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August 71 1945 <br />The Council met in regular session with <br />Mayor iourtner presiding. The roll <br />call shooed the following councilmen present Chandler, LcGibbon, Jones, <br />Savage, Clausen and Hansen. <br />The Treasurers and water collectors reports were read.A motion was made <br />bills approv- <br />by McGibbon and seconded by Hansen that <br />the following which were <br />ed by the finance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper <br />funds. Carried. <br />Joan Astell, labor, library------- 5.50 <br />Ray Lwaeever, labor --------- 65.00. <br />Gertrude Williams., substitute----- 1.50 <br />Marckmann & Williams, pipe-890.90 <br />A. C. McClurg, books --------- =----21.14 <br />Midway Iron ;forks, blacksmith--- <br />P• S. Power & Light ----- ------ 7--- 1.00 <br />4.89 <br />Ed. Woodfidld, labor a: t park-----16.00 <br />Reliable Hardware, supplies-15.92 <br />Clyde Bartlett, labor at park ----- 15.00 <br />Pacific Plater Works Supply--17.65 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies----------- .95.P. <br />S. Power-x Light,power--185.65 <br />P. S. Power & Light--------------- 1.00 <br />Telephone Service, phone--- 2.60 <br />Ray Mcseever, labor on street ----- 29.20 <br />Trick & Murray, supplies---- 3.75 <br />Edmonds Lumber Co, gas for July --- 15.75 <br />Mrs. A. Parker, cleaning---- 5.00 <br />Hopper Chevrolet, gas for June----22.61 <br />George Jones, Garbage ,------10.00 <br />Yost Auto Co. supplies------------ .41 <br />Ray H. Doty, inspections---- 6.00 <br />Chas. R. Watts, stop signs -------- 14.21 <br />fire Dep rtment, one fire --- 30.00 <br />Qow Hardware, supplies----------- 1.03 <br />Yost Auto Co. 2 mos,.storagel9.10 <br />Reliable Hardware, supplies------- 4.33 <br />P. S. Power & Light ,-------------100.40 <br />A,motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Clausen that the Clerk pay <br />the taxes amounting to $207.78 for lots <br />24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 in Block 123. <br />Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Savage and seconded by Hansen that the Chief of Police <br />be given the authority to purchase a sap, hand cuffs, gun and shell for the <br />police department. Motion carried. <br />1%jr..�oddard, a forman for the Railroad companyasked for permission to <br />closed the Bell street crossing at the foot of Bell Street. a motion was <br />made by Savage and seconded. by Hansen that the Council was in favor of <br />the proposition. Motion carried. <br />A' petition was read to the Council for treater with thirteen signers. The <br />line -to run from Lur_ds corner South to the City limits of Iiinth street. <br />Councilman Clausen stated that this petition should be given favorable <br />consideration. It was suggested cutting the pressure of north Edmonds. <br />A motion was made by Savage and seconded by McGibbon that the water Supt. <br />purchase a gauge and take the pressure of the water along the line, and <br />report at the next meeting of the Council, lotion carried. <br />The question was brought up as to how the hater department would be able <br />to finance a new water line in North Edmonds, which is in very bad condition. <br />kttorney Anderson advised borroinring from the Current Expense 2und. A <br />motion was made by Savage and seconded by Hansen that the Engineer give the <br />Council an estimate of the cost for a pipe line for North Edmonds, Clausen <br />made an amendment to the motion including the line from Lunds corner South to <br />the City limits on ninth street. :lotion carried. <br />Mr. Perrine .and.Usher.,..-representing-_the.otmerican Legion, came before the <br />Council and asked for permission to place a.Service Plag on the City property <br />near the Library building. 4 motion was made by Chandler and seconded by <br />Savage that they be given permission to place this Service flag on the City <br />property. Motion carried: <br />Steve Naughten asked if anything had been done in regards to the bathing <br />beach. Because of the break in the sewer,line.extending into the sound <br />this was referred to the Street and Sewer Committee. <br />James Astell reported that he had considerable.sand in the water.uwAlter <br />some discussion the Council decided that the two wells at Uinth and Main <br />street should be connected to the tank instead of pumping the water into the <br />mains. A motion was made by McGibbon and seconded by Savage that we call <br />for bids for 4 inch cast iron pipe after the engineer has made an estimate <br />Motion carried. <br />George Hicks reported that the County is going to surface oil Ninth Street <br />from the Snohomish -king County the City limits. He suggested having <br />themeomplete the oiling to Main street, and the.City pay their cost inside <br />the city limits. A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Clausen' ' <br />that, the City pay our portion for this rogd improvement, providingvthe.. <br />C,ountywextend_ this' improvement to t7iOSnohom "sW County -line O Motion -carried. <br />