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Chief :of Police Hawkings also reported.tha,t he had complaints about keeping <br />dogs in the %ity garage., ,arid he sug`-ested -building a place for Them at the <br />City Park, where people would not be disturbed by them. motion was made <br />by n-ansen ana seconded by ric.lionell That the chief or Police u.e authorized <br />To purchase en.ough wire for aog kennels at The %.;iTy Park. mlotion carried. <br />Councilman i:lausen reported that 'Une railroad signals viouid be obstrucT,ed <br />by the parking of cars and by brush, at the foot of Dayton street. It was <br />suggested that this be made a no parking zone and the street Supt. assured <br />him that the brush would be cleared off. He also asked about the sign for <br />Main street, it was decided that it should be placed in. -the center of the <br />street. <br />Mayor !.,'our-tner suggested that the street committee mane a survey .of the <br />City in regards to the cess pools, that these should be replaced- vr,ith e <br />septic: tanks or to connect to the sewer if -they are within distance of a . <br />sewer. > <br />k motion twos. -made by McGibbon that we make no more extentions of the water <br />line outside the City limits. <br />Police, Chief reported to the council that the truck was beyond repair. A. <br />motion, was made by Chandler that the street, Sup-t, sell the truck for %Tihe.t <br />amount. he could. get for it.. Savaage seconded the motion. A roll call Vote <br />showed Chandler yes, Mc-Dorell .yes, McGibbon yes,. Savage yes, Jones no, <br />Hansen yes and,e•n no. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />May 1, 1945 <br />The Council.met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler, McDonell, McGibbon, <br />Savage, Jones, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The Treasurer's and water Colleetor's ere read to the Council. A emotion was <br />made by Savage and seconded by McDonell that the following bills which were <br />approved by the finance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the <br />proper funds., Motion carried. <br />Edmonds Lumber Co, supplies park----- 5.77 Ray Hc.3eever, labor-------- 24.00 <br />R. E. Garlets, labor at_park--------- 40.00 Tribune Reveiw, Pub. ord--- 6.60 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies-------------- 1.70 Edmonds Lumber Co, supplies 7.20 <br />P. S. Power & Light -lights ---------- 4.04 Ml rckmann & l'lilliams, " 25.45 <br />A. C. McClurg Co.. books library------63.64 Crow Hardware, pipe & " 83.20 <br />Gerturde ffillisms, expense to meeting 2.00 P. S. Power a Light, power 158.62 <br />P. S. Power & Light, lights---------- 3.80 Pitt. Equit. Meter, repair 3.71 <br />Ray Mc:Ieexer, labor on street -------- 69.20Telephone Service, phone---- 1.70 <br />Hopper Chevrolet, gas ---------------- 23.10 Waters, supplies----------- .78 <br />Caspers Corners,, gas ----------------- 14.05 State Bank, safety deposit-- 3.60 <br />H. E. McMahill,repair truck ---------- 10.82 Mrs. D. -'d1. Parker, cleaning 5.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies--------- -19.67 R. H. Doty, sewer Inspection 2.00 <br />Leyda Electric &11adio, lights------- 1.00 George Jones, garbage ------- 10.00 <br />P. S. Power & Light, st. lights ----- 100.94 Crow Hardware, supplies----- 5.65 <br />Cleve Little, special police-------- 4.00 Tribune review, traffic tickets <br />Yost luto Co. storage--------------- 15.19 11.33 <br />C. Ind. Larsen, police spec.---4.00 <br />A number of property owners who live on Virst 1-venue North came before the <br />Council in regards to getting black -top on their street from Main street to <br />the North City limits. on Third Ave. After some discussion from several <br />of the property owners a motion wa, made by Chandler and seconded by <br />Savage that this be referred to the City Engineer for an estimate of the <br />work to be done. fdotion carried. <br />School Supt. Mr. Hill also reported they were doing some .work at the High <br />School, that there would be a strip that would need black -top. A motion <br />eras made by Chandler and seconded by McDonell that the engineer make a <br />survey of this work. It was also brought up at this time about the Seal <br />coat that is needed on the other streets in the City. Councilman Clausen <br />suggested the engineer make a report in regard to this.' <br />