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Councilman Roscoe reported.he had completed showing the numbers of the <br />houses in the City. Anyone who cares for their number are to get in touch <br />with him. <br />There being no further Chandler made a motion that the meeting adjourn. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor <br />August 1, 1944. <br />The Council met in regular sed8ion.with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following coneilmen pr--esent Roscoe, McGibbon,, Jones, <br />Hansen and Clausen. <br />The 17ater Collectors and 'Treasurers reports were reed. A motion was made <br />by Roscoe and Seconded by McGibbon that the following bills which were <br />approved -by the finance committee be allowed, and warrants :drawn on the <br />proper funds. Motion carried. <br />E. B. McDonald, special police---25.00,_Ray 2TcZeever, labor or water--- 46.00 <br />A. C.,McClurg-Co. books ---------- 75.67 Crow Hardware, supplies-------- 36.12 <br />P. S.°Power &. Light Co,lights---- 1.00 A.-B. Bently, -supplies --------- 4.53 <br />Ed. Uo-odfield,, labor, at park-----10.00 P. 5-. Power & f;or <br />P. S.°26►6er & Light Co. lights--- 1.41- pumps-- -------- 172.89 <br />E. Denslow, labor---------------- 4.43 Midway Iron Works, blacksmith-- 9.79 <br />Swanson Pharmacy, supplies------- 1.53• C. -L. -Miller, -contract for digging <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---------- .251- well ----------- ------------- <br />Ray MaZeever, labor on street- --- 49.00 Mrs. L. 1'd. Parker, cleaning---- 5.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---------- 4.69 'Telephone Service, phone calla- .45 <br />Stevens,Lumber-Co. gas----------- 6.30 Henry Boshart, care of City hall <br />Yost .S.uto Co. gas------------12.60 park--------- -- 30.00 <br />Richfield Service, gas ----------- 14.15 Bert Anderson, covering garbage- 10.00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, lamps---- 1.00 E. B. Mcdonald,keys for jail---- 2.16 <br />P. S. Power & Light, street lights Com. automotive service, repair <br />100.46 sirene of police---------------- 8.24 <br />Fire Department two fires -------- 60.00 17. G.-Hansen, mileage & dogs---- 33.24 <br />Yost Auto Co. storage fire trucks 9•.50- <br />Resolution of Intention Number 111 eras read to, the City Council. A motion <br />was made by Roscoe and seconded by Jones that Resolution llo. 111 be adopted. <br />Motion carried by a unamimous vote of the Council <br />RESOLUTION .OP I1;TE1?TIO11 # 111 <br />A RESOLUTION DLCLARU1..G THE "I11=TTIO11 02 THE CITY COUETCIL 02 THE CITY 01' <br />EDMOIIDS to .improve .the alley in ,Blocks 77 and 68, Plat of the City of <br />Edmonds, from a point twenty-seven (27) feet West of I?inth Street to a point <br />one hundred fifty. (150) feet , Eas.t of Finth Street., in. said city, by the <br />construction of a six, inch lateral sanitary and storm sewer, together <br />with the necessary drainage, man -holes, catch basins and other appurtenances <br />necessary to make a complete improvement; creating an b.ssessment District; <br />creating a Local Improvement District Tund therefor; provinding that the <br />payment for said improvement be made by special assessment on the property <br />in sacs, District under the mode of payment .by bonds.. <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE ..CITY COUNCIL 01' THE CITY Or EDMONDS: <br />1. That it is the intention of the City Council of the City of Edmonds, <br />State of Washin`ton, to improve the alley in Blocks 77 and 68, Plat of the <br />City of Edmonds, from a point twenty-seven (27) feet West of 11inth Street <br />to a point one hundred fifty (150) feet East of Uinth Street, in said city, <br />by the construction of a six inch lateral sanitary and storm sewer, to- <br />gether with the necessary drainage, man -holes, catch basins and other <br />appurtneance,s necessary to make a complete improvement. <br />2. That the cost and expense of all labor and material required to make <br />a complete improvement, the fixed estimate and all other expense of every <br />kind shall be made by special assessment; a Local Improvement District <br />shall be established embracing as near as may be all the property specially <br />benefited by such improvement,, and such specially benefited property shall <br />be assessed to pay for the entire cost of such improvement. <br />3. All persons who may desire to object to the improvement herein ment- <br />ioned are hereby notified to appear at the Council Chambers in the City <br />Hall, in the City of Edmonds, Washington, at a meeting of the said Council <br />on the 5th day of September, 1944, at the hour of eight o'clock 2. M. <br />of said day.then and present their objections thereto, if any <br />they have. <br />J <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />