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1 <br />1 <br />Four bids were received for pumps: One from the.Cascade Machinery Co., for <br />two Pomona PumIA amount of bids is$1640, the bid from A. E. Elfstrom for <br />$1814.52 for two Worthington Pumps, bid from ti. M. made & Co., $1296, for <br />two Peerless pumps and the bid from Polson Implement Co. for $1341.70 for <br />two Deming pumps. A motion was made by Siefert and seconded by Savage that <br />we accept the bid for the Pomona pumps from the Cascade Machinery Co. After <br />some discussion Siefert withdrew his motion and Savage withdrew his second. <br />McGibbon made a motion that we accept the bidsof the Polson Implement Co. <br />After further discussion Siefert again made a motion that we accept the bid <br />for the Pomona Pumps, with a second.eto the motion by Savage. A roll call vote <br />showed Chandler no, McGibbon yes, McDonell yes, Savage yes, Siefert yes and <br />Hansen yes and Clausen yes. <br />Mrs. Clara Strance, chairman of the �ibrary Board introduced Miss Reynolds <br />who spoke to the Council in regards to the signing of a contract with the <br />Rural County Library District which states that the City agrees to pay the <br />sum of money equal to the mileage levied for rural county library purposes, <br />multiplied by the assessed valuation cif property within the limits of the <br />city, The City is to provide suitable quarters for the library, heat, light <br />and janitor serviee without cost to.the Board. Upon recommendation of the <br />Library Board a motion was made by McGibbon and seconded by Chandler that <br />the Council take the necessary steps to sign the contract with the County <br />Library. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Mooibbon that a fire hydrant <br />be installed at tenth and Maple'street. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Fourtner introduced Mr. Wolfe from Seattle.nHe is to do the engineer- <br />ing work for the City. <br />Councilman Hansen repprted that the County owned the property which would <br />be sixth street south of Vialnut street if it were extended. A motion was <br />made by Siefert and seconded by Hansen that the Attorney look into this <br />and have the property required for a street. Motion carried. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />W46�i _►�- <br />Mayor <br />March 5, 1946 <br />The Council met in regular session with mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present McGibbon, Siefert,:Savage, <br />Hansen and Clausen. <br />The Water Collectors and Treasurers reports were read. A motion was made <br />by McGibbon and seconded by Savage that the following bills which were <br />approved by the finance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the <br />proper funds. Motion carried. <br />Tribune Review, -printing bonds ---- <br />Crow Hardware, supplies----------- <br />EdmondsLumber, supplies park----- <br />•P. ','. Power & Light, lights ------ <br />P. S. Power & Light library lights <br />Sater & Ridenour, oil for furnace -- <br />Puget Sound News, book ------------ <br />Ernest Rundle, labor on water----- <br />PolsonImp. Co. new pump---------- <br />MidwayIron Works, blacksmith----- <br />R. M. Wade & Co. new bowl assembly <br />for pump ---------------------- <br />Auto Freight, freight----- <br />R. H. Doty, disenfeetent for pipe - <br />Crow Hardware, supplies ----------- <br />P. S. P. & Light power for pumps -- <br />Daily Journal of Commerce call for <br />bids for pipe and pumps------ <br />GeorgeJones, covering garbage ---- <br />Yost Auto Co. 2 mos storage------- <br />FireDept. one fire call---------- <br />28.84 Crow Hardware, supplies--- <br />1.42 Hopper Chev. Co. repairs-- <br />10.82 Wash. Asphalt, 1 ton mix-- <br />2.04Engel Ins. Agency,title <br />10.18. insurance <br />33.48 Edmonds, Lumber, gas & <br />1.55 supplies -------------- <br />96.00 1eyda Electric, lamps------ <br />695.71 •P. S. P. & Light, lights-- <br />18.69 Ernest Rundle, labor------ <br />0. N. Sorensen, postage--- <br />247.69 Add:r`ess. Sales, supplies-- <br />1.60 Telephone Service, phone-- <br />1.27 P. 5. P. & Light, Lights— <br />2.23 Reliable Hardware, repair- <br />136.40 oil burner ---------- ----- <br />Mrs. A. Parker, cleaning-- <br />8.75 Crow Hardware, police supp- <br />10.00 lies ----------------- <br />19*10 E. V. Flick, mileage------ <br />30.00 V. E. Holmquist, mileage-- <br />3.81 <br />48.70 <br />11.33 <br />3.00 <br />51.83 <br />1.00 <br />100.64 <br />6.40 <br />4.00 <br />7.70 <br />6.40 <br />8.06 <br />14.38 <br />5.00 <br />8.98= <br />4.90 <br />17.47 <br />Three bids were received for the six inch cast Iron.pipe, one from Hugh <br />G. Purcell Co., for Bell & Spigot pipe at a price of #1.21 per foot. the <br />bid from H. D. Fowler Co., for Century Asbestos Cement pipe for 90� per <br />foot. and the bid from Marekmann & Williams for Universal Joint cast Iron <br />Pipe at $1440 per fgot which includes galvanized bolts, nuts and washers. <br />A- motion was made by Savage and seconded by Clausen that we accept the bid <br />of Marckmann & williams for the Universal Cast Iron pipe . A roll call <br />vote showed McGibbon yes, Siefert yes, Savage yes, Hansen yes and Clausen <br />yes. <br />