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ORDINANCE NO ''0$5. <br />An Ordinance providing for the enrollment of the Volunteer Firemen of the <br />City of Edmonds under the relief and compensation provisions of the Vol- <br />unteer Firemen's Relief 111nd Act of the State of Washington providing that <br />any of said Firemen may enroll under the pension provisions of said Act <br />and providing for the collection and payment of Volunteer Firemen's Relief <br />Fund fees. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY aF EDMONDS: <br />Section 1: The Volunteer Fire Department of the City of.Edmonds shall <br />not exceed twenty-five (25) Firemen for,each one thousand population, or <br />fraction thereof, and in no event shall said Fire Department comprise less <br />than fifteen (15) Firemen's. <br />Section 2: All of the members of the Volunteer Fire Department of the <br />City of Edmonds are hereby enrolled under the relief and compensation pro- <br />visions of the Volunteer Firemen's Relief Fund Act of the State of Washing- <br />ton set forth in Sections 9578-15 to 9578-39 Remington's Revised Statutes <br />of Washington for the purpose of providing protection for said Frremen <br />and their families from death or disability arising in the performance of <br />their duties as Firemen. <br />Section 3: Any member of the Volunteer Fire Department of the City <br />of Edmonds may enroll under the Pension provisions of siad Volunteer mire- <br />mend,s Relief Fund Act for the purpose of enabling any such Fireman so elec- <br />ting to avail himself of the retirement provisions of said Act. <br />Section 4: An annual fee of Three Dollars ($3.00) for each member of <br />said Fire Department shall be paid by the City of Edmonds for the purpose <br />of affording the members of said Fire Department with protection from <br />death or disability as in said Act provided. <br />Seetion'5: An annual fee of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) shall be <br />collected and paid'for each Fireman electing to enroll under the pension <br />or retirement provisions of said Act, Thirteen Dollars ($13.00) of which <br />shall be paid by the City of Edmonds, and Twelve Dollars ($12.00) of <br />which shall be paid by the Fireman so enrolling. <br />This Ordinance shall take effect and :be ,in full force and effect <br />from and after its passage and publication as provided by law. <br />I A. Fourtner <br />. May or <br />Attest: Anita Gust <br />City C lrrk <br />Passed: April 2, 1946 <br />Published : April 10, 1946 <br />A motion was made by McGibbon and s.ecorrl ed by Chandler that Ordinance No. <br />555 be adopted. ' <br />`!'here being no further business the meeting adjourned <br />City Qlerk Mayor <br />April 16, 1946 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor FoUrtner presiding. The rmll <br />call showed the following councilmen present, Chandler, McGibbon, Siefert, <br />Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />Seven bids were received for lots 13 and 14 Block 2 of the Gephart Addition. <br />The bid from Frank B. Taskett for $660 per lot, J. W. Crow bid $1000, for 2 lots <br />Mrs. D. A. McFarland bid $1280, Victor R. Long bid 1725 A. B. Miller bid <br />1550, J. M. Gootee bid $675,+and Mrs. C. ii.,Brower bid b1201. A*motion was <br />made by McGibbon and seconded by Siefert that lots 13 and 14 in Block 2 of the <br />Gephart Addition be sold to Victor R. Long. A'rollcall vote showed Chandler. <br />yes, McGibbon yes, Siefert yes, Savage yes, Hansen yes and Clausen yes. <br />A letter was read to the City Council with thirty signatures of the business <br />men who oppose the installing of parking meters. A motion was made by <br />Chandler to reoind the previous motion for the installing of park' m to s., , <br />No second to the motion. A motion was made by McGibbon to id'�'We <br />ion of last -meeting and holdup the proceedings for amonth. Chandler sec. <br />the mmtUn. A.roll call vote showed Chandler yes, McGibbon yes, Siefert_no. <br />Savage yes, Hansen yes and Clausen yes. <br />1 <br />I- <br />I <br />