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anyone wishing to serve on the Council. Motion curried. <br />A motion was made,by councilman Tucker that the Mayor employ Haakon Wall one day a <br />week to make the building inppections. - <br />A motion was made �o{ o � r� } � i ��sf � c $e d �idc ' c oT ns� e�fit �gaeati Ride <br />accept the 40 foo ri`g`h o way, Twit aneighty oo urn aroun a e eas end o te <br />street, and Mr. Hubbard is to furnish us with the street grade. f6.3'�)"Rbinblcaff.drtri-ve. Motion carried. <br />Max meyring reported that the boundary streets which the City wished to acquire could <br />be taken over by annexation proceedings. <br />Councilman McGinness made a motion to referr the blasting of stumps to the safety committee.. <br />There <br />�being np further business the meeting adjourned: <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />June 6, 1950 <br />The -Council met for the regular session with Mayor McGibbon presiding. The roll call <br />showed the following councilman present, Maxwell, Vollan, Tucker and McGinness, and Engels. <br />The water Collectors report was read. A motion was made by councilman Maxwell and <br />seconded by councilman Engels that the bills which were approved by the auditilig <br />committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper funds. Motion carried. <br />A petition signed by a number of residents living in that district, was read to the <br />Council. The petition was in regards to the unsanitary condition of the Edmonds <br />Feed Store.whibh is owned by Mrs. Smith, and the action of Pdartin Blake, who resides <br />at.the building. A motion was made by Councilman McGinness and seconded by Councilman <br />Tucker that this petition be referred to the City Attorney Holte as regards the actions <br />of Mr. Blake. Moti6n carried. <br />A letter was read from 0. D. Anderson in behalf of Mr. Johnson, in which he complains <br />of stumps and debris being dumped on Alder Street between tenth and Eleventh Avenue <br />and the alley between tenth and eleventh, between Alder and Walnut streets, by Mr. <br />Marcy, when clearing land in that vicinity. A motion was made by councilman McGinness <br />and seconded by councilman Vollan that the Attorney be instructed to notify Mr. Marcy <br />and Sellers to remove the debris which they placed on City property. A vote showed <br />three yes and one no. Because of the vote U yor McGibbon referred this complaint to <br />the City Attorney Holte. <br />A letter was read from Florence M. Morrissey in which she asks for permission to put <br />a booth on the street fon the Edmonds Pension Union. After some discussion no action <br />was taken on this. <br />A letter was read from Mrs. iNeedin in which she asks that a board of Arbitration be <br />appointed to determine the amount she should receive for her property. A motion was <br />made by councilman Maxwell and seconded by councilman McGinness that the Attorney <br />be instructed to write Mrs. Wb edin again for a final offer. Motion carried. <br />The letter which was read to the council in regards to the oiling of the city streets <br />was referred to the street committee for a report at the next meeting. <br />A copy of a letter from the Snohomish Co. Health Department was read,ordering the <br />elimination of the unsanitary condition at the soap manufacturing plant on the water- <br />front, and are giving until June 10, to remedy this condition. <br />Mayor McGibbon reported that the report from the nominating committee for two new <br />councilmen, Don Tuson for First Ward and Walter Peterson for Third TVard. A motion <br />was made by councilman McGinness and secondedby councilman Maxwell that the Council <br />accept the nomination of Walter Peterson as councilman for Third Ward and Don Tuson <br />as councilman for First Ward until our City Election. Motion carried. <br />Mayor McGibbon appointed the following to serve on the Building Code Revision committee <br />Vollan, chairman, Mr. Morriss:en, Wall, Lawson and Attorney Holte. <br />Attorney Holte reported.that Mrs. Televik asks for $750 for injuries when she fell on the <br />sidewalk in front of the Tribune Review office. Attorney Holte stated that the City <br />might pay $100 for medical costs, which the council did not accept. <br />A motion was made by councilman Vollan and seconded by councilman McGinness that the <br />new members on the -Park Board, Arlie Siefert and Bill Crow be confirmed. •Motion carried. <br />A motion.was made by Councilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Maxwell -that the <br />Attorney notify Richfield Oil Go., to remove their present improvement and put it in <br />according to the City Ordinance within thirty days, as the improvements installed were <br />not approved by the Council. Motion carried. <br />It was reported that the Union Oil Co., agreed to furnish the oil for Howell way and <br />the County agreed to supply the equipment for the oiling of the street. A motion was <br />made by councilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Maxwell that the street department <br />be authorized to have Howell bull -dozed to grade. Motion carried. <br />