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South half of the West half of lorthwest quarter of Government Lot 2, Sec 30, Twp 27 N R <br />4 EWM, and no one objecting to the -annexation., a motion was made by Councilman Tuson <br />and seconded by Talen that this property be annexed to the City and Ord.No. 687 be <br />passed. Motion carried. <br />One Bid was received for fg-'aobifiefor the City of Edmonds for 1957, from Standard Oil <br />Company they quote.chevron gasoline for 230 and chevron supreme at 260 in the amounts of <br />400 gallon and over. A motion wqs made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman <br />Bishop that we accept the bidsfrom Standard Oil Co., Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Bishop and seconded by Councilman Talen that Salary <br />Ordinance NO 688 be passed. Motion carried.. <br />This was the night set by the Council for aheating on the sign and bill -board Ordinance. <br />A petition signed by 28 of the business people in the city'protest the sign ordinance, <br />__.they were also present at the meeting stating their objections. after some time being <br />spent on discussing it a motion w W*Councilman Bishop and seconded by Council- <br />man Talen that Chapter 8 article �of ty code be repealed. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Maxwell appointed a committee of the Businessmen to work with the Council to <br />draw -up a,regulation on signs and bill -boards. The following business men are Mr. <br />Tuson,Eddy,, Trafton, Leyda and Mrs Bienz <br />and Mayor <br />Councilman Kincaid reported to the Council that his committee and the Engineerrhad <br />gone over the street work pertaining to L. I. D. #77. He stated, because of the <br />weather the job could not be completed until next year. <br />A motion •was made by Councilman Tuson and,seconded by Councilman Kincaid that interest <br />bearing warrant #5 be issued to Grande & Co., for 329,137.37, for work done on <br />L. I. D. #77. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Maxwell appointed Patrolman Doug Crain as Acting Sargent. A motion was made <br />by Councilman Kincaid and seconded by Councilman Bishop that the appointment be <br />confirmed. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Talen and seconded by Councilman Bishop that we accept <br />the portion of Walnut Street west of ninth Avenue as receommended by Engineer Reid, <br />as the grading and graveling has been completed. Motion carried. <br />Engi eer 'dresented a bill for engineering of water and sewer line for Glandville <br />Plat.j� A 3 was made by Councilman Tuson and s econded by Councilman Kincaid that <br />,the minutes be checked to•determine if the costs are to be.borne by Mr. -Glanville,, <br />if not the city is to pay 60% of the cost. Motion carried. i <br />A report was given to the Council from Mr. Shaw, that all the street lights have been <br />installed, for the second year of installation, including the new annexed territory. <br />Air,mi5tioniwasnmade,•by"Counc=i2•man B�shopeand,••secgnd�d'-by Councilman Cloud that Sater <br />& Ridenour be awarded the bid for fuel oil for the City Hall for 1957• Motion carried. <br />There g'iwrfurther bus ess the meeting adjourned[ �:'*o:r _ �__•_ •._..•• ' � <br />City -'Clerk— Mayor <br />January 2, 1957 <br />The Council met for its regular session with Mayor Maxwell presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present Tuson, Kincaid, Cloud, Bishop, Steed <br />and Sommerseth. <br />The Water Collectors report was read to the Council. <br />Mayor Maxwell appointed George Hatch, C. W. Shepard, Rev. Lawrence Beal, and <br />Tom Purton to serve�on the Board of Adjustment. A motion was made by Councilman <br />Bishop and seconded by Councilman Sommerseth that the appointments be confirmed. <br />Motion carried. <br />A. motion was made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Bishop that we <br />call for bids for a car load of six inch Cast iron pipe, mechanical joint, bell & <br />spigot, with delivery within 45 days. Bids to be opened February 5. Motion carried. <br />from casper st. to 196th. <br />A number of property owners residing in the area of Eighth Avenue North came before <br />the council objecting to tieing up some of the property, for future street purposes, <br />and also ruining the present building sites. ttorney Holte reported that the <br />people in this area were $re f& noas`"the a ng Commission had not acted on this <br />project. <br />