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December 5th. 1939, <br />The Courcil met ir_ regular session with 1dayor Fourtr_er oresidir_g. The <br />roll call showed the followirg Courcilmer present: Chardler, Callahan, aartir. ard <br />Jores. The mirutes of the last meetir- were read a,r-d approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water Revenue Collectors report for the morth of <br />lovember were read and ordered filed. <br />The followirg bills were approved by the Fir_arce Committe a.r_d or motion warrart <br />were ordereddrawr_ or the proper furls. <br />State Eark <br />Snohomish Courty <br />Puget Sourd Power <br />& Light <br />H. B.-. Vaurs <br />33,00 <br />R.H.Doty <br />C.M.Larsor_ <br />Trich & Murrey <br />32,75 <br />M.C.Ergels ` <br />1L95 <br />Fire Department <br />Eureka Fire Hose <br />E?R. Schoolcraft <br />34,42 <br />Puget Sourd Poer <br />Light <br />Ray -Woodfield <br />Yost Auto Co. <br />�7.W.Viomer <br />10,00 <br />111. C . Ergels <br />1.47 <br />P.J.Larsor <br />R.@.Purcell Co. <br />Puget Sourd Power <br />& Light <br />Diesel Oil Sales <br />Co <br />Leyda Electric & <br />Radio <br />Oscar Oaklar_d <br />349,42 <br />L.B.Ber..tly <br />19,15 <br />Puget Sourd l ews <br />Compar_y <br />Louis Diller <br />Co. 93,67 <br />A.B.Bently <br />1.19 <br />Bacor Chevrolet Co. <br />Caspers Corner <br />S.H.Hedges <br />,31 <br />Sievers & Duecy <br />5,40 <br />3,30 <br />Snohomish Courty <br />1,10 <br />Co 2,85 <br />Charles Vaurs <br />33,00 <br />6,60 <br />C.M.Larsor_ <br />1,00 <br />32,75 <br />Telephone Co. Phore calls <br />1L95 <br />19,89 <br />Eureka Fire Hose <br />97,46 <br />34,42 <br />Gateway Cafe <br />,65 <br />15,00 <br />Yost Auto Co. <br />11,57 <br />10,00 <br />Puget Sourd Power & Light Co. <br />1.47 <br />Co. 89,51 <br />R.@.Purcell Co. <br />498,68 <br />16,00 <br />Johr O.Startor <br />12,00 <br />16,00 <br />R.V.L1cCler_ahar <br />26,50 <br />349,42 <br />P.J.Larsor <br />19,15 <br />.75 <br />Olympic Fourdry Co. <br />1.7 17 <br />Co. 93,67 <br />Bacon Chevrolet Co. <br />1.19 <br />4,21 <br />Caspers Corner <br />17,01 <br />,31 <br />Puget Sourd Power & Light Co. <br />5,40 <br />22,00 <br />Durbir.s Store <br />1,80 <br />10,00 <br />Crow Hardware <br />12,54 <br />27,64 <br />,L.M.-lost & Sors <br />22,64 <br />1,47 <br />G.M.Leyda <br />5.00 <br />2,50, <br />Seattle Cor_crete Pipe Co. <br />42,43 <br />24,80 <br />Caspers Correr <br />3,78 <br />100,00P.J.Larsor <br />21,85 <br />50,00 <br />Sievers & Duecy,L.I.D.L o.49 <br />1001000 <br />The Mayor appoir_ted Otto I.. Sorer -ser ar..d Hallie B. Ardersor_, Official members <br />of the Library Board. Or:motior the Courcil approved the appoirtmerat. <br />It was moved by Chardler ar_d recorded by Jores that the Courcil proceed to <br />cordem the small house belorgir_g L1 Larson- situated or First Averue betweer. <br />Mair. Street ar_d James Street. Carried. <br />The City Treasurer reported that were ir_ his hands, bonds outstardir_g and ur- <br />paid or L.I.D. 1,'0.45 amourtirg to $1500,00. <br />Or motior_ U0 Courcil instructed the City Clerk1to issue L.I.D,. Guarartee fund <br />Warrarts for the amourt is accordance with the regziiremerts of the Statutes of <br />the State of Washirgtor. <br />The Cityy Erfireer preser_ted the Fir_el Assessmert Roll for the layir_g of the <br />sewer it Bloc�L 77 o.49 <br />Or motior_ toe Courcil set the hearing or the Roll or L.I.D.lo.49 for December <br />19th. 1939, at 8 o'clock P.M. <br />FII'SL ASSES 112 T ROLL <br />L.I.B. #49. <br />611 Lateral Sewer Block 77 <br />Plat of Ciiy of Edmonds. <br />DESCaUTI OI <br />Plat City of Edmords <br />Lot 1 Block 77 <br />2 2P <br />._ IT 1T <br />n <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />it if <br />11 it <br />IT it <br />rr ►r <br />nn <br />n rt <br />it n <br />it 11 <br />IT I1 <br />It TT <br />TV IT <br />it n <br />nn <br />16 <br />11 T1 <br />17 <br />lilt <br />18 <br />TTrt <br />19 <br />if IT <br />OWLER & ADDRESS <br />Lewes F.Chase <br />Taxes paid by <br />G.H.Law, <br />Oscar Johrsor <br />Bax 68.6 <br />Edmords <br />TT TT <br />Harriet -E. Reeves <br />Taxes paid by Ethel P.Pheasart <br />5508 22r_& I.W. <br />Seattle, Washirgtor <br />TV if <br />T.W.Wheeler <br />Taxes paid by Ethel P.Pheasart <br />55-08 22rd l..W. <br />Seattle, Washirgtor <br />A.rrt Pettersor <br />Box 672, Edmonds <br />it <br />11 it T1 <br />IT <br />It IT if <br />P111 -LL <br />.SSS511ZT <br />$13,61 <br />1�- <br />J, 61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,11 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13,61 <br />13-,61 <br />1 <br />