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May 21, 1957 <br />The Council met for its regular session with Mayor Maxwell presiding. The roll <br />call showed- the following councilmen present Tuson, Sorensen, Kincaid, Purton, <br />Steed and Sommerseth. <br />Two bids were received for the second Avenue North Paving, L. I. D. #79. One bid <br />•fvom Washington Asphalt Company in the amount of $24,321.00, work to be completed <br />within 90 days, and the bid from Earl Joplin in the amount of $17,940.50, with a <br />completion cBime-of 60-days. After a meeting of the street committee, Chairman <br />Al Kincaidreported and made the recommendation that the bid of Earl Joplin, which <br />is just under the Engineer's estimate, be accepted. A motion was made,by Councilman <br />Kincaid and seconded by Councilman Steed that the bid from Earl Joplin, be`accepted. <br />Motion carried. <br />A report from Councilman TuSon,,Chaizman of the water committee, in regards to the <br />installing of a four inch water line on Seamont Lane. After some discussion this <br />was turned over to the Supervisor Lawson and Fire Chief Astell for investigation. <br />In regards to a Storm Sewer itettdke careho•fnfhe1.dtainageL-water that floods the <br />basement of Dewey Leyda's Building a motion was made by Councilman Tuson and sec- <br />onded by Councilman Sorensen that Engineer Reid be authorized to make an investigation <br />3 <br />and a preliminary study of the area of Fifth & Main streets and the alley. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the <br />sprinkling rate for this summer be set for 180 dbrrethryml0fliow. Ft used over the <br />minnimum amount allowed. Motion carried. ' <br />A letter was read from Russell Hultsch asking to have a strip of property 107 feet <br />long and 25 feet wide, located at llth and Laurel streets vacated. This was referred <br />to the street committee.for consideration. <br />The Peddlers Ordinance was discussed and turned over to the Attorney for re -writing. <br />• Police Chief Grimst&d recommended making seventh avenue a thru street. A motion was <br />made by Councilman Kincaid and seconded by Councilman Sorensen that Seventh Avenue <br />be fnade.athru street from Main to Casper street, and the Supervisor is instructed to' <br />haze it a cpcs rJnst4iled. Motion carried. <br />The Treasurers report for the month of April was read to the Council. <br />There bein no further11)ness the meeting adjourned. <br />City'Clerk Yor <br />May 28, 1957, <br />The Council met for Atspecial'meetingl, with Mayor Maxwell presiding., The following <br />Councilmen were present Tuson, Sorensen, Cloud, Kincaid, Purton, Steed and Sommerseth. <br />The following bids were opened for pipe and Hydrants and valves.; <br />United states Pipe & Foundry 8 inch pipe $2.864 Hydrants & valves no bid <br />4 inch pipe $1021 <br />Pacific States Cast Iron 8 inch pipe J:87 <br />4 inch pipe 1.324 Hydrants 103.40 Valves �$ <br />Western Utilities Supply no bid on pipe"or hydrants valves 49,47 <br />.Pacific Water Works 8 inch pipe 2:947 <br />4 inch pipe 1.356 Hydrants 107.16 valves 39,10 <br />Hallgren Co., no bid on pipe Hydrants 118.00 valves 37.60 <br />Grinnell Company No bid <br />After a study of the bids, the water committee recommended and a motion was made <br />by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Cloud that we accept the bid from <br />United States Pipe & Foundry Company for the 8�and 4 inch Cast Iron Pipe, with <br />delivery within two week after receipt of order. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Kincaid that we <br />accept the bid from Pacific States Eastr• Irahs for the Hydrants. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Steed that we <br />accept the bid from Hallgren CMpany for the valves, Motion carried. <br />Mayor Maxwell brought ttip the subject of a blanket Bond for all ' y,.Employees, <br />which will cover all amployees, expept the Treasurer,for $10,00�,� a cost of <br />$1,63.72 per year, <br />Mayor Maxwell, Attorney Holte and Engineer Reid proceeded to explain and discuss(.: <br />The Metro Plan <br />There being n further busine the meeting adjourned. <br />City Clerk Mayor ' <br />