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Chief of Police W.,0. Hansen was authorized to have the two signs repainted <br />and lettered on both.sides to take care of the parking on Main <br />A letter was read from the Washington State Defense Council in regard to <br />the purchasing one of the surplus Army Trucks. A motion was moved and <br />seconded that the Vir-e Chief M. C. Engels be negiotated to purchase one of <br />the'Army 'Trucks. He is to use,his own judgment in making this purchase <br />and.the City is to bear his expense of the trip. Motion carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the Tire Chief be supblied with <br />sufficient funds to purchase a truck and bring it.home. Motion Carried. <br />The Mayor reported on property owners building -fences close to the side- <br />walks. The clerk was instructed to.have a notice in.the paper that genees <br />must be 18 inches inside of the inner side of -the sidewalk. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the.meeting <br />adjourn. Carried. <br />07 <br />AgglOtant City Clerk Idayor. , <br />April 18, 1944,. , <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen,present, Chandler,, Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Jones,"Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The minutes.of the following meeting.were read and approved. The bill for <br />J. A. Astell for special police.was ordered paid. Also, the bills for Ray <br />McKeever for U40 on the water and.552 on the Street, for labor and were <br />approved by the finance, committee were ordered paid. The bill for $5.04 <br />from Mithcells Dairy for breakage of 36 guarts of milk at Third and Dayton <br />streets, was not allowed. A motion was moved and seconded that the bills <br />for labor and'special police be allowed. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Savage and seconded by Roscoe that the City Engineer <br />draw up plans and specification for the drilling of a 10 inch well, to be <br />located near the Cook well, ptLbjeetotbethejapproval of the State Health <br />Department. Bids of said well to be opened May 2, 1944. Motion carried. <br />A letter was read by the Ass't. Clerk from the State Health Department <br />in regards to the Water not being property collecteand of the drainage <br />condition in South Edmonds, also the Cook well must;properly sealed at <br />the top of casing. 'These conditions must be corrected by January i, 1945. <br />Councilman Clausen:reported that the;Alderwood Water District offered to <br />supply the City of Edmonds with water in case of an emergency for 14 cents <br />per hundred Cubic feet and a stand by chargc-; of �25 per month. The Water <br />Superintendent is in favor of the proposition. A motion wa.s made by McGibbon <br />and seconded by Chandler that the Clerk write to the Alderwood Water District <br />and thank them for their courtsey and their proposition will be considered <br />at a later date. <br />A motion was -made --by Clausen and seconded•by Savage that the Chief of <br />Police be authorized to have the street signs painted by the-County,at;.6 <br />a cost of 75 cents apiece. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by xoscoe that the street <br />Supt. be authorized to make the repairs of the -sidewalks as he finds time. <br />A roll call vote of the Council showed Chandler. -yes, Roscoe, yes, McGibbon, <br />no, Jones, no, Savage; no; tianzen, no and -Clausen -no. <br />A motion was made by Clausen and seconded by Jones that the Clerk notify <br />the property owners that because•the City -has no available help at the <br />l present time, that the City will not be able to -make the repairs of <br />sidewalks. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by McGibbon and seconded that the Attorney be instructed <br />to draw up a new ordinance in regards to the repairing of sidewalks. A <br />vote of the Council showed Chandler, no, hoscoe, no, McGibbon, yes, Jones, <br />yes, Savage, yes, Hansen, yes, Clausen, no. Motion carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the meeting adjourn. Carried. <br />Assistant City Clerk 'Mayor <br />1 <br />1 <br />LJ <br />1 <br />L <br />