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December 5, 1944 <br />The Council met in regular session with.Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll. <br />call showed the following councilmen present,,Chandler, Roscoe; McGibbon, <br />Jones, Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />A motion was made,by McGibbon and seconded <br />were approved by the finance committee be <br />proper funds. Carried. <br />A. C. McClurg & Co, books---------- <br />5.00 <br />Puget Sound 'News,. books------------ <br />14..95 <br />P. S. Puwer .4 Light,, lights-------- <br />2..37 <br />P. S. Power & Light,, park lights--- <br />1.41 <br />J. A. Astell,, special police------- <br />Ray Mcdeever, l'&bor---------------- <br />26.00 <br />4.00- <br />Edmonds School District, pipe------ <br />20.00 <br />Pacific Water Works,, supplies------- <br />49.45 <br />Midway Iron Works.,, blacksmith work- <br />5.92 <br />Pittsburgh Equit. Meter, supplies-- <br />=8.04 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies------------ <br />4.36 <br />P. S. Power & Light, power --------- 132.01 <br />Engels Ins, bond for police-------- <br />5.00 <br />Yost Auto, storage &, selrvice,------ <br />11:42 <br />Fire Department, three fires------- <br />90,00 <br />by Chandler that the billsthat <br />allowed and warrants drawn on the <br />Ray McKeever, labor------- 79.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies--- 9.68 <br />Yost Auto Co. repair grader. 2.32 <br />Hopper Chev. Go. gas------ 5.25 <br />Long Motor & welding, gas <br />and repair grader------- 26.75 <br />Puget Sound Power, lights-100.52 <br />Crow 'Hardware , •of f is e sup- 2.26 <br />S. J. Priebe, election---- 23.18 <br />Mrs. D. M. Parker, cleaning 5.-00 <br />A. B. Bently, repair furnace9.94 <br />George Jones,garbage------- 10.00 <br />Telephone Service, phone--- 1.55 <br />W. C. Hansen -mileage & dogs33.00 <br />A motion was Chandler and seconded by. McGibbon that the mayor and <br />Clerk be instructed to execute the contract of Federal Pipe & Tank Co. for <br />the building of a water tank and tower in South Edmonds. Motion .carried. <br />Resolution of Intention #112 was brought before the Couboil for a hearing. <br />It is their intention to improve the alley in Blocks 77 and 68, from a point <br />27 feet West of Ninth Street to. -a point 270 feet East of Kinth Street, by the <br />a construction of a ,six inch lateral sanitary and storm sewer. There, being <br />no (protests ,-s against the sewer a motion was. made by McGibbon and seconded <br />by Savage that the Attorney be instructed to prepare an Ordinance creating <br />an L. I. D. District to take care of the same.. Passed by a unaminous vote <br />of the Council. <br />Mr. Morris came before the Council and reported that the ,sidewalk had been <br />damaged on fifth..street from trucks driving over it. A motion was made by <br />Savage and seconded by Chandler that Mr. Morris be given permission to <br />replace the sidewalk according to,tablished grade. Carried. <br />A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Clausen that tied McDonald <br />be charged $25 for the damage -of sidewalk and culvert on South Fifth <br />Street, that was damaged by his tractor. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Clausen and seconded by Jones that the Clerk notify <br />0. C. Xelly_to use the alley instead of driving over the sidewalk on sixth <br />street. Motion carried. <br />The Clerk was instructed to write the Federal Works Agency for application <br />blanks to be.filled out for post-war work. <br />Water superintendent Doty reported that a house was being built 95i�fcet <br />from the water pump house. A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by <br />Roscoe that.the Clerk write to the State Health.Department about this condition. <br />Motion carried.. A motion was made by McGibbon that we get infrotation from <br />the Health department in regards to building near our water districts so this <br />will not happen again. <br />-Councilman McGibb.on,.re.ported xthat the. Richfie.,ld :S:ervi.ce -S,tation -wE s dgmp- <br />ing their drainage oil in -the alley. A motion was made by Clausen.and <br />seconded by Roscoe that the Clerk notify Richfield Service that he must <br />clean up•the mess. Motion carried <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />Assis ant City Clerk Mayor <br />December 19, 1944 <br />The Council met in regular -session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler, Roscoe, Savage and <br />Hansen. <br />Mayor Fourtner appointed Councilman Chandler on the finance committee to take <br />the place of Councilman Clausen who was absent for the evening. A motion was <br />made by Savage and seconded by' Rosepe--,hat the following bills which were <br />approved by the finance committee be'allowed. Motion carried. <br />