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Taxi stand be changed. This was also confirmed by Mayor McGibbon. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Maxwell that <br />Ord._.'No;:` 661 approving the assessment roll for L. I. D. #74 be passed.- Motion carried. <br />Attorney Holte reporteddto the Council that Mr. Grimes wants $7000 for his property <br />and Mr. Nicolay wants $3000 for his property on Fifth Avenue. also Mr. Garretson <br />asks $25 for an easement on the south side of Pine street, extended and Mr. Jensen <br />wants,a,free meter in exchange for an easement. A motion was made by Councilman <br />Maxvrell!and seconded by Councilman Kincaid that Mr. Garretson'be paid $25 and Mr. <br />Jenaen'meter be installed in exchange for easements, between ninth and tenth avenues <br />on Pine street. Motion carried.. ' <br />A motion was made by councilman McGinness and seconded cilinan Maxwell that <br />Holte write Mr. Sullivan an make him an offer +Or,rt- <br />Attorney5 for his property <br />including the house, the amount the appraisor set for the value of the property. <br />Mo tion�'jc'arried. <br />Mrs. Herman Parent came before the council in regards to Eighth Avenue South of <br />Dayt6n `street„ s tating that she would like to know if the street is going to be <br />put thru; and what is to be done with the debris that was put there to fill in <br />a part of the street. This was referred to the street committee for a repgwt or. <br />at the next meeting. <br />Engineer''Reid reported that the Viiakstrom sewer on second avenue north has been <br />completed. He also reported that 300 feet of storm sewer should be installed <br />from,second avenue to Sunset Avenue,before a garage is built. A motion was <br />made" by,'douncilman 112hilehl and seconded by councilman Maxwell that the Engineer <br />prepare`"a"set of specifications to install a storm sewer on second avenue. Motion <br />carried. <br />There `Hein no further b iness the meeting; Mourned � <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />March 15, 1955 <br />The'`Gouncil metfor its regular session with Mayor McGibbon presiding. The roll <br />call-Fibowed the following councilmen present Tuson, Talen, Maxwell, Bishop and <br />McGinness. <br />Eight b ds were received for laying of a water main on Second avenue North. The bid <br />front/%O.-K. Ryland is for item 1, 571.314, itme no. 2 1258.18; Joe Colluccio., -item no 1 <br />•912.—item No 2. 1718.90; John Schade item No. 1. 697.80, itme No2 — 1388.90; F. M. Taylor <br />itme No. 1, 1436, itsm Ito. 2, 860.30; Test Coast Excavators - item No. 1, 690.06, item No 2, <br />11470.60; Harry. Squires item No. 1-527.20, item No 2, 114I4. Z40; Rocco Alia Con., item No 1, <br />1032:60'Item No. 2, 2277.50; Superior Const. Co., item No. 1, 783.60, item.No. 2, 893.60. <br />A motieh' was made by councilman McGinness and seconded by councilman Tuson that we <br />accept the bid from F. M. Taylor, for laying 1634 feet of pipe at a cost of $860.30 <br />Motion -carried. <br />Nine bids were received for the installation of the sewer, Frank Taylor, in the amount <br />of 614,1439.50, Mat Malaspini) $133210.10 Superior Construction 13,707.25, Harold Kaeser, <br />12,039.75, Rocco Alia, 15,653.50, Frank Colluccio, 15,834.30, Harold E. Olds, 13,596.15, <br />Evergreen Excavators,, 13,563.95,,Joe Colluccio, 15,108.50. A motion was made by <br />Councilman Bishop and seconded by councilman Tuson that we hold the three low bids for <br />30 as specified in the specifications. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by counT,1 ,an M . ell and seconded by councilman McGinness that the <br />final :payment of $8513.11,'y isa ing interest bearing warrant #10, on L.I. D. #74. <br />Motion carried. <br />Mayor MccQibbon reported he has.accepted the resignation of Chief Rasmussen as of April <br />15, arld that he has appo&nted R. C. Grimstad for our new chief of police. A motion was <br />made,by-councilman Maxwell and councilman McGinness that the resignation <br />and new appointment be accepted. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman McGinness and s econded by councilman Tuson that a letter <br />be written to Chief Rasmussen stating that the Council expresses their appreciation <br />for hi'a*eihht years of service. Motion carried. <br />A motion.was made by councilman Maxwell and seconded by councilman Talen that Ray <br />Cloud fi2l'the vacancy Ain the second yard. Motion carried. <br />The Treasurers report was read to the council. <br />The Official -return from the City Election held March 8 are as follows: Alfred 0 Holte <br />for four":year term for City Attorney, receiving 1472 votes, ,Allen P. Severson, for four year <br />term, ±6e City Treasurer, received 1447 votes, Peter Sommerseth, U.o year term for <br />Councilman at large, receiving 12 votes and Arlie Siefert one vote, Dibnalid S. Tuson, <br />four year term for councilman First ward r S��'� ed, 126 votes, and Louis Talen for <br />two year term, for councilman First Iard,A Tlali Z. Kincaid for a four year term, <br />Councilman second ward received 139 votes, Ray V. Cloud for a two year term, Councilman <br />secondwaxdp received 117 votes, and. Gordon A. Maxwell, for a four year term, for <br />