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Materials -------------- --------------$12000. 00 <br />Redemption of Bonds and Interest-- -- 14500:00 <br />Ind. Insuranoe & Medical Aid--------- .100.00- <br />Total Expenditures--------------- ----------M, 500.00 <br />REVENUES <br />Hydrant Rental from Current Expense ------ $2400.00 <br />Water Revenues, estimated ------------ ---- 20000.00 <br />Cash in -Bond Redemption Fund----------- 12000.00 <br />Cash in Operating Fund---------------- 3000.00 <br />Total Receipts -------------------------------- $379400.00 <br />Adopted by the Mayor and Council and filed September 7th 1945. <br />In witness where of, I have set my hand and seal of the City of <br />Edmonds this 7th day of,September 1945. - <br />Published September 11, 1945, Anita Gust <br />City Ulerk <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />Zz" �Z, <br />ZI-f <br />y Clerk$o� —� <br />September 18, 1945 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding, 'the roll <br />call showed the following councilmen,present Chandler, McGibbon, McDonell_,, <br />Hansen and Clausen. <br />The bills for labor which were approved by the finance committee were allowed. <br />Geroge Turfel, $16, Ray McZeever 43 and $45• This motion was. made by Chandler <br />and seconded by Clausen. Motion carried. <br />A;motion was made by Chandler and Clausen that the disabled <br />American Veterans be given permission to sell the City,of Edmonds <br />from Sept.,24 to the 29. Motion carried. <br />Mr. Stewart representing the Polson Implement Co. came before the Council <br />He stated the Deming Pump was in Seattle and they.would be very glad to <br />deliver it at the price quoted in the bid. After some discussion a motion <br />was made by Chandler and seconded by.Clausen that the City buy the Deming <br />pump. A roll call vote showed Chandler yes, McGibbon yes, McDonell yes, <br />Hansen yes, and Clausen yes. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />yClerk mayor. <br />October 1, 1945 <br />The Council met in special session with Mayor Fourtenr presiding to pass <br />the budget. The councilmen present were.Chandler., McGibbon, Savage, Hansen, <br />and Clausen. <br />Ordinance Vol 552 <br />AN ORDINANCE -adopting and levying the general taxes.for the City of Edmonds, <br />Washington, for the fiscal year.commencing January let, 1946, on all property, <br />b.oth real and personal, in -said City, subject to taxation for the purpose of <br />raising sufficient revenue,to.earry on the several departments of said City <br />for the ensuing year as required by law; appropriating the same to the several <br />funds for said fiscal year, and providing for the collection thereof. <br />WHEREAS the City Council of the City of Edmonds, State of Washington, having <br />heard all persons aoking to be heard for and.against the preliminary budget, <br />heretofore adopte& for the ensuing year, due notice having been given as <br />required by law and now this let day of October 1945., final budget having been <br />adopted and the Council having determined the amount necessary to be paid <br />on the current assessment roll as general taxes for the ensuing year and app- <br />ropriating the same as in this Ordinance described therefore. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDMONDS DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That,ther be and there is hereby levied on.all real and personal - <br />property of the City of Edmonds,- subject to taxation therein, a general tag <br />for municipal purposes for the ensuing year commencing January let, 1946, the <br />sum of $9505.00 <br />