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May 2, 1944. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor PDurtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present, Chandler,,Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Jones and Clausen.. <br />The water collectors.and treasurers reports Were read and ordered filled. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that the following.bills which were approved <br />by the .finance committee, be allowed and warrants be drgwn on the proper <br />funds. Motion carried. <br />IV. E. Carpenter,.wood-perk---.---- 8t24 Ray McZeever,. labor---=------- 35.00 <br />American Lib. Asso, magazine---- 3..00 Crow Hardware, supplies------- 1.65 <br />Gaylord Bros, supplies ---------- 1845 Stevens Lumber Co, gas-------- 5.25 <br />Puget Sound News, books---=-----34.41'Richfield Service, grease----- 1.55 <br />Northwest Gardens, magazine----- 1.03 Hopper Chevrolet, gas--------- 12.60 <br />Ray McZeever,, labor----j-=-- -48.00 Caspers Corners, gas---------- 8.40. <br />Dewey Leyda, repair meters--- -18.00 Tribune Review, envelopes----- 6.08 <br />Daily Journal of Commerce-- =--- 4.20 Telephone Service,. phone calls 1:10. <br />0• N. Sorenson, stamps---------- 2.00 State Bank of Edmonds, 3.60 <br />Pacific Water Yorks, supplies--- 7..84 Mrs. D. M. Parker, cleaning--- 5.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies--------- 7.15 Bert Anderson, covering garbage10.00 <br />Stevens Lumber C., supplies ----- 29.23 J. A. Astell, special police-- 15.00 <br />R. P. Depue,. gravel for cook well6.18 Y. C. Hansen, mileage & dogs-- 27.96. <br />Pittsburgh Eqait. Meter supplies 9.51 Yost Auto Co. storage & gas--- 13.58 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, repair Fire department, two fires---- 60.00 <br />sirene and lamps for stop light=7.88 <br />A motion was made by Chandler and Seconded by Clausen.that•the Council sell' <br />lots 25, 26, 22, 28, 29, 30 and 31 in Block 89 to Jessye Cogswell for $350,000 <br />Motion carried. <br />The bids for drilling of a well were opendd. The bid from D. X..Shillings <br />is as follows: An estimate of,materials, 1011 Drive shoegfor 44.50, 1011 <br />Black Pipe, per 100 feet, .�'. 0. B. Seattle, 235.50, the price of Screen. in <br />1942 was 12.02 per foot plus attachments, y'. 0. B. St. Paul. Labor �p8.00 <br />a lineal foot for digging of well, $5.00 per hour for setting Screen and <br />developing of well, the City to furnish screen and pay �20.00 per day for <br />all delays. <br />The bid from C. E. Miller is as follows: 70-lineal feet of 10 inch finished <br />well, drilling pipe, at 12.00 per foot, 840.00, 6 days development work at <br />30.00 per day, 180.00, 8`lineal feet of screen at.well site, 39.25 per foot <br />314.00, making a total of $1334.00. Mork to be started by June 10,.and <br />completed on June 30, 1944. <br />After some discussion by all par'Lied concerned a motion was made by Clausen <br />and seconded by Jones that the Council accept the bid of C. E. Miller for <br />$1334.00. The roll call showed Chandler, yes, iioscoe, yes, McGibbon, yes, <br />Jones, yes, Clausen, yes. <br />A motion was made by Jones and seconded by Roscoe that the Clerk notify <br />Mr. Bailey that he must stop his sewerage from running on the City"Water <br />property within ten days or condemnation proceedings will be started. <br />Motion carried. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />a r41 " <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />May 16, 1944. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pouatner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present, Chandler, itoscoe, McGibbon, <br />Jones, Savage,. Hansen and Clausen. <br />The minutes of . the following meeting were read and approved. A motion was <br />moved and seconded that the bills, which were approved by the finance <br />committee for labor, §24 on the water and $64 on Street fund to Ray <br />McZeever be allowed. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Savage and seconded by Clausen that the City of <br />Edmonds sell lot 3 Block 77 to Oscar G. Johnson for :5.115. Motion carried. <br />