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A motion was made by Councilman McGibbon and seconded by Councilman McGinness <br />that we purchase the 40 feet strip of property at the foot of Bell Street <br />from Mr. Brown for $800. A roll call vote showed all councilmen in favor <br />exdept councilman Siefert who was against this. <br />A motion was made by Councilman McGinness and secorued by cour.cilmar i..lausen <br />that this be paid from the Street fund under new construction. Motion carried <br />with Councilman siefert voting no. <br />A motion was made by -Councilman mcGinness and seconded by councilman Maxwell <br />that the Engineer call for bids on the Sixth Avenue North sewer, to be opened <br />September 30, at a special meeting. Motion carried. <br />The Street Supt. reported to the council about the garbage that was being <br />scattered on the streets from the garbage trucks. A motion was made by Coun- <br />cilman McGibbon and seconded by,councilman McGinness that the Clerk notify <br />the Attorney to draw up an Ordinance requesting vehicles to be covered in the.. <br />city limits of Edmonds. Motion carried. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />ity Jerk Mayor <br />September 30, 1947 <br />The Council met for a special session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. Theroll <br />call showed Councilmen McGibbon, McGinness, Siefert and Maxwell present. <br />This meeting was called for the opening of bids on the sewer. Three bids were <br />received, one from the Valley, for 7410.00, one from.Howla <br />E. Olds Co., for $6632.00, and one from Seareella Bros., far $5172.00. A <br />motion was amde by Councilman McGinness and seconded by Councilman Siefert <br />that the bid from Seareella Bros. be accepted, he agrees to start the work <br />within ten days and to complete it within 25 days. A vote of the council show- <br />ed all councilmen present in faver of this. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />V ' <br />City Ulerk <br />I k_ Z-1 <br />Mayor <br />October 6, 1947 <br />The Council met for a speoial zession with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present McGibbon, Waggoner, McGinness, <br />Siefert, Clausen and Maxwell. This meeting was call for the fixing of the <br />final budget for 1948. Several hours was spent in cutting the different de- <br />partments to meet the fifteen mills which is allowed to be spent for the <br />year. After its completion a motion was made by Councilman McGinness and <br />seconded by Councilman McGibbon that the budget Ordinance No. 575 be adopt- <br />ed and published. Motion carried. <br />October 7, 1947 <br />The Council met for a regular session wftb'riMayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed all councilmen present.. The water collectors and' treasurers reports <br />were read. A motion was made by councilman Tucker and seconded by councilman <br />Siefert that the bills- which were approved by the finance committee be allow- <br />ed and warrants be drawn on the proper funds, also the bi or the Lambert <br />Const. Co.,contractor for the Dayton Street serer outfalpw partial paymen.t <br />due the contractor, be paid as such. Motion carried. <br />A,letter was read from Dr. Kenny in which he states a septic tank had be.dn <br />installed at the Sail Inn tavern but not at the Kmnsey_Hotel or Crescent Laun- <br />dry, he also states that the Madison property at tenth and Maple street <br />was not connected to the sewer. L. motion was made by Councilman McGinness. <br />and seconded by Councilma 0�jeter that the Attorney write a letter to :fir. <br />Madison given him two wee sNa comply with the city ordinance for connecting <br />to the sewer. A roll call vote showed "JpGibbon yes, Waggoner yes, Tucker <br />yes, McGinness yes, Siefert yes, Clause sand Maxwell no. <br />A motion was made by counoilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Waggoner <br />that a letter be written Dr. penny asking for a report from a test of the <br />sewerage from the Laundry and'to inspect the territory at the North City <br />limits between First and Third avenue. Motion carried. <br />A letter was read from the Diesel Oil Sales asking for permission to put a <br />flood light across Fifth Ave., south to their property. A motion was made <br />by Councilman Siefert that this be turned over to the street committee for <br />investigation.. Councilman Waggoner seconded this motion. Motion carried. <br />1 <br />1 <br />I. <br />