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A motion Tucker and seconded by Waggoner that the Ferry Lease <br />be laid over until the next meeting:of the Council. <br />Councilman MoGinness suggested that the City take over the gaibagk and make <br />the oolleetions: A motion was made by Waggoner and seconded by McGibbon, <br />that the' iaayor' appoint a committee, to' invest�iggte the garbage situation. <br />Motion carried.; Mayor-'Fourtner appointed MaKeever, Waggoner and Holmquist <br />on this committee. <br />Councilman McGianess reported on.improveme.nts for the year,whieh include the <br />proposed sewers and grading and surfacing of some streets. <br />Councilman McGibbon reported for the water committee, he suggested nititg <br />the fee for water connections to $40 inside the city and $100 for connect- <br />ions outside the City. He recomimeidded that this be laid over until the next <br />meeting. <br />Councilman Waggoner reported that a program had been made for the improve- <br />ment of the Cit�r ark, and asked to have two more lights installed at the <br />park, which coal l per light. <br />A motion was made by McGibbon and seconded by Tucker that the finance eom- <br />mittee turn in a report on the possibility of investing money in bonds. <br />Motion, carried. <br />A motion was made by Siefert and seconded By Maxwell that the clerk write <br />to the Puget Sound Power & Light for two lights at the City park also to <br />get a report on the ten lights which were ordered sometime ago. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />City 016rk Mayor <br />February 4, 1947 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner, presiding. The .roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present McGibbon, Waggoner, Tucker, <br />MoGinness, Siefert, Clausen and Maxwell'. <br />The Water collectors and treasurers reports were read. A motion was made by <br />McGibbona-nd seconded by Waggoner that the bills which were -approved by the <br />fil4anoe committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper funds. <br />Motion carried. <br />A�letter was read from Mrs. McReynolds, Sec. of Grade School P. T. A. asking <br />about what is being done for a bathing beach. A motion was made by Waggoner <br />and seconded by McGibbon that the Clerk answer this letter, telling them <br />of the extending the outfall of the sewer, the cost of this project is to <br />be met with the matching money from the state and an emergency ordinance for <br />the balance of the cost. Motion carried. <br />The assessment roll for L. I. D. 58 came up for hearing. Because lots 1 & 2 <br />in Block 120 were assessed before for the paving it was asked that they be <br />taken from this assessment roll. A -motion was made by McGibbon and seconded <br />be MoGinness that the City pay $46.20 from the street fund to take care of <br />this- assessment. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Tudker and seconded by Waggoner that the taxes for lots <br />28 and 29 in Block D-be paid from L. I.D. #43. Motion carried. After some <br />'discussion Councilman Tucker redind his motion. <br />A motion was made by MoGinness and seconded by Maxwell that the finance com- <br />mittee and attorney look into -and report on L. I. D.•43. <br />A, motion was, made by MoGib,bon! and seconded by Maxwell that lots 1 and'2 in <br />Blook;120 be stricken from the assessment roll.. Motion oarried. <br />Ordinance No.-f)65. <br />An Ordinance approving and confirming the assessment and assessment roll of <br />Local Improvement District No. 58•for the impro'vement,of Main Street in the <br />City of Edmonds,'from Fifth Street to Sixth Street by paving the center <br />strip°of said street with hot plant -mixed aspUltie oonoiete,and such <br />other work as may be necessary to make a complete improvement all in s000rd- <br />anoe with Resolution of Intention No. 115 of the City of Edmonds, levying an <br />assessment on account thereof against the several lots, tracts and parcels <br />of land as shown on said roll,:providing for the issuance of Bonds there- <br />for and fixing the date of the issuance thereof. <br />The City of Edmonds does ordain: <br />1 <br />1 <br />ff <br />1 <br />1 <br />