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A'motion was made by oounoilman.Tiloker to table the testing station. <br />A)motion was councilman McGibbon and seconded by councilman Mo-. <br />Ginness that the testing strip location on Park Property be decided by the <br />chairman of the Safety. oommittee, Park � oommittee and the .Chief • of Police. <br />►,roll call vote showed McGibbon yes, Tucker yes, Waggoner no, Siefert yes, <br />MoGinness yes, Clausen no and Maxwell yes. <br />The'me.eting adjourned until Wednesday night at 7 o'clock. <br />September 8, 1948 <br />The Council met for the adjourned meeting for the making of the budget. The <br />roll call showed all councilmen present. The Counoll.prooeeded with the <br />making up of the budget for 1949. <br />Aimotion was made by councilman McGibbon and seconded by councilman MoGinness <br />that in preparing the preliminary budget the heads of the departments salar- <br />ies be budgeted for $3300 and the assistants of the water and street depart- <br />ments and night police budget for $2970. A'roll call vote showed a unaminous <br />vote of the council <br />A motion was councilman McGinness and seconded by.councilman Waggoner <br />that the Park and Library Fund be included in the seven accounts under the <br />Current Expense fund. A,roll call vote showed all oounoilmen in.favor, <br />except councilman Clausen who voted no. <br />A•motion.was made by.00unoilman McGibbonfaand seoonded by councilman Tucker <br />that all funds carried over � the end of the year shall be transferred to <br />the Current ExpenBe,fund and/,re-allooated to the several funds. Aeroll call <br />vote showed McGibbon yes, Tucker yes, Waggoner yes, Siefert no, MoGinness <br />yes, Clausen no and Maxwell yes. <br />Atmotion was made by Counoilman MaGinness and seconded by councilman Waggoner <br />that the payment for covering ogarbage be discontuined. Motion carried. <br />C.ounoilman. MoGinness reported the city buildings.were badly in need of repair. <br />He estimated $700 for painting of buildings., 50 for repair, $250 for a bulk- <br />head and $100 for cleaning of grounds. <br />After the making up of the preliminary budget, the meeting adjourned. <br />City Clerk yor. <br />'September 21, 1948 <br />The Council met in regular session with mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed all councilmen present. <br />The water collectors and treasurers reports were read. <br />Petitions with approximately 400 names signed on them were read to the city <br />council, requesting the city council to authorize an ordinance forbidding <br />the use of the gambling; devices knwon as punch boards and pin -ball machines <br />within the city of Ildmonds. The City hall was filled with people:who were <br />against the use of punch -boards aid pin-ball,machines, with a few tavern <br />owners who spoke for them. A motion was made by councilman MoGinness and <br />seconded by councilman Waggoner that gLdtibnlan:!proposedDord fancedzpertaining <br />to licensing of punch -boards and pin -ball machinesbe deferred, and that a <br />proposition be submitted to the voters on: Nov.,2nd election,.if possible, <br />or on the city election in December. Said -proposition to determine whether <br />or not the City of Edmonds shall license pin -ball machines and punch -boards <br />as a means of raising revenue. A roll call vote showed all councilman in <br />favor except councilman Tucker who voted. no. <br />A,motion was made by councilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Maxwell " <br />that the. Attorney draw up an Ordinance repealing the ordinance for the use <br />of punch -boards and pin -ball machines. A'roll call vote showed all council <br />men in favor except councilman Tucker who voted no. <br />ARletter was read from L. W. Thompson in regards to the parking of oars from <br />Long Motor Co.,,along First Avenue North between Main,8 Bell streets. This <br />,was referred to the safety committee by a motion made by councilman McGinness <br />-and seconded by councilman Waggoner. Motion carried. <br />A•letter was read by Councilman McGinness from the Engineer in regards to <br />the extra cost of the seal -coating. A motion was made by councilman Tucker <br />and seconded by councilman McGibbon that this bill be paid. Motion carried. <br />The request of Mr: Hubbard fora light and several loads of gravel for a <br />free parking lot on Fifth Avenue just south of Main street was referred to <br />the street committees by a motion made by councilman McGinness and seconded <br />by councilman Waggoner. Motion carried. <br />