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i3o <br />City Council has the alternative of accepting or rejecting either area. <br />After much discussion concerning the delay in any action being taken by the Railroad on <br />the Dayton Street crossing, it was moved by Councilman Smets, seconded by Councilman <br />Simpson that if by May 2921 the haz-q.rdous situation .existing at .the spur crossing of the <br />Great Northern Railway in Edmonds is not corrected,the City of Edmonds will proceed, on <br />advice of the City Attorney, to correct this situation and the expense will be charged <br />to the Great Northern Railway. A roll call vote showed Councilmen Harrison, Smets, <br />Christensen and Simpson in favor; Tuson, Slye and Sorensen voting no, and the motion <br />carried. <br />Councilman Sorensen then stated that we should install a traffic light at Westgate and <br />charge it to the State Highway. He therefore moved, seconded by Councilman Tuson, that <br />a traffic light be installed at 9�' and Edmonds Way at Westgate, and the cost be charged <br />to the State Highway, also on the advice of the City Attorney. A roll call vote showed <br />four councilmen in favor, Christensen, Simpson and Slye voting against, and the motion <br />carried. <br />Councilman Tuson requested a Water Committee meeting be set for Monday, May 27, with <br />the Mayor and City Supervisor, as well as Councilman Christensen invited to attend. <br />Councilman Harrison reported on the agreement having been reached between Clark, Coleman, <br />Rupeiks with the South County Joint Planning Council. Application had been submitted to <br />Olympia for a two year study, and Councilman Harrison suggested that the City of Edmonds <br />should be thinking about budgeting another $3500.00 for next year's share of the cost. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the bill from <br />Finn Hill Nursery for $1094.88, retainage for the landscaping of the Civic Center, be <br />paid, since it was reported that the work was now satisfactorily completed. Motion <br />carried. <br />Permission was also given the City Clerk to pay an assessment on LID #97 in the amount of <br />$776.72 from City Street capital outlay funds, in consideration of having been granted a <br />R/W for street purposes from Clarence Wickstrom. <br />Engineer Moran presented the final plat of Diana Lee Addition from the Planning Commission <br />for Council acceptance. It was moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Sorensen <br />that the final plat of Diana Lee Addition be approved with the provision of a setback from <br />Casper Street and from 94 Ave. of 35 ft. rather than 25 ft. Mbtion carried, with all <br />Councilmen in favor except Harrison and Simpson.. <br />It was moved by Councilman Sorensen, seconded by Councilman Smets that the final plat of <br />Lake Ballinger Homes, Division #4 be accepted. Motion carried. <br />A Petition was received, signed by 32 residents, complaining about dust on 70 and 24014, <br />and stating that the streets were not put back in the condition which they were before the <br />sewer projecttin the Ballinger area.. It was decided that these streets, with a temporary <br />oil coating, would have been graded by the city as soonas chuckholes appeared, so would <br />have in any event become dusty, so the only permanent solution to the problem would be a <br />paving LID, or another oil coating for temporary relief. The oil coatings, however, must <br />be put on at the property owners' expense, as the city does not oil streets. <br />A letter from Lorin J. Matthews concerned deterioration of the blacktop on 1001h W. near <br />his residence at 19120. This matter was referred to Superintendent Moran. <br />There was no further business, and the meeting was adjourn <br />June 4, 1963 <br />ed. <br />M yor <br />Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor McGinness with all councilmen present. <br />Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />Bids were opened on LID #117, paving of Hemlock Street, Vh to 8. Prior to opening of bids, <br />a letter was read from Anna H. Austin requesting paving across 71' to her property to take <br />care of run-off, and the City Clerk was directed to acknowledge this letter and explain that <br />an LID cannot be extended after the ordinance creating it has been passed. There was one <br />bid on the project: Joplin Paving Co., $7,976.25; The Engineer's estimate had been <br />$8,100.00. A motion was made by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Smets that the bid of <br />Joplin Paving Co. be accepted, for paving of Hemlock from 7u' to 8' under LID #1179 and the <br />motion carried. <br />Hearing was held on the final assessment roll for LID #1089 Lake Ballinger sewers. There <br />were 9 letters of protest, and these were first read and then taken in order for discussion: <br />John H. Nordquist, 7516 241st S.W., concerning restoration of asphalt. Engineer Jones <br />stated that his was not asphalt, but -an oiled street. Mayor McGinness replied that the City <br />will grade streets prior to oiling, but. the oiling must be tak— care-ofby the residents <br />themselves, a�akthe City cannot assume responsibility of maintaining oil coated streets. <br />Mrs. Ava M. Patterson, 24223 76t' W. objected'to her assessment because $300.00 had already <br />been paid to connect to the trunk line. Engineer Jones was instructed by the Mayor to look <br />into this and see that credit is given for this amount if payment has been made. <br />1 <br />1 <br />n <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />L. 0. Jones, concerning a 30 ft. R/W which had no bearing on the assessment roll. <br />