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ELECTION RETURNS <br />COUNCILMAN -AT -LARGE <br />PREC.1 <br />PREC.2 PREC.3 <br />PREC.4 PREC.5 PREC.6 <br />TOTALS <br />Thomas A. Purton <br />78 <br />27 76 <br />37 75 71 <br />364 <br />Roy Sorensen <br />151 <br />87 107 <br />58 98 97 <br />598 <br />Christensen <br />1 <br />1 <br />Gus Lindberg <br />1 <br />1 <br />Bill Crow <br />1 <br />1 <br />COUNCILMAN PRECINCT 2 <br />COUNCIIl;MAN PRECINCT k <br />Donald McGibbon <br />103 <br />William E. Lambe. <br />92 <br />L. F. Neil <br />1 <br />' <br />Ray Cloud <br />-1 <br />COUNCILMAN PRECINCT 5 <br />COUNCILMAN PRECINCT 6 <br />Orland M. Christensen <br />115 <br />A. G. Simpson <br />5q <br />William C. Medin <br />62 <br />Keith Schoppert <br />2 <br />Bill Lambe <br />1 <br />Grant Riley <br />1 <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />March 18, 1958 <br />Meeting was called to order by Mayor Maxwell. Roll call showed the following councilmen present: <br />McGibbon, Cloud, Tuson, Blackbourn, Sorensen, and Kincaid. <br />Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />Bids for the Traffic Control Signal and necessary appurtenances•for the intersection of 6th and Main <br />were opened. Two bids tivere received, one from the North Coast Electric Co., which did not include a <br />bid for either the "off duty flasher'► nor the time clock control, and which was not accompanied by a cer- <br />tified check as required in the call.for bids. The other bid was from the Eagle Signal Corporation, <br />total bid $579.25 plus sales tax. The motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman <br />Blackbourn.that the bid of the Eagle Signal Corporation for $579.25 plus sales tax be accepted and <br />the contract be awarded. Motion` carried. <br />The three property owners involved in the request for sewer in the alley from Walnut St. to Cedar St. <br />were present, and reported they were not doing to be able to procure an easement for so doing. <br />Therefore, after discussion, it was decided to have a preliminary meeting for an unofficial hearing <br />for an LID at the Council Meeting on April 1, 1958, with all property owners in the area so involved <br />to be invited to attend. <br />A discussion on a voucher submitted by Engineer Reid's office for engineering costs for compilation of <br />new base maps of Greater City of Edmonds, and preparation of street name and gridded house numbering <br />maps, for the total sum of $1285.79 prompted the motion by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman <br />Sorensen, that the bill be paid with 1/3 from the Street Dept. Funds, 1/3 from the ti'd'ater Dept., and <br />1/3 from the Planning Commission. Motion carried. <br />In regard to the work on the City Park rest rooms, Mr. Lawson was authorized to get prices for putting <br />in the concrete floor and separating walls from several companies to present at the April 1 Council <br />Meeting. <br />A petition was received by Attorney Holte for an LIE on the west side of Third Ave. from Casper to <br />Edmonds Streets. A motion was made by Councilman Kincaid, seconded by Councilman Blackbourn that <br />the Attorney be instructed to check the legality of the petition for the setting up of an LID to <br />construct curb and sidewalk on Third Avenue southerly from Casper St. to the existing curb and <br />sidewalk. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Maxwell appointed Councilman Tuson chairman of a 'committee comp6sed of Councilmen Kincaid, <br />Sorensen, and McGibbon to further study the proposed comprehensive sewer plan. Councilman <br />Sorensen made the motion, seconded by Councilman Blackbourn authorizing An application. for Federal <br />Funds for the proposed comprehensive sewer improvements. The motion carried, 6 to 1. <br />The Mayor was authorized to send a letter to Fire District #13 asking for a meeting with their <br />commissioners to made changes in the contract bettiveen Fire District #13 and the City of Edmonds. <br />A letter was read from the Washington State Highlrray Commission stating that Resolution #32, Request <br />for the Truck Lane on Highway 1 i was received, and the District Engineer 1^rill give the request due <br />consideration at the time the construction program for the next biennium is submitted for approval <br />by the Headquarters office and the Highway Commission. <br />