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June 17, 1958 <br />Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Maxwell, with all councilmen present. <br />Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. -" <br />The list of recommended appointments for the City of Edmonds Committees until'June 1, 1959 was read <br />by Mayor Maxwell. These were: Water Committee: Don Tuson, Chairman; Don McGibbon, and A.G.Simpson. <br />Street Committee: Al Kincaid, Chairman; Roy Sorensen, Orland Christensen, and William Lambe. <br />Safety: James Astell, Chairman; Rube Grimstad, Roy Sorensen, and Gordon Maxwell. <br />Finance:.A.P.Severson, Chairman; A.G.Simpson, and Gordon Maxwell. <br />Building Code: Don Tuson, Chairman; Don Lawson, William Herbert, William Lambe, and James Astell. <br />Park: William Lambe, Chairman; Orland Christensen, Bill Crow, Don McGibbon, and Dr. Paul Burke. <br />Auditing: Orland Christensen, Chairman; Al Kincaid, and Don McGibbon. <br />Civil Service Commission: Tom Murphy; Chairman; Harold Bucklin, and King Bailey. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Christensen,seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the committees as <br />stated be approved. Motion carried. <br />The following appointive positions were made by Mayor Maxwell, effective as of June 1, 1958: <br />Fire Chief - James Astell; Police Chief - Rube Grimstad; Police Judge - Ray Doty; - <br />1fre- Ts" e; City Supervisor - D. C. Lawson; Health. Officer - Dr. F. J. Kenny; Building <br />Inspector - William Herbert; City'Engineer - James Reid; . City Clerk - Irene Varney. <br />The motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Lambe that these appointments be <br />confirmed. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Kincaid, seconded by. Councilman -Christensen that Don Tuson be, appointed <br />Mayor Pro-tem. Motion carried. <br />This was the evening for the hearing on the Preliminary Assessment Role for LID #86. After discussion, <br />wherein severed property owners wished to be excluded, the motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded, <br />by Councilman Simpson that they delete that area of proposed LID #86 lying westerly of the following <br />line: Beginning at the intersection of the south line of Bowdoin Way and the west line of Tract 2, <br />Block 6, Alderwood Manor No. 9; thence south along said west line of Tract 2 to the north line of Pine <br />St.; thence east along said north line of Pine St. to a ,point 120 ft. west of the west line extended, of <br />Lots 1 and 14 of Tylers Trgcts; thence south and parallel to said west line of Lots 1 and 14 to point of <br />intersection with.the previously established boundary of said LID #86. Motion carried. <br />The motion was then made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by.Councilman Christensen, that Ordinance #723, <br />setting up LID #86,as amended in the above stated b oundaries,be passed. Motion carried. <br />The lots in Block 42, Sprague St., for a possible park site were referred to the Attorney to check, <br />then to be turned oveft to the Park Committee for a report on the property at the next council meeting. <br />In regard to the bids which had been held on LID #84, Engineer Reid reported that he had a letter from <br />Metropolitan Construction Co. withdrawing their bid, and after discussion, the motion was made by <br />Councilman Kincaid, seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the Council authorize award of contract to <br />Rutter Construction Co. for construction of LID #84, subject to deletion of Bid Items 6 and 7 for <br />gravel in place, and subject to the provision that pit run gravel required under the project will be <br />delivered to the'site by the City without cost to the contractor, and that the contractor will be paid <br />$1.50 per cubic yard of pit run gravel furnished, as cost of spreading, grading,and compacting; and <br />the City Engineer to arrange for supply of pit run gravel to the project. The motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Kincaid, seconded by Councilman McGibbon that the hearing date on <br />•LID #87 be changed from July 1 to July 8, 1958, and a special meeting be set up for this. Motion carried. <br />A letter was received from Walt Payne asking that a water main be installed on Daley St. between 7th and <br />8th Avenues, as this had been promised by the Water Dept: '.to:!be done when needed. A motion was made by <br />Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Kincaid that the City install a 4 inch water main between 8th <br />and 9th on Daley, including 1 valve and hydrant, and the mayor be authorized to enter into a,negotiated <br />contract for the installation. Motion carried. <br />A request for a street light at the end of Seamont Lane was taken under. advisement. <br />A Petition for sewer on Glen St. from 9th to llth was referred to the Prater Committee. <br />A report was read from the Metropolitan Council of Snohomish County stating that Edmonds share of the <br />1959 Budget is to be $41.10. <br />The City Clerk was directed to answer Mr. Sig Kelstrup's request on sewer* connections in his development <br />of the Hockwalt property. A motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Kincaid that <br />it be the policy of the City of Edmonds not to participate in lateral sewer extensions, and that the <br />developer of properties bear all expenses o f same. Motion carried. <br />The committee appointed at the last meeting to report on the site for a possible library presented its <br />views, and a motion was made by Councilman Sorensen, Councilman Tuson that the committee does <br />not recommend the purchase of Block G, the triangle at Edmonds and 5praguelat this time. The Planning <br />Commission also recommended no rezoning of the property. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Sorensen, seconded by Councilman Christensen that the City purchase <br />10 acres of the Dent property on 196th S.W. with Park Dept. funds for Public Use or purposes, for the <br />sum of $7500.; $2000. down, and the rest over a period of 3 years, and an option taken on the remaining <br />24 acres lying westerly of the original site at the same prise of $750. per acre. Motion carried. <br />4 Acres of land near the Dibble Cabinet Shop, near Carthage Rd. on Bowdoin Way were referred to the Park <br />Dept. for study as a possible future park site. <br />The Attorney reported.16th Place is a private road, and therefore the City has no authority in regard to <br />its use by Mr. Salamonsen, and a letter was being sent to him to that effect. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Christe sen, Councilman Sorensen that 4 audited bills be paid, <br />and warrants drawn on the proper funds Po do so. Motion carried. <br />