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Assis ant City Clerk <br />A report from the City Primary election is as follows: First Ward, Mayor <br />P. A. Fourtner 146 votes, Holbrook 110, City Clerk Anita Gust 223, Council- <br />man at large, H. A. Chandler 202, Councilman tvio year term, Paul HcGibbon <br />222 votes, t1. P. McDonell 155 votes. Second Warddl'..A. toartner 127, <br />Holbrook 111, City Clerk Anita Gust., 205, Councilman at large, H. i�. <br />Chandler 101 Councilman folar year term Claude Savage 141, R. V. lMoOlenahan <br />93.; Third ward Idayor I'. A. W ourtner 116,, Holbrook 105, .City Cler k -.�nita <br />Gust 196, Councilman at Large, H. A. Chandler 16.3, Councilman four year <br />term Walter Hansen,15, Claude Savage, 10 votes. <br />There being, no further business the meeting adjourned <br />Assis •,ant City --Clerk <br />°ayor <br />November 21, 1944. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner-presiding. The <br />roll call showed the following Councilmen present,, Chandler, Roscoe, McGibbon, <br />Savage, $ansen and Clausen. <br />A,motion was made by Savage and seconded by Chandler that the bills which <br />were approved by the finance committee for labor on the street $64 and on <br />the water for 020, to Ray McKeever be allowed. Motion carried. <br />A,letter was read by the Clerk from Frances E. Anderson in regards to the <br />appointment of Mrs. A. M. Williams as librarian for the Edmonds City Library. <br />A -motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Roscoe that the Council approve <br />the appointment. Motion carried. <br />A report was read from the State Department of Health.on two water samples <br />which were approved for drinking water. <br />The Councilmen selected the following persons to serve on the election board <br />for the City General ftectian December 5th, first ward, Mrs. Little, Allen <br />and McGinness, Second Ward, Mrs. Boshart, Hicks and McClenahan, third ward, <br />Mrs. Telfer, Clausen and Hansen. <br />Miss Caspers and Mr....Gerdon came before the Council and asked' if something <br />could be done in regards. to the drainage on their property. Mr. Gerdon <br />stated that the pipe that Was put in by the W. 2. A. two years ago had been <br />broken, he suggested digging up of this pipe and new pipe re-laid. Mayor <br />Fourtner referred this matter to the street committee and the street Supt. <br />Mayor`Fourtner reported that the State Engineer had been out to look over <br />the two railroad crossings. He.stateWthe crossing at the Ferry Dock was <br />not very dangerous butthat the one on Dayton Street was.a dangerous cross- <br />ing.- He suggested'e of a flood light which would show until the trains <br />had passed. Councilman McGibbon reported that the Chamber of Commerce had <br />received a letter from the Railroad Co. that they were sending out repres- <br />entatives to look these crossings over'and they will meet with the Chamber <br />of Commerce and the City Council. <br />Q <br />Street Superintendent Doty reported that'he had installed the catch -basin ' <br />on third to take care'df the drainage on Mr. Stubb's property. <br />Chief of Police Hansen reported that he had complaints from Ingar xjosen <br />about the loading of passengers and driving the busses on the Riclifield•Oil <br />property <br />Chandler made.a motion that we contact the property owners at fifth and <br />Dayton streets in regards to the drainage. Councilman Clausen made a <br />substitute motion that the street superintendent get in touch with the <br />Asphalt Co.. in regards to the price for the filling in the low place at <br />fifth and Dayton streetq which will illiminate the curb and gutter. <br />Chandler withdrew his motion. Clausen motion was seconded byeRoseoe. <br />motion carried. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned <br />Ar _4� r"**47- <br />" <br />.. ymr <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />