artisian wells at a price of 12% of the receipts. A motion was moved byV <br />Chandler and seconded Roscoe that the Clerk call for bids for the drilling <br />of a new well according to the specifications and location drawn tip by the <br />City Engineer and water committee. Motion carried. <br />