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July, 5., 1944. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor r'ourtner.presiding. The roll. <br />call showed the Following Co znci-lmen. present Chandler,. Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Savage, Haneei, and Clausen. <br />The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The Water Collectors <br />and treasurers reports were read and ordered filled. <br />A motion was made fby Chandler and_ seconded by Savage that. the bills .which <br />were approved by the finance. Committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on <br />the proper funds. Motion carried. <br />Engels Ins. Agency, fire insurance- 91..2-5 Ray McKeever, labor-=---- 51.00 <br />E.- B. McDonald, special police------- 21.66 D. R. Benn, cutting grass 43.75 <br />P. S. Power & Light,, park lights----- 1.28 Crow Hardware, supplies--- 62.62 <br />W. E. Carpenter, wood for park------- 13.39 Stevens Lumber Co supplies 2.58 - <br />Ed. Woodfield,. labor at.park--------- 10.00 A. E. Wamsley, painting signs <br />A. B. Bently,.supplies------ ------ .36 23.18� <br />P. S. Power &,Light, library lights-- 1.00 Pr�ed Cook, painting signs- 25e00 <br />0. N. Sorenson., P. 0. box rent------- 200 P.S. Power & Light., li.ghts100.76 <br />Ray McKeever, labor on water --------- 40.00 Mrs. D. M. Parker,cleaning 5.00 <br />Olympic Poundry., meter boxe_s---------- 39.23, 0.- N. Sorenson,, clerk supplies' <br />Leyda Electric & Radio., supplies----- 2.32. 3.75 <br />R. M.. Glade -&; Co. -supplies------------ 17.29, Telephone Servicerp ,phone--- 2.30 <br />A. B. Bently,_ supplies--------------- . 1.80, Trick .& Murray, supplies--- 7.92. <br />P. S. Power & Li-ght Co. power -------- 152.01.Viaters, office supplies---- 1.17 <br />Yost Auto -Co..: stnrage _.& sErvice------ 11.05, Tribune Review, Ordinance--12.25 <br />W. C.. Hansen, mileage---------------- .25.00 Bert Anderson, garbage ----- 10..00 <br />Leyda Electric oo-Radio,. repair sirene 3.25 , <br />A motion was made by Clausen,and seconded by.Chandler that the bills for <br />fire insurance for the Library building ana special police for the remginder <br />of the year, be paid from the State Aid rand. Motion carried. <br />A motion -was made by McGibbon and seconded ;by Roscoe that no officer be <br />paid for appearance at trial. Motion carried.. <br />A motion was made by Clausen and seconded by Hansen.that the Council accept <br />the offer of Mr. McClenahan for lots 27, 28,, 29, 30 and 31 in Block 76,, for <br />$400. The roll call showed Chandler yes, Roscoe yes, McGibbon yes, Savage <br />yes, Hansen yes, and Clausen yes. <br />The Water Committee recommended that the water. meter be changed at the <br />Rose Brooks residence on Main Street. It was also recommended that the <br />City continue the use of the Empire Meters. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />July 18$ 1944 <br />The Council met in regular'session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The -roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present, Chandler, Roscoe, McGibbon, " <br />Jones and Clausen. <br />A motion was made by Clausen and seconded by McGibbon that the bills of <br />Ray McKeever for. ' laboron water for $4, and. on the street ,for $80, be allowed <br />and warrants be drawn on the proper funds. Motion carried. <br />After some discussion of extending the sewer a motion.was made by Chandler <br />and seconded by Clausen that the Attorney,be instructed to draw up a Resol- <br />ution of Intention to extend the Sewer -in Block 77 to Ninth Avenue. Motion <br />oarried by a unamimous vote of the council. <br />Water Superintendent Doty reported the shortage of water. A-motion.was made <br />by Clausen and seconded by Roscoe that the water superintendent be authorized <br />to employ any help he needs to protect the water situation and put into <br />effect any regualtion to keep water in the tank. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Fourtner recommended,.the building_of a half million gallon <br />tank in South Edmonds.. A -motion was made by Roscoe and seconded by McGibbon' <br />that the water committee .be instructed to start working on plans for a new <br />water tank in South Edmonds. Motion carried. <br />El <br />