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• of restoration of roads after the LID work, and the Mayor again pointed out that restoration <br />is made to improved roads, but not on dust oiled streets. Following the discussion, it was <br />moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Tuson that Ordinance #995 be passed, <br />creating LID #119, sewering of the Senior High -School area. Motion carried. <br />Hearing was held on the preliminary assessment roll on LID #120, paving of 3rd from Main <br />to Elm. Council was served with a Writ of Prohibition on the basis that proper notice <br />was not given. Charles Shepherd stated he did not receive the notice himself, that it <br />was sent to his bank and in turn sent to him. Attorney Hall explained that the law states <br />that the hearing notice is to be sent to the owners of record on the rolls of the County <br />Treasurer, from which these are always taken. The Writ will be answered by the Attorney <br />on the date mentioned, but he advised the Council to proceed with the hearing. Seven <br />other written protests were read, and a petition with 24 signatures of property owners <br />living between Pine and Elm stating that they did not wish to be included in this LID. <br />Mr. Jack Williams asked if he could contract to do his own paving at 3rd and Dayton, and <br />the Council explained why this would not be possible, and Mr. Williams was satisfied. <br />Following a great deal of discussion on the protest against including the area from Pine <br />to Elm, Councilman Tuson moved, seconded by Councilman Harrison that the portion between <br />Pine and Elm be deleted from LID #120, and the motion carried. Margaret Dority questioned <br />her charge on the assessment, since grade had been established by the City and curb in- <br />stalled. Engineer Jones was instructed to work out the problem with her. It was then <br />moved by Councilman Christensen, seconded by Councilman Smets that Ordinance # 996 be <br />passed, creating LID #120, paving 3rd from Main to Pine. Motion carried. <br />Hearing was held on the preliminary assessment roll on LID #121, sewers on the east side <br />of 3rd from Pine to Elm. One letter of protest, along with a petition signed <br />by 4 property owners protesting the project. The Engineer was asked to check the <br />percentage of owners protesting, and this was found to exceed 60%. Councilman Tuson <br />moved, and Smets seconded that the proposed LID #121 for sewers on the E. side of 3rd <br />• from Pine to Elm be dropped. Motion carried. <br />Petitions were read signed by 56 property owners, setting forth the request that the City <br />take the necessary steps for a General Obligation Bond election to acquire beach and <br />tidelands from the Ferry Dock north to the extension of Melody Lane for recreation use. <br />Mayor McGinness said he also had received two additional petitions with the same request, <br />and since this is an expression of opinion of many people, these petitions should be <br />considered by the Planning Commission. Therefore, the City Clerk was instructed to notify <br />the Planning Commission by letter that the City Council has (so many) petitions with <br />(so many) signatures requesting certain action, and that they consider this with respect <br />to the adoption of the comprehensive plan. As the petitions come in, to so advise them. <br />In regard to the proposed traffic control signal at 91� and Edmonds Way, it was explained <br />.that if a Resolution is directed to Paul McKay, that Olympia is ready to act on this. <br />It was thus moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Tuson that Resolution #82 <br />be passed, requesting the State Highway Dept. install a traffic control light at 91' S. <br />and Edmonds Way. MoLon carried. <br />At the request of John Moran, a proposed Ordinance relating to and regulating sewage <br />disposal systems, providing for certificates of compliance for sewer disposal system <br />designers and system installers requiring permits, defining offenses and providing <br />penalties was introduced by Attorney Hall. It was decided to defer action until next <br />meeting, and copies were given the councilmen for their consideration. <br />Mr. Herbert, Building Inspector, had requested a code on Swimming Pools. Attorney Hall <br />told the councilmen he would see that they all received copies of a proposed Ordinance <br />which had been drawn on Swimming Pools. This also to be taken up at the next meeting. <br />Mayor McGinness commented on the recent Arts Festival in Edmonds, and the admirable job <br />• done, which was an asset to community activities. It was moved by Councilman Christensen, <br />seconded by Councilman Slye that the City Attorney be instructed to draw a Resolution <br />commending the Arts Festival Committee for the successful show and recommend their <br />continued activities. Motion carried. <br />1 <br />1 <br />Councilman Slye reported he, Roy Sorensen, and the Fire Chief had worked on specifications <br />and were now ready to call for bids on a new fire truck. Councilman Slye;moved, seconded <br />by Councilman Sorensen that the City call for bids on the purchase of a new fire truck, <br />bids to be opened July 16', specifications to be on file with the City,.�_ M„t;.,n <br />carried. <br />Councilman Sorensen requested that Aloha Street, from 7' to Who be put on the compre- <br />hensive plan. It was therefore moved by Councilman Sorensen, seconded by Councilman <br />Slye that the City Attorney be instructed to draw an Ordinance putting Aloha Street from <br />7k to 8k on the comprehensive plan. Motion carried. This recommendation is in the form <br />of a Resolution from the Planning Commission, which will come to Council at the next <br />meeting. <br />There was no further business, and the meeting was adj <br />July 2, 1963 <br />is <br />Regular meeting was cAlled to order by Mayor McGinness, with all councilmen present. <br />The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with, as all councilmen <br />