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A letter was read ffom Earl R. Squibb, representing 3 property owners on Walnut St. who wish to connect <br />to the Cedar St. sewer, and Council asked Engineer Reid to submit, a report as soon as possible as to the <br />cost and feasability of the connection which would necessitate an easement across private property. <br />It was moved by Councilman Kincaid and seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the City go on record <br />as approving the proposal of Earl L. Joplin to establish an asphalt mixing plant on property east of <br />&.A.T.X. tank cleaning business bordering on Dayton St. Motion carried with on councilman voting no.. <br />Councilman Tuson made a motion, seconded by Councilman McGibbon that the bills be paid and warrants <br />drawn on the proper funds to do so. Motion carried. <br />Councilman Sorensen made a motion, seconded by Councilman Blackbourn that the bid of the Metropolitan <br />Construction Company, Everett, with the low bid of $10,294.20 for the construction of curbs and <br />sidewalks for 3rd Ave. LID # 82 be accepted and the -mayor be authorized to enter into a contract with <br />them. Motion carried. <br />Councilman Kincaid made the motion, seconded by Councilman Blackbourn that the Engineer negotiate <br />with the contractors for a change -order reducing the width of sidewalks in front of the City Park <br />property from 8 ft. to 7 ft. Iulotion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Kincaid that a contract be entered <br />into with Bob Van Dlac for the repayment of sidewalk costs west of Sunset Ave. on the south side of <br />Main St. at the rate of $50.00 or more per year, first payment to be made by August 1, 1958. <br />Motion carried. , <br />A letter received from R. F. Poston,Assistant Regional Engineer, Dept. of Health, Education and <br />YN'elfare ,stated that the audit had been made of the accounts and records of the Sewage Disposal Plant <br />and that after payments previously made were deducted, andiadditional amount of 33,044-44 due <br />the City of'Edmonds was being certified for payment by the Federal Government. <br />A letter from the Association of Washington Cities was received, requesting Edmonds' participation <br />in a Legislative Committee for Washington Cities. <br />Councilman Tuson made a motion, seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the City Engineer be authorized <br />to set street grades on Alder St. and Second Ave. for water main installation in Neils' Addition. <br />Motion carried. <br />There was discussion of the possibility of the 3 way participation of Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and <br />the Ronald Sewer District for sewage disposal to be proceRsed through the Edmonds Disposal Plant. <br />The Ronald District had a deadline to meet and requested a letter of intent from Edmonds before <br />March 17 on whether or not the three communities planned to pursue the matter further. There <br />followed a discussion, and the meeting recessed at 11:45 until 111ednesday, March 12 at 8:00 P.M. <br />March 12, 1958 <br />The Council met for its recessed meeting with Mayor Maxwell presiding and all Councilman present. <br />The request for a sewer in the alley from T..alnut St. to Cedar St. was investigated by Engineer <br />Reid and found to be practicable. The motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman <br />Kincaid that the Engineer be authorized to go ahead with the engineering for sewer to be installed <br />in the alley between Cedar and y'Talnut St., and to get the necessary easement for so.doing. Also, <br />all costs, including engineering, to be paid for by the property otimers involved. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Maxwell reported that Mrs. Sadie Christiansen had been hired as Dispatcher. <br />lvayn f Z T f,?4e r, Rei✓Av p s-4wce .V/Sr.Q/CT, 'WO � D/�kYYOS Ca n�P,PEN�iYsi� <br />The discussion of the proposed^ Sewer plan then be n, and motiont�was made by Councilman <br />Purtori, seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the City,�ex�o the R na d 5ewer District and to <br />Mountlake Terrace a letter expressing the City of;Edmonds' intention to further negotiate in the <br />proposed combined sewage plan Counci ma ,voted yes, 1 no, and the motion carried. <br />oc,�c�,,,..,ram <br />There being no further business; the meeting adjourned. 0 Q <br />ELECTION RETURNS of the City General Election: March 11, 1958 <br />MAYOR <br />PREC.1 PREC.2 <br />Gordon A. Maxwell <br />214 105 <br />Royce Swanson <br />1 <br />Gus Lindberg <br />1 <br />Adda Bienz <br />1 <br />Kenny Wheeler <br />1 <br />Ray Rasmussen <br />1 <br />Bill C row <br />Russell Goodwin <br />Jimmy Astell <br />John Pierce <br />PREC.3 PREC-4 PREC.S <br />164 94 175 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />Total votes cast: 990 plus <br />8 absetitee <br />PREC.6 TOTALS <br />157 909 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />- 1 <br />1 <br />1 1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />