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July 2, 1957 <br />The Council met for its regular session with Mayor Maxwell presiding. the roll call <br />showed the following councilmen present Tuson, Sorensen, Cloud, Kincaid and Purton. <br />This was the night set for the hearing on the Assessment roll for L. I. D. #80, the <br />sewer in the Munger Addition. There being no one objecting to the assessments a. <br />motion was made by and seconded by Councilman Purton'that Ord. #701 <br />approving and confirming the assessment roll be passed. Motion carried. <br />This was also the night for the hearing on widening Ninth Avenue Nor, I n mber of, <br />residents appeared before the Council, stating their objections on t -o provement. <br />Mr. Hamilton stated that he refuses to give his property, and refuses paying for im- <br />proving the street. Jerry Hall representing some property owners on the East side <br />of the street, stated they are for the improvement. Because some of the Councilmen wanting <br />to look over the situation of the street, this hearing was held over until the July 16 <br />Council meeting. <br />The Water collectors report was read to the Council. <br />A letter from Flowers by Lloyd, -asking for permission to paint the sidewalk at 540 Main <br />Street, was read to the Council, and denied by a motion made by Councilman Kincaid <br />and seconded by Councilman Cloud. Motion carried. <br />A letter from Fred Cochrian, 1002 Dayton'Street, in regards to the slumpage problem <br />on Tenth Avenue between Maple and Dayton, which is caused by the overflow from the <br />water tank at tenth and Maple street, was referred to the water committee. <br />A letter from A. F. Frederickson, asking to have Tenth -Avenue between Edmonds and Bell <br />Street vacated, and in return he will deed to the City, all of lots 15 and 26, and the <br />east 20 feet of lots t4 and 27, in Block 66, to make a 50 foot street between Edmonds <br />and Bell street. This was referred to the Street Committee to report back at the <br />Council meeting July 16. <br />A letter was read in regards to wanting water installed on 191st, S. W. with the sig— <br />natures of six property owners, this was referred to the Water Committee for investigation. <br />A letter and proposed plat, which adjoins the City, was received from Snohomish County <br />Planning Commission, and was checked by Engineer Reid. He is to answer them that we <br />have no objections to the plat. <br />After checking the application from the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company, for <br />permission to install an underground cable line on Dayton Street west of Third avenue, <br />the Mayor was authorized to sign the application. <br />Referring to the letter received from Mr. Angus Kennedy, in regards to having a trailer <br />park at 1110-5th Avenue. Attorney Holte stated he would have to obtain a special property <br />use permit, by a petition to the Board of Adjustment, which Attorney Holte stated he would <br />take care of. <br />Because Gil Mathews did not provide the 16 cords of wood to the City Park and clean <br />up at the water shed property, where he was given permission to cut the alder trees, <br />Attorney Holte recommended this be turned over the the collection agency. <br />Engineer Reid reported the contract with Earl Joplin for the paving of Brookmere Plat <br />has b een reduced from $7080 to $5769, by changing the amount of crushed rock. A <br />motion was made by Councilman Kincaid and seconded by Councilman Tuson that Mayor <br />Maxwell be authorized to sign the contract,'for L. I. D. #81. Motion carried. <br />A motion wad made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Kincaid that Engineer <br />Estimate #1, in the amount of $6029.30, be accepted and interest bearing warrant #1 <br />be issued to Terry -Thompson Investment,'for $7,522.55, which include the bills for <br />attorney fees $200, Engineer fees $1255.83, printing 83.7.42 and the contractor, Est. #1 <br />$6,029.30. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made -by Councilman Sorensen and seconded by Councilman Cloud that the bills <br />as approved by the auditing Committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper funds. <br />Motion carried. <br />There being no further bus' ss the meeting adjourned. <br />City Clerk ayor <br />61 <br />July 16, 1957 <br />The Council met for its regular session with Mayor Maxwell presiding with the following <br />Councilmen present Tuson, Sorensen, Cloud and Purton. <br />A letter was read from Engineer Reid, Engineer for the School District, requesting <br />permission to install a centrifigal pump at Seventh and Daley street, at the crossing <br />of Shell Creek, with a four inch steel pipeline, south to the alley between Daley and <br />Sprague street, then a oss Seventh Avenue, to provide water for sprinkling the Athletic <br />field and Ball Diamon4 Vhis request was granted by a motion made by Councilman <br />Tuson and seconded by Councilman Sorensen. Attorney Holte is to answer the letter. <br />Motion carried. <br />1 <br />E <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />; t, <br />