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A motion was made by Councilman Tucker and seconded by Councilman Maxwell that the <br />Progressive party be given permission to establish a booth on the sidewalk at the <br />corner of fifth and Main streetfor the purpose of circulating a petition in regard <br />to the recall of the Taft Hartley law. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Vallen and seconded by Councilman Engels that the pool <br />in the City Park be filled with water and kept in a satisfactory condition, Motion carried. <br />The Street Department was instructed to paint the necessary crosswalk warning sign on <br />Main street.between fifth and sixth Avenue, also that the curb Lbe painted for no parking <br />ten feet east and west of said cross walk. Carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Vallen and seconded by Councilman McGinness that an automatic <br />switch such as will be passed by the Insurance underwriters, be installed on the Fire Sirene <br />same to be purchased from the lowest bidder. Motion caftied. <br />The water committee was requested to investigate the possibilities of securing a more adequate <br />supply of water and submit an estimate cost of making the necessary survey on the different <br />projects,This ectimate would have nothing to do with the cost of securing the water, same to <br />be presented at the next meeting.' <br />A motion was m9de,by Councilman Waggoner.and seconded by Councilman Vallen that the zoning <br />ordinance be adopted. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Waggoner and s econded by Councilman Savage that Ordinance <br />Nos. 585, 586 and 587 be adopted. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Waggoner and seconded by Councilman Savage that the Clerk <br />write a letter of appreciation to the members of the Zoning Committee for the fine service <br />they had rendered the City. motion carried. <br />Therebeing no further business the meeting adjourn <br />Asst. City Clerk - Mayor <br />July 5, 1949 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor McGibbon presiding. The roll call showed the <br />following councilmen present Vollan, Tucker, McGinness, Engels, Maxwell and Savage. <br />The Water collectors report was read. <br />A motion was made by Councilman McGinness and seconded by Councilman Savage that the bills <br />which were approved by the Auditing Committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper <br />funds. Motion carried. <br />The request of Chief Rasmussen for his vacation the last two weeks in July was apix oved by <br />the Mayor and Councilmen. <br />A petition for a sewer South of;:theoNorth City limits was read to the Council. A motion <br />was made by Councilman Tucker that the Engineer draw up plans and specifications for the <br />North City limits sewer. Motion was withdrawn. A motion was made by Councilman McGinness <br />and seconded by Councilman Savage that the petition submitted be referred to the Engineer <br />for specifications. Motion carf:ied.. <br />A motion was made that Ordinance No. 588 be adopted, Councilman Savage making the motion <br />and a second by Councilman Tucker. Motion carried. <br />A letter was read from the Suburban Transportation System in which they state a bus <br />service has been asked for on Olympic avenue which will mean the buses will be routed <br />on Main Street. They ask to have•the Hawthorne trees along Main Street trimmed, so the <br />buses will not be -scratched or they are more in favor of having the middle of Main Street <br />surfaced from Sixth to Ninth Avenue. Mayor McGibbon referred this to the Street Committee <br />for a report at the next meeting. <br />Councilman Tucker reported he had received two bids for a survey on the Water system. One <br />from Carl D. Pollock Co., for $915 and a bid from General Engineering Co., for $750. <br />Tucker suggested that the General Engineering Cb., be employed and the Finance Committee <br />is to consider where the money will come from. A motion was made by Councilman Tucker <br />and seconded by councilman McGinness that the General Engineering Co., be employed at a <br />cost of $750. Motion carried. <br />A report from the Street Committee Councilman McGinness, Chairman that they were against <br />accepting less than 60 feet for street purposes. <br />invoice <br />Councilman Vollan reported a AAW should be kept of all small equipment%purchased for <br />the City. <br />Julius Larsen came before the Council and reported that Burdett Morse had left timber in <br />the alley at second and James street. The Clerk was asked to notify him to remove them <br />immediately, if he does not do so the City will and the expense will be charged to him. <br />There being no further busine s the meeting adjourned. ' <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />�1 <br />