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Mayor Foul rtner�,appoin.ted.:C,ouncilman ,Sief`er.t.� .to, filT•..the..vadahoy. one the,4st'er', <br />committe`e,..... bhandler,,:.seo;onde:d`,Itiie °.appointment. <br />Th''®re.' being no further busiiiess the meeting adjourned. <br />o- <br />-Mayor E <br />January 2, 1946 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present chandler, :McGibbon, Savage, <br />Siefert; hnd^Hans.eii. <br />A motion was made by Siefert and seconded by Savage that.the following bills <br />which approved by the finance committee 'be allow4e1and warrants be drawn on <br />the proper funds. Motion carried. <br />Pao if is -.-Is land Guide, books ,-- - 4...00-. day � M( Keever., labor ----- -=;--40. 00 <br />Beckley Cardp `Co,, books,--- -=- ` == 47.22 �l ash..Asphalt., 2 . tons m $-==-11.33 <br />Puget Sound News,. bo6ke' - 3.B7 Be Power & Li,94t, street lite98,.01 <br />Sater• & Ridenour.,, oil for furna'ce-=-'29.35 Tribune Betrieva', printing-53 <br />P. Be � Po' ev • & Li�i4t Co. lights---- 5,54itrl-Mane Review, supplies-�-- -29.87 <br />P. S. -Power,ts 2�.96• Mrs. A. Parker.; - aleenng--- -= 6.00 <br />Ray McKeever:, labor on water "=. - -- 32.00- P. S. P' &, light Co. lights=-11.43 <br />R. M. wade & Co.. new! pump---;---r,=''=- .69.58 Be V. Flick, ' mile8Lge---:,r--r-r-14.70 <br />Westinghouse Eleotric,repair motor 6.1.49 V. E. Holmquist, mileage==---10.17 <br />Pittsbuirgh Equit. Meter, repairs- 4Q2•:Happer Chev. Co. install <br />i <br />Star Mabhinery.,, repair pump- "' 3.65..sirene on policeman car ---10.41 <br />Crow Hardwar.e., supplies-,=:;-r- - 3'.98 Sub.. Ambulance Service---.:,----10,.,J0� <br />P. Be Poorer. & ,.Zight,topower , for � ; :.Cr.ow Har_-dware, poliae.r.suppliesl.8b <br />PUMPS r--- ti.„- -- --- 170.25 Ray H.-Doty, stamps,- -�L- 1.Q0 <br />George Jones covering garbage -- 10.00 Ray H. Doty., sewer inspections <br />Fire Department, fire, <br />A'motion•,was made by Siefert and.•se.conded by Chandler .that the.,po.lice,roe <br />be Iat..d,};the . salarios they :are :now reoeivin ,. the Ch .ef 2,25,, and the foolice <br />$200,0000 A roll,oall vote showed Chandler yes,, Savage yes, Siefp.rt yes,. <br />and Hansen yes. <br />i•� <br />A motion_ was . made, .by Chandler, and. s.e.conde.d., by. Sefert, that. ,the Clerk call <br />for bids; for the drilling, of .&wn,ew, swell- with a. 12, inch casing, , �or. _ an alter.7.. <br />nate bids.for the dfrt,11ing of .two, wells: A roll call.. vote; showed 0 _nd�;;er <br />yes, McGibbon yes; SaVage.yes,,.S .efert. yes end Hansen yes., <br />A' motion was' made by Chandler -and seconded by Siefert that the clerk call <br />for bids tfor two` 1001•gal. turbine. ,pumps. . Motion-- carried. <br />A motion was .made by Chandler and seconded by Siefert -that the, :itr.eet Sup 1. <br />purchase one Cleethe Army Surplus pick-up trucks.. Motion'earried. <br />j A motion was made by Siefert and seconded by 125.,.Motion Savae that.the city purchase <br />the desk and chair forthe police department for. carried. <br />A motion was made by Savage and, seconded by McGibbon that Ed Woodfield be <br />notified to vacate the park property by January 31, 1946. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made- by. Siefert and seconded by .Savage .:that, the park board <br />be,11struoted to tender a report of current park needs and conditions, <br />including the improvement of the house, in order to make it suitable for <br />rental, also to,improve the park in general. Motion carried. <br />i <br />A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Savage that the City buy <br />the sewer fronds out of the Water Revenue Bond Redemption Fund. Motion <br />carried. <br />i <br />There being no further business the meet•ing_adjourned. <br />t <br />.yor <br />0 <br />