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August 20, 1957 <br />The Council met' -.for its regular session with Mayor Don Tuson, pro tem presiding with the follow- <br />ing Councilmen present: Tuson, Sorensen, Cloud, and Parton. <br />The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as read. <br />A letter from -Mr., E. B. Hubbard regarding 4 in. main on Hemlock Way was referred to Don Lawson <br />and the Water Committee. <br />A letter from Beatrice Cobb, Mgr. Edmonds Sears Roebuck Store, asking fork parking spaces <br />for a period of one day for an advertising campaign was .referred to Don Lawson and Safety <br />Committee to ascertain the date. <br />Hearing on the Emergency Ordinance #702 was opened. It was decided to.continue the hearing <br />until next Tuesday nite because there were not five councilmen present. <br />1X. <br />Discussion of the changing of street names in the new Westgate annexation was opened. <br />Two property owners requested a change of the name of "C" street to Coronado Place. <br />Sorensen moved and seconded by Purton that the culdesac in Michellie Park running north <br />and south be named Coronado Place. Carried. <br />Sorenson moved that the Council adopt the official names and avenues as on the official <br />map. Purton seconded the motion. Carried. <br />Discussion of closing of streets while digging for lift station, which was referred to Don <br />Lawson and City Engineer., <br />Jim Reid, City Engineer reported the following: <br />Concrete work on digester is complete with the exception of sacking. <br />Form work is about 99% complete for entrance structure. <br />New pipe is to go in in about a week. <br />Lift station to start next Monday. <br />7th Avenue paving in Cassell Plat was finished this afternoon. Joplin will finish the <br />shoulders in a day or two. <br />Wrote a letter officially stating L.I.D. #79-satisfactory. (2nd Ave. N.) <br />Discussion on L.I.D.,#82 for the sidewalk crossing Shellebarger Creek was heard. Mr. Holte, <br />City Attorney. was instructed to investigate possible need for right-of-way. , <br />Bids were opened on the lavatory building at the City Park. Only one bid from Walter W. <br />Payne was presented. Mayor, pro tem, Don Tuson asked that more bids be called and Mr. Payne <br />to be notified the single bid would not be considered. <br />Mr. Holte; City Attorney, inquired as to what to do about the Riley matter concerning <br />right-of-way acquisition for 10th Avenue at Glen St. Mayor, pro tem, Don Tuson set September <br />17th to discuss the matter after Mayor Maxwell returns. <br />Steve Severson, Treasurer, read his report to the Council. <br />Don Lawson gave a._report on the Building Code Committee in regard to committee cpnsideration of <br />adopting the King County Plumbing Code and the Uniform Building Code. <br />Letter from the Pollution Control Board was read and Mr. Holte was instructed to write a letter <br />acknowledging receipt of same.. <br />The meeting was recessed at 9:47 until August.�cr 27th. <br />1 <br />Secret y Mayor -pro tem <br />The Council met for its recessed meeting with -Mayor pro tem, Don Tuson presiding. The follow- <br />ing councilmen were present: Tuson, Sorenson, Cloud, Kincaid and Purton. <br />Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />This was the -night set for a hearing for the annexation of <br />the following described property: <br />All of Rowe's Addition, <br />according to plat thereof recorded <br />in vol 15 of plats, page 14, records <br />-of said County: All of <br />Wickstromis Addition, according to <br />plat thereof recorded in vol 13,of <br />plats, page 106, records <br />of said�County; Lots 1, 5 and 6 <br />in Block 4, Alderwood Manor No. 9, <br />said County; Lots 1, 2, <br />3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16, 17, 18 <br />and that portion of Lot 19 lying <br />