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1 . <br />Mr. Pike reported to. the .council that the. hedge in back. of the Methodist <br />Church had. groom out into, the ,allgy, making it imp.osaible for cars to get <br />through._ . This was referred, to the. street. committee to investigate and report <br />at the next council meeting. <br />The Clerk. read the. comments of the State examiners report to the Council. <br />i Al motion,.wa:.. made by. McGibbon and seconded by Waggoner that the finance <br />committee look over this report and make to the council on it.. <br />Motion carried. <br />There being no further business,, the meeti-noadjoarned. <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />January 7, 1947 <br />The Council met in.regular.session with. Mayor.;.Iourtner.presiding. The'roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler, McGibbon, Waggoner, <br />Siefert., MoGinness_and Clausen: The water Collectors and treasurers report$ <br />were read.. A -motion was madeby and seconded by Waggoner that the <br />bills which were approved by the finance committee be allowecl and warrants <br />be drawn on the proper funds-. Motion carried. <br />C t <br />A letter was read from the Yost Auto Co., in which they state that they <br />will pay. for the engineering cost and any other costs for: the vacating of <br />a portion: of the alley- Ap Block , .121,. <br />A letter was. dread from Mrs.. Paul .Kalushe about the Osanitary_ .condition of <br />the rats at the city dump.. A motion .was. Waggoner.that the Street <br />Supt. be given authority to check the ,garbage dump, and see ,that the. dump <br />is covered. <br />Ordinance go.:564. <br />i <br />An Ordinance uacating the ,West lane hundred twenty. (.120)• feet of the alley <br />in Block 121., Plat of . the .City of Edmonds., Snohomish County, Washington. <br />WHEREAS, the owners of more than two-thirds of the private property -abutt- <br />ing .upon that protift- 'of the alley, hereinafter described, in the C .ty of <br />Edmonds,. duly filed their Petition with the Oty Council of the City, of <br />Edmonds., praying for the vacation of said alley; and <br />WHERSAS,, the City Council.of the said City Aid by,Resolution duly adopted <br />fix the 5th,day of November,. 1946 at the hour of.eight o'olook P. M• of <br />said day -for the hearing and determination of a&id Petition; and <br />WHEREAS,, � .due and legal notice of the time and place of hearing and deter- <br />mination on said petition has been duly,giben by the City.Clerk as required <br />by law. and <br />WSERW, it appearing to.the City Council that tha said Petition should be <br />granted and the said hereby dotermine to vacate said portion <br />of such alley; now, therefore, <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDMONDS DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1: That the West, one hundred, twenty (120) feet of the: alley in <br />Block 121, -Plat of the City -of . Edmonds.,. Edmonds•, Snohomish .County, Washington, <br />be and the same is hereby vacated as a public alley.. <br />Passed .by. ,the City - cCounoll of the City .of. Edmonds this 7 day of January <br />1947. <br />Attest: Anita Gust., City Clerk F. A. Fouutmer, Mayor. <br />t Publishad, .January fi, 1947 <br />Amotion was made by Chandler and seconded by .MoGibbon that .Ordinance l�o.:+ 564 <br />be adopted. Motiin.carried. <br />Mayor Fouxtner expressed a vote of thanks,. to Councilman Chandler. for his <br />faithful service. as councilman for the. City of Edmonds. <br />Mr. Tuoker snd Maxwell took their p44o,,ea for councilman of the first and <br />third wards. Mayor Fourtner.appointed. Mr_ Clausen for. Councilman for the <br />third ward for ,a .two year term... A, motion was .ma-0 by,. _Siefort..and seconded <br />by MaGinness that the Council approve the appointment. Motion o,arrie&.- <br />r <br />